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Junkers - gas column: user manual, reviews

The gas column today is considered one of the most popular tools for obtaining hot water. Such units are the most economical in their field. With the help of the device it is possible to serve several water intake points simultaneously, meeting completely family needs. It is guided by the recommendations presented below that you should select a specific model that will have the necessary characteristics.

Recommendations for safe operation

If you are interested in the manufacturer Junkers, the gas column of this company can be purchased from any store of the corresponding goods at an affordable price. However, you must follow the rules that will ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Replacement of the device is not a panacea for troubles arising during the operation of the device - this is what the reviews say . Gas columns Junkers rarely cause dissatisfaction, which arise from the quality of the device. If you want to receive such a column, which will serve a long period of time, then follow the rules for use.

Maintenance, as well as installation of the device, should be done by professionals, do not trust these manipulations to people who do not have enough profile knowledge. It is important to clean the heat exchanger and ignitor from time to time, which acts as the fundamental factors for the correct and stable operation of the unit.

If you are interested in the manufacturer Junkers, the gas column from this supplier will surely please you with its qualitative characteristics. However, in order not to accelerate the completion of the operation of the device, it is not worthwhile to experiment with very high heating temperatures, as this can speed up the process of formation of deposits that form in the heat exchanger. If the system is sufficiently hard water, it is recommended to supplement it with "Antinakipin", which will prolong the life of the column.

Feedback on the main advantages

Quite often consumers are now interested in Junkers products. The gas column from this company is no exception. Such popularity of such devices is due to several factors. Among them one can single out simplicity of operation, safety of operation, economy, acceptable dimensions of equipment, and also a very aesthetic appearance. As the main criterion for the economy of the device is the degree of its "gluttony." Owners of such columns, which previously operated alternative heaters, emphasize that the devices described in the article are cheaper compared to electric heaters or models that operate on other fuels. This is due to the fact that natural gas, which goes for heating water, is much cheaper than other sources of energy. If you use such modern equipment, then the savings can be even more impressive.

Feedback on the main functional characteristics

Visiting the store, quite often modern consumers are interested in products of the brand Junkers. The gas column of this company is an excellent example. You should familiarize yourself with the opinions of users before you visit the store to purchase the device.

It is important to take into account that the column can have different types of ignition. Very rarely on sale, you can find a device that is characterized by manual ignition, so there is no point in focusing on its features. According to users, models that provide for the presence of piezoelectric ignition are more convenient. This uses a special button located on the panel. The required water temperature will be set by the regulator, which is located on top.

If you are interested in Junkers, the gas column, the instruction manual for which is described in the article, will support burning constantly, which is true after switching on.

Reviews of models with electric ignition

As the buyers emphasize, the most reliable option is the speakers, which are equipped with electric ignition. The spark is created by a battery or a turbine. This allows us to state that gas will be spent even more economically. The only thing that consumers are advised to pay attention to the future owners of such columns is a higher cost. However, it is worth to be sure that the operation of such a model of equipment seems more convenient.

Reviews about the type of burner

In stores today in a large range of products are presented Junkers. The gas column, the instruction manual that you should be read before installation works, will last a long time. It is important to take into account the fact that different models have special types of burners. The latter can be either constant or with variable power. The first version presupposes the need for manual adjustment. This circumstance can not be called convenient, because the water pressure is a variable quantity. As for the modular burner, it is characterized by maximum convenience and is adjusted to the changes in the conditions of the water flow. Bosch Junkers - a gas column with a modulating burner, which is a device with a stable coolant temperature at the outlet.

Reviews about capacity

Performance will depend on this parameter. You can choose a model with low, medium or high power. In the first case, you can count on 17-19 kilowatts, for medium-sized models this parameter varies from 22 to 24 kilowatts. If we are talking about higher power, then we should count on 28-31 kilowatts.

Information on how to light the gas column Junkers, you can read the instructions. But about the features of the choice of the model for power can be read in the article. By the way about the aforesaid, it can be noted that the speech is about the volume of water that the equipment will be able to heat for a certain time. If there is a need for a column in a kitchen, you can take a model with medium or low power. If the equipment should provide several water intake points, then a more productive model should be purchased.


If the Junkers gas column does not light up, you can contact the service workshop. However, for safety, you must take into account that the equipment is blocked when there is a reverse thrust, no traction or flame attenuation.

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