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Delicious pies with fish from yeast dough

Pies with fish are baked in the oven in only thirty to forty minutes. However, to prepare them for baking, it will take much more time.

Pies with fish: the necessary ingredients for the test

  • Milk (preferably sour) - two glasses;
  • Margarine - half a pack;
  • Sunflower oil - three tablespoons;
  • Dry loose yeast - one dessert spoon;
  • Salt - half a small spoon;
  • Wheat flour - until the dough thickens;
  • Sugar - one large spoon;
  • Chicken eggs - two pieces.

Rasstegay with fish: a recipe for cooking dough

To bake delicious and beautiful pies it is very important that the base is well risen. To do this, you need to take two glasses of sour milk and heat it in a metal bowl over low heat. Then to the milk mixture should be added one large spoonful of sugar, a little salt and dry yeast. To allow the ingredients to melt and swell, you need to wait about fifteen minutes. At the end of the required time in the yeast mass, you need to add two whipped egg eggs, half-packs of softened margarine and a little sunflower oil. All the ingredients should be mixed by hand and sprinkled with sifted wheat flour. As a result of kneading the test, you should get a fairly steep and plastic mass. In order to make it possible to bake delicious and ruddy pies, the basis is recommended to put in a warm place, covering the top with a towel and a lid. After this you should start preparing the filling.

Fish pie: necessary ingredients for filling

  • Onions - two middle heads;
  • Rice - one faceted glass ;
  • Red fish - 400 grams;
  • Leeks - one bunch;
  • Salt and pepper - to be added to the filling;
  • Carrots - one small thing.

Pies: recipe for filling

In order to make this dish juicy, red fish should preferably take fatty varieties. For this, trout, salmon or pink salmon are ideal. Such a foundation should be carefully washed, removed all available bones and cartilage, as well as peel. Then the fillets of red fish should be cut into small pieces and put in a large bowl. In addition to trout or salmon, rice croup is also used to prepare pies. It must be cleaned, well washed in warm water, and then boil until friable. After the croup is cooked, it should be laid out to the fish, adding finely chopped onion, grated carrot and chopped leeks on a large grater. All ingredients should be mixed with hands, salt and pepper.

Pies with fish: the formation of dishes

To form pies, you need to take a small slice of yeast dough, roll a ball of seven centimeters in diameter and, flattening it with a rolling pin, lay out the prepared fish filling in the middle. It is recommended to wrap such a dish as pies, but with a hole in the middle. After all the pies are ready, they must be laid out in a row on a baking sheet, coated with oil.

Correct feeding on the table

Pies are served to the table in a hot state together with strong sweet tea and tomato sauce.

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