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Description of the series "Lovely deceivers": the first two seasons and the cast of the series

The series "Lovely Deceivers" is an intriguing and interesting youth drama, which keeps TV viewers in a state of "What will happen next?" A good play of actors, many secrets and mysterious events makes it popular not only for a teenage audience, but also for a more adult . So, in this article we will consider a detailed description of the series "Lovely deceivers", as well as the main cast of the series.

General information about the show

The first series of the series came out in 2010 in the summer and immediately won the attention of viewers with their storyline. It tells about the life and mysteries of four girls - Emily, Hannah, Spencer and Aria. All of them connect the invisible thread fifth girlfriend Alison, who disappeared without a trace and mysteriously after the party.

Events begin one year after this disappearance, when all four return to their native Rosewood. And then the unthinkable begins - they are pursued by the mysterious "E". He sends them messages with threats, he knows their secrets, he can manipulate them. Every day is filled with fear, that someone learns about something.

Of course, in the lives of girls, not only troubles. On their way they also meet love. It supports them and helps to overcome all obstacles. And then we will consider the description of the series "Lovely deceivers" (the first and second season) and the cast.

The cast of the series

Now consider the main characters of the series, who played them.

  • The role of Spencer Hastings played well Troyen Bellisario.
  • Her boyfriend Toby Cavanaugh played Kigen Allen.
  • The role of Hannah Marin went to Ashley Benson.
  • Her boyfriend Caleb Rivers was played by actor Tyler Blackburn.
  • Aria Mantgomeri was played by the charming Lucy Hale.
  • Teacher of the history and concurrently beloved Aria Ezra Fitz played Ian Harding.
  • Shay Mitchel won the role of Emily Fields.
  • Alison Dilaurentis (the missing girlfriend) was played by Sasha Peters.

Of course, this is not all the roles of the series, but the most important. A further detailed description of the series "Lovely deceivers" will allow you to learn more.

The first season of the series

This season consists of twenty-two series. Each of them is shrouded in mystery in the series "Lovely deceivers" (season 1). The description of the series will be considered below. This is a story about how it all began.

  1. In the first pilot series, all the fraudsters meet together after a year of separation. Aria gets acquainted with Ezra and finds out that he is her teacher, Hannah turns out to be a thief in the store (and, this is with boredom). Emily gets acquainted with Maya, who settled in the house of the Dilaurentis. Spencer gets acquainted with his sister's boyfriend. Everyone receives a letter from E, who taunts and talks about secrets. In the same series, they find the supposedly dead Alison and bury her. The final is effective - all smugglers come sms.
  2. In this series the girls again receive letters. It also reveals the secret, from which Jenna, Sister Toby, loses sight.
  3. In this series, some of the secrets of the frauds become known. Spencer steals her sister's essay, Emily parted with her boyfriend and realizes that she has some feelings for Maya.
  4. In this series, the relationship between Aria's father and his student is revealed (Aria's mother learns about this). Emily begins a friendship with Toby, but can not understand her feelings for Maya and is ashamed of this. Hannah meets with her father, and Spencer tries to get rid of his sister's former boyfriend.
  5. The plot is twisted, the girls continue to receive messages, and the secrets uncovered poison their lives.
  6. The girls see blond curls and they think it's Ellie. In this series, they learn the terrible secret of Toby.
  7. Events develop, every girl tries to cope with the consequences of E. messages.
  8. The series is filled with memories of past events, in which Alison was near.
  9. Memories continue, and girls are physically threatened by E. Girls are first accused of murdering Alison.
  10. Mona Birthday Party. Not all are invited. In the family of Khana financial difficulties, because of what her mother took a decisive step. She took the money from her client's cell in the bank.
  11. Hannah in the hospital - she was hit by a car. By assumption, it was E. Her parents recognize that she is a lesbian. Melisa, Sister Spencer, is getting married.
  12. Hannah comes home in a wheelchair, she is afraid that she will be attacked again. Emily and her family invite Maya to a family dinner. Noah is blackmailing Fitz.
  13. E blackmails Hannah with the money her mother stole, and then E. Spencer himself finds evidence of the connection between Jena and Alison.
  14. A dance show takes place at the school, at which events develop. Caleb appears.
  15. Emily has problems with the swimming team. Aria with Ezra want to go on a first date, and Hannah continues to blackmail E.
  16. Caleb draws attention to Hannah, and she offers him to stay at home. Emily competes with Paige. Spencer deals with Toby in French.
  17. Caleb continues to live in the house of Hannah. The deception of her mother is revealed - the client, from whom she took the money, died. The relative pretends to inherit, but he turns out to be a fraud.
  18. Emily approaches Paige. Fitz puts a play in school, in which all the girls participate. Spencer begins to communicate more closely with Toby. E continues to send messages.
  19. The girls are again interrogated. Each of the girls comes to a logical conclusion in their relationship with loved ones.
  20. Spencer is suspected of murdering Alison.
  21. The intrigue continues. Hannah learns from Caleb that Jenna is looking for the key. Caleb knits and gives Monet a letter, which she throws out. Girls find a flash drive with records.
  22. Girls learn that they were filmed for a very long time on camera. They make an appointment with someone who really needs this flash drive. There is a first murder.

