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How to cook foreshmak from herring according to the ancient Jewish recipe

Forshmak is the invention of Ashkenazi, that is, those Jews who settled in the Rhine Valley after a great scattering. Abandoned among the people who sheltered them, they adopted much of German, Swedish, French and Slavic cuisines. Yes, and the climatic conditions of the new homeland dictated their conditions, forcing the Ashkenazim to cook dishes from those products that were available. In the same way, the Sephardim, Jews who fled to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, also acted. But here we will not talk about the vicissitudes of the fate of the Jewish people, but how to cook foreshmak from herring.

Alas, the tradition of cooking this cyme (snack) by all the rules of kosherism is almost forgotten. The dish was taken on by the hostess of all nationalities. Even the word "Forshmak" is German. It means "snack". And the authentic name is "gehakte gering", that is, chopped herring. It is clear that over time, the dish "overgrown" with various German, Polish and even Russian innovations. But still yes - in Odessa, in the restaurant "Rosemary", preparation forschmak from herring is done according to the old recipe. Here they respect the requirements of a religious diet. No wonder the restaurant was given the title of Glat Kasher.

In ancient Jewish culinary books there are such records about how to cook foreshmak from herring: "It is necessary to soak the fish in cold tea brewing". This wish applies only to canned Icasi herring, which was sold during the Soviet era. Soaking in tea was necessary to remove excess salt and make the fish more tender. If you have a carcase of Norwegian herring - silvery, oily, slightly iridescent, then this overture to the preparation of snacks can be omitted.

How to cook foreshmak from herring in Hebrew, what foods are needed? In addition to Norwegian fish, the most that neither is domestic. Onions, garlic, butter or margarine (only parve - on vegetable fats). We also need a sour apple - it's best to take a variety of "Simirenca". You can not do without spices: coriander, black pepper, ginger powder. But the addition of a hard-boiled egg is a German or Polish addition.

Having taken care of everything necessary, we begin our culinary master class "How to cook forshmak from herring". We choose from the fish all the bones - a dreary, but necessary occupation. Then two-thirds of the fillet is crushed in a blender, and the rest is cut manually by small pieces. Two cloves of garlic are cut, the apple is cleaned and released from the fruit box. We rub in the blender apple, garlic, spices. Separately, grind the onion. We combine these two components together with most of the herring. We beat the butter or margarine in the mixer to make a protein cream. We add it to Forshmak. Half the apple without skin is cut into small cubes. Now we need to think about how to make forkshak air. He should not be homogeneous, in the mouth must be clearly felt pieces of herring and fruit. The remaining fish, which is cut into pieces, and half of the apple is mixed into the total mass and whipped. Now we salt, but carefully. Now you also know how to make foreshmak from herring.

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