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We do not eat much fish in our family, but we like to prepare trout and trout. In everyday life, you have to cook more meals from the body. We fry it, bake it in batter, cook it with sour cream and cheese in the oven. I'll tell you about the most favorite way of cooking this fish.

To do this, I defrost the fish, carefully dry it with a napkin, cut into large pieces and leave in a specially prepared sauce for half an hour. Sauce is prepared from 10% sour cream and chopped garlic, add to it lemon juice, spices to taste and mix. I do not add water at all. While the fillet is marinated, I fry mushrooms in a frying pan: mushrooms or butter mushrooms. I just use sachets of frozen mushrooms.

Next, the recipe for cooking the body of the body requires putting the fish in a mold, spread the roasted mushrooms on top, pour the sauce and bake in the oven for fifteen minutes. I slightly modify the cooking recipe. Since this is a lean fish, it is better to lightly fry it first in sauce in a pan, and then just put it in a baking dish or on a tray and bake in the oven for twenty minutes. Five minutes before the readiness can get a form, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese, herbs, spicy herbs. It turns out a very tasty and delicate dish.

There is another recipe for cooking the bodypie with sour cream sauce, but we rarely use it. There, the fish are laid out on finely chopped carrots and onions immediately on a tray, pour sour cream with a lot of spices and put in the oven for half an hour. With this variant of cooking, the fish turns out to be boiled rather than baked.

At the festive table, it is not a shame to use the recipe for cooking a body with mushrooms and exotic fruits. A gentle, fragrant, dietary dish will not leave any of the guests indifferent. In addition, it is a very light meal. Preparation of this dish does not take much time, but it looks rather impressive and colorful.

First you need to take large pieces of fish, salt, pepper and fry in olive oil on both sides. Then on top of the fish lay small pieces of mango, tomato, pineapple, lemon and pour all the orange juice. Continue cooking for another five minutes. During this time, the fillet absorbs the taste of fruit and will simply melt in the mouth. In a separate frying pan fry the mushrooms with garlic and dill until ready. On a plate lay out the fish with pieces of fruit, and on the side mushrooms. From above, decorate with greens before serving.

I'll tell you how to prepare a body in batter. In the family, daughters just love fish. Often used dolar for cooking several varieties of fish immediately. Telapia they rarely use, but if they buy, then fry it in batter. For the preparation of batter, the daughter takes eggs, milk, salt and flour, she prepares the proportions by eye, depending on the type of fish. Soak the fillet with a batter and immediately fry in a heated frying pan in vegetable oil. It turns fish with a crispy crust, not as lean as ever.

There is a well-known recipe for the preparation of telapia in broth, something like a fish soup. But since the fillet of this fish is lean, the cook does not work, then this dish has no special popularity. But you can use the fillet of telapia for soup along with other varieties of fish. In the vegetable broth put the pieces of fish, sliced carrots, onions and cook for twenty minutes, then add salt, pepper, a lot of greens, let it boil and turn off. The soup is slightly infused and ready for use.

If you have a deep frying pan with a thick bottom and a lid, then you can try to cook a telapee quite simply. Without thawing, put pieces of fish in a frying pan, sprinkle onions with chopped onions and mushrooms, close the lid and leave to cook for twenty minutes. Oil is not added at all. As the liquid boils, the fish will cook on its own. You can not even turn it over. Just do not forget to salt and pepper it at the very end of the cooking. Stewed fish is cooked.

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