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Useful tips on how to make baby cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a very important ingredient in the nutrition of the baby. Acquaintance with it usually occurs even before a year, at 8-10 months, depending on the health, tastes and diet of the child.

Gentle taste and pleasant texture of curd like most of the young children, and they are happy to eat this kind of complementary foods. But the main value of cottage cheese is its composition, which includes animal protein, calcium and phosphorus, potassium and sodium, folic acid, B and PP vitamins. All these components are extremely important for a growing organism and must necessarily enter the diet of a child older than 10 months. A useful and tasty curd can not only be bought in the department of baby food, but also prepared independently.

How to make cottage cheese for babies? First lure

For the preparation of the first in the life of the baby, portions of cottage cheese is ideal for a special children's kefir, since it has the optimum fat content and acidity. One hundred grams of yogurt will be enough, as the finished product will require no more than one teaspoon.

For the preparation of cottage cheese, you can put a glass bottle with kefir in boiling water to make the milk protein curd. Next, prepare a small sieve and cover it with a piece of gauze or a thin cotton cloth. The currying kefir must be drained through this gauze and let stand to all the glass liquid. Cottage cheese will be almost homogeneous, very soft in texture. It is not recommended to add artificial additives to children's curd (as well as all other products that we prepare for children). It's about buying jam and condensed milk, vanilla.

How to make cottage cheese for babies in a double boiler

In a bowl for rice pour 1-1.5 cup of kefir medium fat. Pour water into the container with the steam generator to the maximum level. Switch on to the highest temperature for 4-5 minutes. During this time, the yogurt curdles into small flakes. Leave on a sieve, allow to completely drain the serum. It turns out a loose, fine-grained curd.

Cottage cheese curd with curdled milk on a water bath

Pour 500 ml of curdled milk into a bowl and put on a water bath. As soon as flakes are formed, remove from heat and quickly cool down. Strain through a fine sterile gauze. Cottage cheese will turn coarse, dense.

How to make cottage cheese for babies in yogurtnitsa

In some models yogurtnitses a bowl with capacity of 1 or 1.5 liters, intended for the preparation of sour cream or cottage cheese, is provided. In order to make cottage cheese, you will need a liter of milk and a special live leaven (with the label "Cottage cheese dumplings"). Milk warm up to 36-39 degrees. Let the starter dilute with a small amount of water and put into the milk. Turn the yogurt maker on for 6-9 hours. This can be read in more detail in the instructions from the device and in the leaflet of the sourdough. After this, curdled milk cool and strain through a fine cloth. Such cottage cheese is most useful, because in its composition, in addition to the main components, live bacteria are also present. Use it for the secondary preparation of other dishes (casseroles, cheese cakes) is not recommended, because bacteria during heat treatment die.

Cottage cheese for babies from milk and yogurt (yogurt, ryazhenka)

Boil a glass of milk and pour 250 grams of kefir into it. Fold the mixture back in a small sieve. Instead of yogurt you can use fermented yoghurt or yoghurt.

How to make cottage cheese for babies with high calcium content

To the cooled boiled milk (300 ml) add 5 ml of calcium chloride solution (10%). Stir, heat in a water bath, cool and wring out through a fine cotton cloth.

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