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How to bake vegetables in the oven for vinaigrette in order to fully preserve their properties?

Vegetable dishes are very useful and popular among those who try to adhere to the principles of healthy eating.

French salad as a national dish of Russian cuisine

Vinaigrette is a famous and beloved Russian salad. Why is it called the French word? Probably because initially a French sauce made of vinegar (vinaigre), vegetable (provencial) oil and mustard was used for its filling. Especially popular this salad became in the nineteenth century, when the Russian nobility knew French better than their native language. Vinaigrette has so caught on in our country that the word "vinaigrette" even acquired a figurative character and is often used as a synonym for the word "mishmash".

What does the vinaigrette consist of?

Classic vinaigrette is made from boiled vegetables: beets, potatoes and carrots, pickled cucumbers or sauerkraut and fresh green or onion. Sometimes it is added beans, salted herring , soaked in milk , fresh apples, boiled eggs, canned green peas and so on, to the taste of the cook. It is filled with mayonnaise or mayonnaise in combination with sour cream, various vegetable oils and natural fruit vinegars. Each cook considers his recipe to be classic and unique at the same time.

Boiling in water or baking in the oven?

Usually vegetables for vinaigrette are boiled in boiling water, but it's not a secret that they lose almost all their useful properties, moreover, they lose their vegetables in taste. The most gentle heat treatment for them is baking at high temperature without water. At home, you can use an oven for this purpose. How to bake vegetables in the oven for vinaigrette so that they retain their taste, color and nutrients as much as possible? It's not very difficult. For vinaigrette, thus prepare beets, potatoes and carrots. Baking vegetables in the oven can be done in different ways.

The first version of baking

If you like the natural taste of products, in addition, you are trying to extract the most benefit from them, then bake vegetables uncleaned. Pick beets and potatoes about the same size. Carrots in diameter, too, should be no less than them. Rinse the vegetables well in clean water. If they have leftovers on them, then use a brush. Since you have vegetables of the same size, the cooking time will be the same. If the beets are found only very large, then, naturally, it will be baked longer. Root vegetables baked in the open, spread on a baking sheet or grate. Usually at a temperature of 220 degrees, the baking lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Time depends on the size of the fruit. Their readiness is determined by a wooden toothpick or knife. If, when piercing, they easily and effortlessly enter the flesh, then the vegetables are ready. Now they can be cooled, cleaned and used in vinaigrette. With this method, carrots, beets and potatoes lose some moisture, but there is a way to bake vegetables in the oven for vinaigrette so that they remain juicy.

The second version of baking

To ensure that the vegetables retain their juice as much as possible, they should be cooked in a closed container with a minimum of free space. For this, foil is the best. Thin aluminum sheets - a very convenient and practical material, long fond of cooks. Baked vegetables in foil are cooked in the best way. All root crops should be individually wrapped in two layers of foil and laid out on a baking sheet. You can sort them by size and the same pack in double foil together, and, for example, beets (since it is usually much larger than potatoes) wrapped separately. Beet cuts the tops and a thin end, and the places of slices are greased with vegetable oil.

It happens that vegetables burn or stick to the foil. There is a secret how to bake vegetables in the oven for vinaigrette to avoid such trouble. To do this, use baking paper, preferably with Teflon coating. If there is such a paper, then potatoes, carrots and beets can be baked, already chopping them for a salad. Beets are baked separately, otherwise it will color carrots and potatoes, and the vinaigrette will lose its original color diversity.

You ask how to bake vegetables in the oven for vinaigrette, to make it perfect for taste, usefulness and beautiful color saturation? Here you can safely advise the latter option, when the crushed vegetables are first wrapped in baking paper, and then tightly packed in foil. Beets are preferably pre-sprinkled with peanut butter. Why peanut? First, it is one of those rare oils that do not lose their properties during heat treatment. Secondly, it will protect other vegetables from coloring in burgundy color. Thirdly, it will give a wonderful taste of beetroot and whole salad. Milled vegetables are prepared much faster than whole.

Salad vinaigrette is best suited for experiments with the composition and methods of preparation. He is always a welcome guest both on the festive table and on the table of those who fast or follow a diet.

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