Overview of the Sony SBH52

"Sony" - a world-famous company that covered a huge segment of the market, from smartphones to gaming consoles. Nevertheless, in any field this company is famous for its high quality products. Moreover, the word "Sony" has long been synonymous with the word "innovation". In this article, we'll look at a new headset from this company. Want to know more about the Sony SBH52 ? Then read this article.

Sony SBH52: Overview

SBH52 - this is currently the most advanced headset from Sony. What really there, the new gadget simply does not have worthy competitors. After all, the Sony SBH52 is an incredibly multifunctional device. The headset can be used as a mini-phone, radio, player, etc. Moreover, SBH52 boasts convenient control buttons and a lot of entertaining functions, which you can learn from this article.


For the new headset from "Sony" is characterized by a strict, business appearance. The device is a black elongated rectangle. This atypical form of the gadget is due to the fact that it can be used as a phone. The headset is supplied exclusively in classic black colors. Thanks to this, the Sony SBH52 goes well with both business suits and everyday clothes. On the front panel there is a small display, with which you can find out about the status of the device (charge indicator, track title, sound level, subscriber number, etc.). Another plus SBH52 - the presence on the end of a small connector (3.5 millimeters). Thanks to him, you can connect headphones to the device.

In a set with a headset are standard headphones with a short cable. They sound pretty good (however, hardened music lovers will certainly get something more solid). With regard to ease of use, then everything is on top. If you attach the headset to clothes, then the wire, due to its modest size, will not interfere. Also one section of the cable is longer than the other, which allows you to hang the headphones around your neck. In addition, the kit includes a variety of attachments (three sizes), so you can adjust the headphones SBH52 for you.

The design of the gadget does not cause any complaints. There were no scrapes and backlashes. The case is quite strong. It is also worth noting that the Sony SBH52 has splash protection. Therefore, it is possible that the subsequent headsets from Sony will receive full protection from water. Dimensions of the device are small. Thanks to this, the headset easily fits in even the pockets of jeans. The weight of the gadget is only 23 grams, which positively affects its ergonomics.


You can listen to songs in three ways. The first one is the radio. Everything is simple and clear. All you need is to connect to the necessary wave and enjoy the music. Thanks to the built-in FM tuner with RDS support, you can listen to the radio even without connecting to the phone. The device clearly catches waves, no interference is observed. The second way is to connect to the headphones via BlueTooth. Again, everything is clear. This function is for every modern headset. But the third way to listen to the songs is quite interesting and atypical. Its essence lies in the transfer of music through the speakerphone without the headphones. Of course, this is not the most useful feature, but it definitely deserves attention.

The sound quality depends entirely on the headphones. With the complete the sound is smooth and clean, but something beyond the limit can not be expected. To squeeze out all the juice from SBH52, you will have to look for better quality headphones.


Headset SBH52 can boast of its autonomy. The device can continuously work in the mode of playing music up to 11 hours, and in the mode of telephone conversation - up to 4 hours. This is quite a good indicator. The SBH52 has a 115 mAh battery. The device is fully charged in two hours. In general, the headset works for a couple of hours longer than most smartphones with the OS "Android."


Perhaps the main feature of this device is the possibility of using it as a phone. The front panel houses a speaker and a microphone. In addition, the headset supports the unique technology from "Sony" called Voice HD, which provides excellent speech quality.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of connecting the headset to two devices at the same time. In addition, there are such entertaining functions as text-to-speech, a special call log, etc. And this is not even half of what the Sony SBH52 is capable of. The instruction that comes with the device will help you familiarize yourself with the full range of functions.


In the end, we can say that the SBH52 is an excellent headset, which has a lot of advantages. First of all, the incredible functionality of the device pleases. Initially, Sony tried to make an additional accessory to modern smartphones. But in the end they got a completely independent device, which can be used for calls, listening to music, radio. In addition, it pleases stylish design, the duration of battery life, good headphones and intuitive interface. Probably, such an abundance of functions will scare off the household user. But the advanced user will only attract to the purchase of the device. And the price is quite available for purchase. The cost of the device is quite democratic. To become a happy owner of the headset SBH52, you have to pay only 3000 rubles (about 1000 hryvnia). By today's standards, this is just a ridiculous price.

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