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Crab salad with cucumber - a delicious combination for everyday and festive menus

Crab salad with cucumber is a delicious combination of useful products that perfectly suit as a festive dish, as well as for daily meals. Depending on the ingredients, this salad can be a highlight of any celebration, children like it and respected by adults. And if the dish is also properly decorated, then all guests will note the magnificent and original style of the hostess.

So, crab salad with cucumber has thousands of recipes, we will consider only a few variations - traditional, extravagant, extraordinary and childish.

The classical variant of preparation is painfully familiar to every person, we often cook it at home or use it at a party. This is a crab salad with cucumber, rice and corn. We will not dwell on this recipe, only say that the following products will be needed here: a pair of cucumbers, 200 grams of crab sticks (crab meat), boiled rice - 100 grams, a corn can, 4 eggs, an onion, mayonnaise, salt and dill. By the way, the last ingredient in combination with parsley will give the salad a special fresh taste. Products are cut into cubes, mixed and dressed with mayonnaise.

Crab salad with cucumber can be made quite unusual, adding celery and shrimp to it. In this case, we need - 200 grams of meat or crab sticks, 3 stalks of celery, 2 cucumbers, peeled shrimps in the amount of 200 grams. For refueling we'll take classic light yogurt, sea salt, a little ground pepper (black) and greens. To begin with, boil the shrimp in boiling water for a few minutes, peel it in a colander and clean it. Sticks or crab meat, cucumber and celery, cut into cubes, mix everything, fill with cooked dressing and decorate with greens. This version of salad is suitable as a dietary dish, but it can be filled with mayonnaise, then it will be more caloric.

Crab salad with cucumber can be prepared with the addition of avocado. In this case, it is necessary - avocado (1pc), crab meat in the amount of 200 grams, a small cucumber (if small, then better 2 pcs), celery - 100 grams, mayonnaise, salt and parsley. Here all the original flavor will come from avocado and fresh cucumber. This is a vitamin salad, which can be filled with olive oil for more usefulness. For cooking, grate the celery, pour the cucumber into thin straws, cut the crab meat. Avocados need to be cleaned, cut into strips and combine all the products. Season with mayonnaise and sprinkle with herbs. Crab salad with cucumber is ready.

Well, let's consider one more variant of cooking this dish in the children's version. Such a recipe belongs to the category of useful, tasty and low-calorie dainties. To do this, take - 200 grams of crab sticks or meat, a few fresh cucumbers, a jar of corn, lemon juice, green apple, sea salt and dill. Cut cucumber and crab meat into cubes, add corn and greens. Apple cut into thin slices, you can grate or cut into cubes. Season half-prepared salad with lemon juice and salt.

You can make a salad "crab sticks", while adding cucumber is not fresh, but salty. This dish will also become one of the most popular and loved among the household. To decorate a salad it is possible slices of a lemon, greens, tomatoes. In the crab salad with cucumber you can add seafood - shrimp or squid, chicken fillet, olives or olives. In a word - do not be afraid to experiment. To children with pleasure weave this salad, you can perform it in the style of the muzzle of a favorite animal, for example - a cat, a dog or a frog. To do this, you need to put the prepared salad on a flat plate in the shape of the chosen face, and then carefully sprinkle with herbs, if it's a frog or a dragon. Crab salad with fresh cucumber is ideal as a nutritious and delicious family food.

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