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Cafes and Restaurants in Lipetsk: reviews, photos. Best restaurants in Lipetsk

Lipetsk is a city with a population of just over 500,000 people and with well-developed infrastructure. The level of construction of new housing is very high. The sector of restaurants, cafes and bars is quite developed. In the article, we will examine the catering establishments in the city. Rating, guest reviews are presented to your attention. You will find out where the best restaurants of Lipetsk are located. Photo of the interior of the institutions will help to get an idea of them.

Short review

In total there are about 40 restaurants in the administrative center of the Lipetsk region. Consider some - the most popular. In fact, cafes and restaurants in Lipetsk - a wide variety of places for recreation. Anyone can choose a place in the city for dinner, a wedding, a triumph for the soul and a pocket.


Let's start with the most rating, according to visitors, the institution - the restaurant "Amsterdam". Impressions, as always, are both positive and negative. Among the disadvantages of visitors are the following:

  • Loud music, which is included later in the evening. So it's not possible to hear each other at the table.
  • Many people consider the interior obsolete.
  • Slow service.
  • The kitchen is not up to standard.

It is unclear why the institution takes the first line of the rating "Popular restaurants in Lipetsk." Reviews are very blurry. Nothing concrete. However, you can evaluate the restaurant and understand what's what. This institution is located at: Proletarskaya Street, 13.

"Marengo" and "Merzen"

Next on the rating from the list is the restaurant "Marengo". The interior is quite light and modern. If you want to make sure of this, come to the address: Vodopyanova Street, house 17. Judging by the reviews, not everything is perfect: visitors believe that the institution needs to work with dishes and attendants. In the evenings you can hear live music from local musicians. No complaints from visitors.

The institution called "Merzen" on Skorokhodova Street, 1b, can be found by walking along Lipetsk. The contingent is basically people who "for ...". On Fridays and Saturdays, discos are organized.

CSC "Eurasia"

In a large and beautifully decorated building of the CSC "Eurasia" there is a restaurant with the same name. The interior is chic: crystal chandeliers, columns, impeccable furniture. Large banquet halls can accommodate up to 200 people. It is perfect for holding large weddings and anniversaries.

The menu is probably the most diverse of all establishments in Lipetsk. There are even separate dishes for vegetarians. Address of the institution: Lenin street, 11.

KRTS "Slavyansky"

One more beautiful place, it is possible to say, a sight of Lipetsk - KRTS "Slavyansky". The restaurant deserves the highest praise for design. The decoration uses natural fabrics and wood - all with taste and unobtrusive.

The menu of European and Russian cuisines impresses with a rich choice of dishes. Visitors' reviews are mostly positive: both about the kitchen and general impressions. It is located in the village of Sirskoye, ul. Voronezh, 30.

Restaurant "Peterhof"

There is a restaurant in the building of the apartment house at 7a Frunze Street. The interior is made in the style of the era of the 19th century. On the walls hang the photographs of the Romanovs and other important figures of the time. Even the cuisine of the cuisine offers Old Russian. This is one of the most elite institutions of the city.

Limoncello Restaurant

As you can guess from the name, the kitchen of this restaurant is Italian. There are two halls for twenty and seventy people. They are also decorated in the spirit of Italy. You can find a restaurant on Leo Tolstoy Street, 1.

Berendey Restaurant

It is located within the city limits, at the address: Bestuzheva lane, house 8. Despite the small size of the building resembling a hut, there are three halls inside (VIP, small and large halls). The interior is completely made in the old Russian style. Handmade furniture, interior details - antique things. The menu is in four languages. Reviews of dishes enthusiastic. By the way, some dishes are prepared according to old recipes.

Among the negative reviews there is discontent with low lighting and poor-quality maintenance.

"The Old Mill"

Original in appearance a separate building in the form of a mill. It is believed that this place was a real mill, built in the 16th century. The only Russian cuisine: pies, pies, pike stuffed, leg of lamb. Reviews are very mixed. Many statements that the cafe is terrible. The behavior of administrators is boorish, and the food is made from stale foods. Such revelations are alarming, but you can not not listen to reviews. Address of the institution: Victory Avenue, 93b.

Club City Center "Mask"

Here you can celebrate any celebration. On the territory there are two restaurants and three cocktail bars. Kitchens: eastern, european, caucasian. There is a large karaoke room. On Saturday and Sunday, parties are held on various topics.

Cafe "Shchepkin"

The institution, located on Voroshilov street, 3, will surprise you with its home interior. Reviews about food are mostly positive.

Cafe "Chocolate"

If you are a connoisseur of coffee and like a variety of desserts, then this place is the best for you. The atmosphere is romantic, the tables are far apart from each other. Reviews of desserts (tiramisu, cheesecake, cakes) are enthusiastic. Coffee is really delicious and real. In addition to sweets can be fully eaten. In the menu - Japanese, Russian, Italian, Mexican, Thai cuisine.

Cafe Pizza

Pizzeria on Pervomaiskaya Street pleases with delicious food. The situation is simple, no frills, which does not prevent the institution from collecting a large number of visitors every day. Value for money is pleasantly surprising.

"Peak hour"

Address of the institution: Frunze Street, house 5. The name of the cafe speaks for itself. Quality and delicious food, as well as favorable location attract a large number of people. The service is fast, the waiters are polite.

Khutorok Restaurant

A convenient restaurant, located near the station. Coming here is just a snack, people can get a full dinner for an affordable price. The style of design is Russian. There is self-service, which not everyone likes.

Where can you drink beer in Lipetsk?

Beer restaurants in Lipetsk are about 140 establishments. The most visited of them is the restaurant "PolMedvedya" in Katukova street. The average bill of the institution is 700 rubles. The kitchen is European, the capacity of the hall is three hundred people. The following additional services are offered: menu in English, broadcast of matches, vegetarian menu.

De Bassus restaurants are located on Victory Square and on Tereshkova Street. The menu consists exclusively of Bavarian dishes.

"BirHausKafe", like many restaurants in Lipetsk, offers a rich menu of dishes from different countries. The choice of alcohol is wide enough. There are corporate parties, parties, banquets.

Sport-bar "Breeze" works round the clock. In the hall are eight screens that broadcast sports games. There is a bookmaker's office.

For connoisseurs of German beer, the restaurant "Merzen" was opened. The choice of a foamy drink is very wide. In the center of the restaurant there is a brazier. Smells from the grill and shish kebab spread throughout the room and create a unique atmosphere.

"Pozharsky" pub does not have a large selection of beers. The room, according to visitors, requires repair. From the pros: periodically perform musical groups with live music, the bar works around the clock, the staff is trying to please.

"Dublin" is an Irish pub on the Communal Square in Lipetsk. The decoration of the hall is original and cozy. Waiters are polite and helpful. The general atmosphere is calm and peaceful.

Lipetsk with live music

People visit restaurants and cafes not only to have a tasty meal, but also for rest and relaxation after working days. Therefore, the general atmosphere of the establishments and the presence of live music is very important. Below are the best restaurants in Lipetsk from this category.

Restaurant "Cherry" organizes performances of famous musicians, there is a hall with karaoke.

In the central part of the city there is a restaurant "Dejavu". He has great experience in holding banquets and weddings.


Lipetsk is a bright and cozy city, dynamically developing. Each of its residents or guests will choose a place for themselves where they can have a pleasant time and a tasty meal.

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