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Salad is the basis of a healthy diet

Lovers of healthy nutrition should include in their daily menu a lean salad, which is always extremely useful and easy enough to prepare. But it is possible so tasty and original to make from the familiar products a real masterpiece that he can become an ornament of any table, bring joy and pleasure.

Salad with beans

Frozen vegetables (450 gr.) Fry with chopped finely onion, mixed with crushed walnuts (200 g.), Chopped finely with 3 cloves of garlic and diced cheese (100 grams). You can serve it, both hot and cold.

Italian style Italian salad

Very tasty lean salad is obtained in Italian style. Pour half a frozen string bean to boil for ten minutes. At this time in a frying pan fry the finely chopped onion, 300 grams of tomatoes, pour a glass of boiling water and pour 2 large spoons of sugar. Cover the sauce with the lid and simmer for fifteen minutes. Beans put on a beautiful dish, pour with sauce, add 2 crushed cloves of garlic, fresh oregano, thyme, mint and chill.

Spicy salad of colored pasta

The original lean salad can turn out if you make it on the basis of colored pasta. Boil you need 250 grams of "ears", do not wash them, and just drain the water and add olive oil. 2 large tomatoes cut into slices, bulb cut into half rings, and a few cucumbers - a cube. Add vegetables to pasta, there are also 120 grams of halves of olives. Season the salad with salt, freshly ground black pepper, oregano, chopped herbs and leave for half an hour to insist.

Pasta salad with corn

An excellent alternative to macaroni in the Navy can be pasta with corn. You need 200 grams of "rings" to boil, pour with olive oil and mix with a can of canned corn. Make the sauce in a blender of 2 tomatoes, a bunch of green parsley and dill, 2 cloves of garlic, salt it. Now water them a lean salad and sprinkle them with dense pine nuts. Corn can be replaced with canned beans or boiled cauliflower.

Assorted salad "Fast"

You can make a salad-assorted "Quick". To do this, take 2 different packages of 450 grams of frozen vegetables for frying, pour them into a deep saucepan and cook in olive oil in accordance with the instructions. At this time, chop finely the onion, crush 4 cloves of garlic and mix with salad. You can add mayonnaise and chopped green onions.

Salad with aubergines

You need to peel the ripe vegetable, cut into thin circles, salt and pepper, and then fry in butter until golden. Put the pieces on a paper towel to "leave" the excess fat, distribute the round dish, then - the circles of tomatoes. Sprinkle the salad with chopped herbs and crushed garlic.

Salad from fish

Salads with fish for a long time in Russian cuisine were limited to "herring under the fur coat," but there are a huge number of recipes for their preparation.

Salad "Delicious". 3 Cut the boiled potatoes with a medium cube. In the same way do with cucumber and apple. Mix the ingredients, add the fillet of smoked mackerel, cut into fibers, chopped parsley. The dish should be topped with olive oil, half a lemon juice and a pinch of sugar and salt. Next, put in the refrigerator at night, so that he is infused.

A salad with slightly salted salmon can be a celebratory dish, which can be cooked in 10 minutes. On a beautiful large dish is recommended to sketch the hand-torn leaves of the lettuce, then lay half of the cherry, diced cheese, whole olives and long strips of salted salmon. On the surface you can put a mesh of lean mayonnaise, or sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice. It is not recommended to salt the dish.

Bon Appetit!

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