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Salad with meat and mushrooms: very tasty

Salads are a traditional Russian dish, which rightfully takes an honorable place on our table. Some of the most traditional ingredients are usually meat, mushrooms and eggs. Try to prepare from these ordinary products a salad with meat and mushrooms.

Salad with meat and mushrooms "Male" is prepared from several types of meat. It will be necessary to take boiled pork, smoked chicken and ham. Cut these ingredients into small cubes. Canned mushrooms, olives and boiled eggs can be chopped in the same way. Cut the onion into a finely chopped and boiled water. Mix all ingredients with grated cheese. It turns out very high in calories and nourishing.

Salad with meat and mushrooms "Puff" must be done at night for better impregnation. For its preparation, any cooked meat (chicken and pork are the best) cut into small strips, top with a layer of onions and grease with mayonnaise. From above we lay the shabby large egg, cover with mayonnaise, then lay out the grated potatoes and mayonnaise; A layer of carrots and mayonnaise. It is necessary to boil small mushrooms entirely and lay them in the top layer. Salad is decorated with green sprigs of dill or parsley. The dish must necessarily be allowed to brew.

You can make a stunning salad with pork and mushrooms "With a zest". It is necessary to soak the raisins, and cut the smoked pork with a neat straw. In the same way do with cabbage. Now all the ingredients are mixed and watered with mayonnaise.

Salad with an omelette and mushrooms "Freshness" turns out very tasty and fresh. It is necessary to make a dough for an omelette, in which it is necessary to add crushed garlic, and bake thin pancakes out of it. Now finely chop the Chinese cabbage, add to it pieces of meat and squeezed garlic. From the cooled omelet it will be necessary to make a long tube and cut it with thin straws. Mix all ingredients, add fresh cucumber slices and mayonnaise. Fresh and satisfying!

Salad with meat and mushrooms with prunes is recommended to cook in layers. To do this, eggs and potatoes should be boiled and coarsely rubbed. Meat (preferably pork) cut into cubes and fry. Onions and mushrooms are roasted together. Chop the prunes in circles. Now we begin to form the layers: potatoes - mayonnaise - prunes - mayonnaise - mushrooms - mayonnaise - eggs. Be sure to give the salad a few hours to infuse.

Salad with meat and mushrooms "For children" is not only satisfying, but also prepared very quickly. For him it will only be necessary to boil chicken and eggs, buy canned pineapples and grate large cheese. Now start the dish to lay on small children's plates. The sequence will be as follows: chopped finely chicken, chopped onions and mayonnaise on top. Next: egg protein - mayonnaise - canned pineapples - mayonnaise - cheese - mayonnaise - canned pineapples - mayonnaise - egg yolk. If desired, you can sprinkle with crushed nuts.

Salad "Delicious" can be prepared in this way. Beef cooks until ready, and then lightly fried. Eggs and potatoes boil, chill, and then cut with straw. Mushrooms (best for mushrooms) fry along with onions. Mix all the ingredients with mayonnaise and put them in a salad bowl.

Salad "Innovative" is prepared in much the same way as the usual "Olivier". The only difference is the way of cutting. For this salad you need different kinds of boiled and smoked meat, ham. Cut it into thin strips. Chop mushrooms and fry them with onions. In the same pieces cut potatoes, carrots, eggs, green onions. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. If desired, it is possible to add canned peas and olives to the salad.

Bon Appetit!

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