The series "Lovely deceivers" (the description of the series of the first season we gave above) does not end there. Then the plot becomes even more intriguing.

The second season of the series

Now consider the continuation of the series "Lovely deceivers" (season 2). Description of the series will help to understand what is really happening.

  1. After the incident, the girls are sent to group therapy to a psychologist. Spencer continues to suspect the murder of Alison.
  2. The city returns to Jason, Brother Alison. Emily's parents want her to move to her father in Texas.
  3. The girls suspect that Ian is alive. Toby starts to work, since he wants to move out of the parental home. Emily forges letters from the university to stay in Rosewood.
  4. In this series, Ian's body is found. Hannah's father is going to marry again.
  5. There is a funeral of Yen. Hannah arranges the fate of Caleb.
  6. The philanthropic show, which is dedicated to Alison, ends simply awful. Everyone is experiencing this breakdown.
  7. Toby works in the Hastings family and finds an old stick. Everyone begins to suspect that it was with her help that Alison was killed. Emily moves to Hannah, and her mother leaves for her father in Texas.
  8. Emily is sick, but she hides it, absorbing strong painkillers. There is a breakdown.
  9. Spencer and Emily find a bunch of photos of Aria in the barn of Jason Dilaurentis . Caleb is found by a man who was sent by her own mother.
  10. Hanna sucks with her half-sister. Aria does not believe that Jason is dangerous.
  11. Girls decide to tell some details of their history to a psychologist and they feel relieved.
  12. Dr. Salivan is abducted by E, and the girls must complete the tasks so that she remains alive.
  13. Memories of the last Halloween with Alison.
  14. Aria's parents learn about her relationship with Ezra. Spencer leaves Toby because of blackmailing E. Girls play the scene of the quarrel.
  15. The girls got the mobile phone of the alleged E. They found a mysterious picture of the dolls. Lucas calls the hotline for help, as he has to make an important choice. Hannah is preparing for Caleb's birthday, on which Lucas is attempting.
  16. Everyone seems to think that Lucas is dead, only Hannah believes that he is alive. After a while they meet.
  17. Aria secretly meets with Ezra. Caleb decrypts the data from the E-phone, which continues to destroy the relationship between Toby and Spencer.
  18. Hannah's half sister goes to school. Maya meets Emily, and Caleb decrypts the phone secretly from Hannah.
  19. Revealed the past details of the life of Alison. Spencer finds out that Jason is her brother by father. Emily returns to the swimming team.
  20. Maya is sent to the camp from Rosewood, as she was found in the grass. E hits Caleb.
  21. Mona confesses to Hannah that she is being blackmailed. Caleb is able to decipher several more fragments from the video.
  22. About E learn Mom Aria and Hannah. Maya disappears and a report on this appears in the newspapers.
  23. The girls have a few more things Alison, who give clues to the clue about the night of her death.
  24. Ezra is being fired from school. Jenna after several operations sees, but everyone says that the operation failed. The girls suspect that E is Melissa.
  25. School party. There are deceivers on it. They meet there with their beloved. Spencer and Mona find E.'s secret room. She turns out to be Mona and she inclines Spencer to work with her. Mona is sent to a psychiatric hospital. But is it so simple?

As we see in this season the film "Lovely deceivers" (the description of the series above) is stretched into twenty-five series.

What will be next?

Further description of the series "Lovely deceivers" shows how mysterious and mysterious events in each season. And this does not bring the viewer closer to a clue. Only at the end of the fifth season it becomes clear who is E, why everything happens this way.

However, the series is not finished, there will still be a seventh season, which will be the last. In the sixth season, a new enemy appeared, which is no less mysterious than E. What ends the case, it will be known only in the summer when new series come out.


The description of each series of "Lovely deceivers" allows you to learn in more detail what was happening in the series. However, in order to penetrate the mysterious and mysterious spirit of the series, it still needs to be looked at.

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