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Fragrant festive dish: duck breast in orange sauce

Dentin does not often come to our table. And to cook from it something ordinary is not at all interesting. And for a festive feast one of the most successful elections will be a duck breast in orange sauce. Thanks to this "neighborhood", even the driest part of any bird becomes tender, soft and juicy. And the fragrance will please everyone from the threshold!

Japanese recipe

The first thing to prepare fillets: it should be dried, so that not a drop of water remains, and sprinkle with salt and pepper on all sides. With two oranges, peel is removed, then two more are added, juice is squeezed out. In a small saucepan, it combines with an incomplete glass of white loose and unsweetened wine and the same volume of broth (it is better to take chicken or cooked from a duck). After boiling, lay down three tablespoons of good honey (you can substitute sugar, but there will not be that flavor). In the smallest fire, the sauce is simmered until it evaporates in half.

In a dry well heated pan fry the fillets for ten minutes from each side, then from it is selected the accumulated fat and poured half a glass of soy sauce. As soon as it boils, in half a minute the fillets are turned over, and after the same period of time, the fire is completely turned off. The frying pan is left on the stove for about ten minutes. Finally, the fillet is divided in half, shifted to a languishing gravy, and the duck breast with orange sauce warms up in a full set for about three minutes. When served, it is sprinkled with zest and eaten immediately.

Breast in a multivark

The beginning of their preparation in this apparatus is similar to cooking on a conventional stove. The fillet salted and peppered. Then it is laid out in a preheated bowl with lean oil skinned down and fried in baking mode for about a quarter of an hour. After turning over in the same mode, the breasts are roasted for another ten minutes and left on the preheating. While they are languishing (and this will take about a third of an hour), juice is squeezed out of one orange, and half of the second is cut-each one in half. Half a glass of red wine is half evaporated, juice is poured in, salt is poured with pepper. Again, all this is doubled. Later, pieces of orange are thrown in, and the sauce pours into the fillet. After ten minutes of heating, your duck breast in orange sauce will be completely ready. The recipe recommends that before placing the dish on the table, sprinkle it with citrus peel.

Cognac-orange sauce with apples

The secret to the success of this recipe is in the pre-marinated fillet. It is sprinkled with a spoon of cognac and juice of an orange half, mixed with a small pinch of cinnamon and a spoonful of soy sauce. Then the breast is set aside for a quarter of an hour. Only after that it is fried over a large fire, very quickly - for three minutes on both sides - and put for about ten minutes in a heated oven. Two apples (without seeds, but with a skin) are cut with neat slices and fried in duck fat for no longer than seven minutes. To them, the juice of the remaining half of the citrus is squeezed out and a spoonful of sparse honey is added along with the marinade fused to the fillet and another spoonful of cognac. In ten minutes the sauce is ready. Duck breast in orange sauce for a few minutes "rests" from the oven and is served to the table already poured with gravy, cut obliquely, with apples around it.

Chinese duck

Such a successful combination of bird meat and citrus this people could not miss. Thanks to a peculiar look at cooking, the Chinese have a very original duck breast in orange sauce. By the way, Julia Vysotskaya, when preparing the dish, relied on this recipe, only removed the pure Chinese ingredients from it.

First, the fillet for a short time is marinated in equal volumes of honey and soy sauce. Three garlic cloves and onions are crushed, poured into half a glass of fresh orange juice and stewed for about a quarter of an hour. After that, a spoonful of flour is poured in, after boiling, gravy immediately strains.

On the three breasts are made shallow incisions, they are fried in a dry wok. Next it is poured grated ginger, a pound of green beans and half a glass of soybean sprouts. The fillet is cut, filled with gravy, after which the duck breast in orange sauce is combined with vegetables and sliced peeled two citrus slices. After mixing, it is immediately supplied - it must be hot.


Thanks to it, you get a very delicate and fragrant duck breast in orange sauce. The recipe, however, requires quite a large number of components. First, a marinade is made from juice and a whole orange peel, a pile of lemon natural juice and the same volume of olive oil. From spices in it rosemary, pepper and salt are put. Marinated fillet should take an hour. After it is dry, it is fried (thanks to marinating the process proceeds very quickly) and leaves to rest for a while.

Preparing the sauce. Zedra (four full spoons) is poured into half a cup of boiling water and after five minutes it is filtered. A glass of wine is heated, it is peppered with finely chopped shallots and the base is evaporated in half. Next, a glass of tomato sauce, a stack of cognac, as much orange juice and half a stump of jam from the currant are added to it. After ten minutes of stirring, the fragrant sauce is ready for use. The fillet is beautifully sliced, poured over it, and the duck breast in orange sauce with a very rich aroma becomes the decoration of the table and the pride of the cook.

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