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Tasty and fragrant "Mimosa" - salad from canned pink salmon

Salad from canned pink salmon always turns tender and tasty. Today will be presented to your attention the original recipe for "Mimosa", which we slightly modified. Such a fragrant and beautiful dish is ideal for a festive dinner or dinner.

Tasty and juicy "Mimosa" - a salad of canned salmon and rice

Necessary ingredients:

  • Hard cheese of any kind - 145 g;
  • Standard chicken egg - 3 pcs .;
  • Round grain rice - ½ of a faceted glass;
  • Mayonnaise of high fat content - 200 g (add at discretion);
  • Canned "Gorbush" - 1 standard pot;
  • Carrots fresh large - 2 pcs .;
  • Salt iodized small - add during processing of ingredients;
  • Bulb small - 2 pcs .;
  • Parsley fresh, olives, olives - to decorate the ready dish.

Processing of main components

Salad from canned pink salmon can be made from different ingredients. Usually, to create "Mimosa" use fat sprats, as well as boiled potatoes. We decided to experiment and replace these products with canned goods from red fish and round-grained rice. Thus, for the preparation of this festive dish, you should take ½ faceted glass of cereals, carefully sort it out and rinse well in warm water. After that, the rice should be boiled until soft (within 20 minutes), thrown back to the sieve and completely deprived of the liquid.

Also salad with canned fish "Gorbusha" includes such ingredients as onions, hard cheese, chicken eggs and fresh carrots. The last two components must be washed and boiled, and then cooled (in water and air) and cleaned. Next, you should divide the eggs into squirrels and yolks, rub them on a small grater in different dishes. It is also recommended to do with a firm dairy product and boiled carrots. Onions with this preferably very finely chopped with a knife.

The process of forming a dish

Salad from canned pink salmon should be formed in the form of layers, each of which must be abundantly greased with high-fat mayonnaise. To do this, take a shallow dish, put the fragrant fish there with the broth, and then carefully change it with a large spoon and evenly distribute it throughout the plate. Then on the canned food you need to alternately place onions, boiled carrots, round-rice, egg whites, hard grated cheese and yolks.

If you comply with all the requirements for preparing a festive dinner, you will certainly get a delicious and tender salad of pink salmon. Canned food in this dish is not the least, as they give it a special flavor and aroma.

How to serve to the table correctly

After the original salad "Mimosa" will be decorated, it is recommended to put it in a cold store for a couple of hours. There he will absorb the fatty mayonnaise, will become more tender and juicy. Before serving, a dish of pink salmon cans should be adorned with green parsley leaves or half olives (olives). As a rule, such a salad is presented to the guests before the main hot dinner.

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