Fiji Island

The island of Fiji actually consists of three hundred small islands. Most of them are uninhabited, so here is untouched and pure nature. It is here that many tourists come to simply enjoy the seclusion in the pristine forests that grow on the shores of the purest lagoons. Only in this situation can you completely break away from civilization, relax your body and soul.

That's why many people associate Fiji with a paradise, which is shown in a well-known commercial, and that's why many lovers and newlyweds come here, couples with and without children, romantics, nature lovers, divers and adventurers.

Island State - The Republic of Fiji is a former British colony. It has truly huge water borders and a very small land area. Some of the islands are so dwarfed that their diameter is only a few tens of meters. And the largest of them is Vit-Levu, which has an area of more than ten thousand square meters.

The island of Fiji, hotels which are placed quite peculiarly, tourists are best visited from May to November, in the so-called winter time. It is in this season here that it is not very hot and relatively dry, and also the probability of cyclones or tropical rains is minimized.

There are hotels on Fiji on almost every island, but on small islands, as a rule, only one in each. Sometimes this is the most ordinary, but quite high-class bungalow, which tourists usually rent by a company or family, since it can only be calculated for five or six adults.

Settled in one of these mini-hotels, tourists usually visit neighboring or main islands by helicopter or seaplane, as well as on catamarans and boats, which constantly ply in these places.

They say that the most beautiful and comfortable bungalows with a high level of service are located not on the main islands - Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, but on the small secluded corners of this earthly paradise.

One of the most chic in Fiji is the five-star Yasawa Island Resort, built on Yasawa, one of two local archipelagos. Here to the services of tourists are comfortable bungalows and the most high-class service that this island state can offer. The staff is excellent, the staff performs any order of the tourist, the cook, who immediately prepares the ordered food, the clearest water, the purest lagoons, coral walls, endless beaches, palms, white sand - what could be better for a good rest?

It is generally accepted that a new day begins in Japan, but it is mistaken. Few people know that the island of Fiji - this is the place on our planet, from where you can see the rising sun first.

Local sunsets and sunrises are the best time for arriving here in huge numbers of couples in love, and a honeymoon trip to Fiji has become a kind of traditional ceremony around the world.

Anyone who wishes can spend their honeymoon in this exotic place: rest on the islands is suitable for any purse, while a holiday organized for loving hearts will be remembered by everyone.

The sights that the island of Fiji is famous for are the Yellow, Blue and White coral walls, the famous Botanical Gardens, the Orchid Island, as well as the world famous Coral Coast, where surfers and diving lovers come.

Fiji Airport is located on the capital island of Viti Levu, the busiest and most developed infrastructure. Every tourist necessarily spends at least one night on it, since all departures take place very early in the morning, and it is quite difficult to get there from neighboring islands at this time.

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