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Mint ice cream: cooking recipes at home

In the summer heat, nothing refreshes as quickly as a cool ice cream. It is this dessert, loved by everyone from childhood, that gives the long-awaited coolness and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. But there is nothing better than to eat in the heat of mint ice cream: gentle and very tasty. You can prepare it at home using both kitchen appliances and without it.

Homemade mint ice cream on egg yolks

Not all housewives undertake to prepare ice cream at home, in vain considering that without a special machine it will not work. In fact, this is not so. Ice cream is not only easy to prepare, but it also turns out to be no less delicious than made in ice cream.

The process of preparation is as follows:

  • Separate the peppermint leaves from the twigs (you need a small bunch of mint, consisting of 8-10 branches).
  • Leaflets send to a blender, add 150 ml of milk and whisk both ingredients to a homogeneous consistency. Leave the mixture in the blender for half an hour, so that the milk is soaked with mint flavor.
  • After the specified time, strain the milk through a fine sieve, pour it into a metal bucket (pan), add cream (350 ml), sugar powder (50 g), a sachet of vanilla sugar and mix with a mixer.
  • Put the milk mixture on the fire, slowly heating it, but do not allow boiling. Periodically stir.
  • Remove the ladle from the fire and leave the milk mixture to cool.
  • Prepare egg yolks (4 pcs.). To do this, eggs should be thoroughly washed with soda, and only then to separate the proteins from the yolks.
  • To the yolks, add 50 g of powdered sugar and beat it all with a mixer until the cream (until the mixture turns white).
  • Add the cream on the yolks to the milk mixture. Mix with a mixer and put on a fire for warming up. Do not boil so that the yolks do not cook.
  • When the mixture warms up and starts to thicken, remove the ladle from the fire, pour the liquid mint ice cream into the container for freezing and allow to cool at room temperature.
  • The container with the frozen ice cream should be put in the freezer, without forgetting to stir it every 30 minutes for four hours.

Mint ice cream is ready.

Preparation of mint ice-cream in the car

The whole advantage of preparing ice cream in a special machine or ice cream maker is that it automatically prepares about three times faster in it. And periodically to stir manually do not need anything. One minus - a machine for ice cream is not at all, and it is not cheap.

  • It is necessary to combine in one bowl an egg, a glass of milk, 150 g of sugar, a teaspoon of peppermint oil and a few drops of a green food color.
  • Mix all ingredients with a mixer until smooth.
  • Then add four tablespoons of cream (33-35%) and mix again with a mixer.
  • The resulting mixture is poured into the bowl of the machine and freezes the product according to the instructions (different manufacturers have their own cooking features).

Mint-chocolate ice cream recipe

The combination of mint and chocolate, many gourmets consider ideal, these two components are combined so well. Therefore, the mint-chocolate ice cream turns out to be ideal for taste.

To cook it, you must first warm 20-35% on a slab of cream (the fatter it is, the more delicious), then beat 6 eggs with sugar (100 g). When the cream warms up to the boiling point (do not boil), they must be carefully poured into the egg mixture, mixed and then returned to the plate. Boil a thick cream, reminiscent of the consistency of the custard. Do not stop stirring and make sure that the eggs in the cream are not cooked. At the end of the cooking, add two tablespoons of mint syrup and remove the ladle from the fire.

Transfer the creamy-egg mass to the ice cream maker. After a while, when the mixture starts to freeze, you need to pour chocolate melted into the microwave (100 g) into it. All this is done without turning off the machine. Wait for the final freeze and you can try a delicious mint-chocolate dessert.

Low-fat mint ice cream: low calorie recipe

If you are on a diet, this is not the reason to give up your favorite mint dessert. Moreover, you can cook it with a minimum amount of calories.

To make the ice cream sweet, instead of sugar, you can use a sugar substitute (10-15 tablets will be enough). They need to be ground into powder and beat in a blend with mint leaves (bun). After that, add 5 yolks and mix well again. Pour 0.5 liters of skim milk.

At this time, squirrels of 5 eggs beat in a combine till a thick foam. Combine the protein part with the yolk mixture in the combine, mix for several seconds and pour into a container for freezing. Send to the freezer for 5 hours, with every 20 minutes mint ice cream, the recipe of which is presented here, you need to mix. This is done so that it does not exfoliate and does not form ice. Bon Appetit!

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