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Toad yeah. Legends, myths or real stories?

This article contains interesting stories, plausible and not very related to one of the most amazing, amazing creatures that inhabit our planet. And this creature is a poisonous toad aga, the largest toad of the Earth.

In the Dutch city of Leeuwarden, exotic amphibians were kidnapped from the pet shop. Police suspect that three poisonous toads were abducted by a local drug addict. Why are these amphibians a drug addict?

The police officers who were involved in catching the criminal suggested that, apparently, the addict is going to ... lick poisonous toads !!! After all, it turns out, the poison that the sea toad gives out, or the toad aga, contains the hallucinogen bufotenin, which can cause euphoria and a state of intoxication.

As far as the suspicions of the police are true, it is still unclear, since the fact of using the poison of the toad is not proved, but only a theoretical assumption is made. Modern scientists, however, warn that the secretion of ague can lead to death, since it causes a person's heartbeat. On this basis, any physical contact with this "cold-blooded" assassin, even slight touches, is absolutely undesirable. In fact, besides the fact that the toad is capable of shooting a poisonous stream in the eye to its victim, its skin also releases toxic substances.

It is not without reason that the Colombian Indians of the Choco tribe developed a whole system of "poisoning" of the toad aga. She was shoved into bamboo tubes and hung over an open fire, first putting down ceramic plates.

After a while, an angry toad aga, trying to "punish" offenders, began to spit yellow poison. However, the jets fell only on the walls of the tube, flowing gradually along them into the jar. With the poison extracted, the Indians smeared the tips of their arrows, turning them into a terrible weapon of murder. Even a small scratch, caused by such weapons, threatened an injured death.

And before we got the information that the reed toad - it's the poisonous toad aga - in ancient times was an inalienable attribute of rituals. Again, it is assumed that the Maya priests used its poison to introduce themselves to trance, as well as spectators and participants in the ritual representation.

And the last interesting report concerning this poisonous amphibian, came from Australia. The media reported that the toad aga, which was brought to the mainland seventy years ago, in order to help reduce the number of insect pests, spread very quickly across Australia. Today, this poisonous amphibian is causing enormous damage to the local ecology.

First, it affects people and pets. After all, even a small tadpole or several eggs of this amphibian accidentally caught in soup can cause poisoning of the whole family!

Secondly, damage is inflicted on populations of those living creatures that feed on toads, her caviar, and tadpoles - they die in large numbers.

Thirdly, the toad aga exerts innumerable harm to beekeepers, destroying apiaries and bees, destroying beehives, and poultry farmers, eating chicks.

Fourthly, this insatiable being becomes a competitor for all insectivores and animals that feed on small rodents.

Fifth, the toad is a carrier of many diseases, as, for example, salmonellosis, transmitting them to fish, frogs.

It is almost impossible to stop the deterioration of the ecological situation in Australia. After all, one toad lays more than 30,000 eggs in a year! In addition, natural selection served to the fact that the population of poisonous toads today is dominated by the fastest and largest individuals. Due to these features, they are mastering the new territory of Australia with great speed, expanding the habitat.

It remains only in conclusion to say that the biggest toad of the planet is again a poisonous toad aga. The largest specimen of this species was the Prince - the Male Agi, who weighed 2.65 kg and was 53.9 cm long.

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