Digital camera Canon PowerShot SX410 IS: reviews of the owners

The secret to the success of digital technology on the market is several factors, one of which is the combination of functionality and ease of use. Not every manufacturer can implement such a combination. Of course, if we are talking about a basic set of options, then there are no problems in technical development, but the supply of ultramodern "chips" of amateur devices is not so common. In this context, the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS digital camera is particularly interesting , which is confirmed by the richness of the functional arsenal, and well-implemented ergonomics. At the same time, the device is inexpensive and has quite an attractive appearance. But there were some shortcomings, which are also noted by the owners of this product.

General information about the model

The model occupies a position in the peripheral segment between budget devices and the middle class of multifunctional devices. I must say that in this niche it is not just about introducing modern options, but about the opportunities that fundamentally raise the level of technology. What distinguishes the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS? Reviews in the first place note a powerful zoom, capable of providing a 40-fold approximation. This is the main feature of the model, which puts it on a par with professional SLR cameras. However, it is not necessary to speak about comparison by other indicators. Price-list in 13-15 thousand rubles. This is the best testimony. The filling of the device remains an accessory to devices of the lower level, therefore it is not necessary to pin hopes on the high-quality images on this model for connoisseurs.


Most users of photographic equipment still consider the number of pixels as one of the main criteria for evaluating the device. This is in part true, but objective analysis still implies a comprehensive review of technical data. The product from "Canon" can not boast of high performance matrix. The developers used the CCD module at 20 megapixels. It can not be said that this is a very modest value, but for the level of the same expensive DSLRs, this value is far from reaching. In this case, the size of the matrix is standard - 1 / 2.3 inches. Given the price tag, you can put up with such a filling of the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. Reviews, however, differently consider the combination of 20 Mp with a small sensor. On the one hand, this solution increased the efficiency of scaling photos, but on the other hand - the dense arrangement of pixels affects the appearance of noise in poor lighting conditions. In other words, the weakness of optics does not fully reveal even the average capabilities of the 20-megapixel matrix. And it's quite out of the general level of technical support of the camera 40-fold focusing. In this case, you can only talk about the positive effect of the option.

Reviews about design and construction

The case of the model is made in the traditional form-factor, without any deviations from the given mode. A variety of shades does not pamper the device, so the most popular is the conservative version of the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS Black. Reviews indicate that the black color makes the camera presentable and more solid. Also presented is a version in burgundy, which is chosen by people who want to emphasize their image with bright colors. As for ergonomics and controls, the owners' opinions are very favorable regarding this part.

The large grip, as well as a non-slip rubberized insert, facilitate the operation of the machine. Similar elements are provided for any design of a compact digital camera. But in this case, you can also mention the reliability of the assembly. Although the body is preferably made of plastic, there are no cracks about strength. In front of the lens there is also a metallic edging that brings its aesthetic effect to the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS Black. Reviews, however, note the organic combination of the framing ring with a burgundy body.

Performance Reviews

The technical basis of the model has average capabilities, but this does not prevent the device from providing convenient operation. As the owners themselves testify, menu transitions and mode switching are performed quickly and without delays. Even the super-powerful for this category of focusing is not distinguished by long meditations. But the responsiveness of the program framework would be impossible without serious losses in one of the basic indicators of productivity - the frequency of taking pictures. The device is capable of making only 0.5 photos per second, for which many criticize the developers. Part of this low performance is due to the capabilities of the processor that the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS Black camera is equipped with. Reviews from another part of users note and another unpleasant nuance of exploitation, associated with a small battery capacity. The creators used a lithium-ion cell at 800 mAh. As the practice of working with the model shows, this volume is enough for an average of 250 frames and for recording a 30-minute video.

Feedback on the functional content

Nothing special about the functional support the manufacturer does not offer, but in some aspects this device, of course, is ahead of the competition. As for the basic capabilities, it should be noted a wide range of shooting modes and the presence of a flash. It was in order to reduce the cost of power to operate the technical base, the developers have somewhat simplified the menu and settings of the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. Reviews, for example, often mention the successfully implemented Smart AUTO mode, which eliminates the need to adjust the main parameters of shooting. However, professional photographers, of course, can not be satisfied with the lack of wide custom settings and put this decision in negative. The flash is standard. As the owners of the device say, it works well at a distance of 5 m, although, under bad shooting conditions, there is no special benefit from it.

Feedback on the focusing system

Special attention should be paid to the 40-fold focus, which was one of the main motives for many users when buying this model. The manufacturer used a 9-point contrast automatic focus system, supplementing it with the ability to recognize faces. This is the rare case when an inexpensive camera from a junior link received a nominally high-tech option, but a practically useful addition. According to the owners themselves, the focus is high speed and independence from lighting conditions, which also increases the status of the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. Reviews, however, indicate one unpleasant moment. The fact is that Single AF mode excludes the possibility of moving the focus point. Otherwise, this function fully justifies itself and can be compared separately from other parameters of this model with similar options in more expensive SLR cameras.

Reviews about the quality of pictures

The 20 Mp matrix provides a good basic level of picture quality, which can be called average. Characteristics of the frames could be better, but for the decrease in the photosensitivity. This is what causes the problems when shooting in poor lighting conditions, which are most often expressed by the appearance of noise. True, the focus ensures stable operation regardless of the luminosity. Many owners emphasize that shooting distant objects and landscapes is the best application for which it is worth purchasing this camera. The compact Canon PowerShot SX410 IS, reviews of the performance of which are generally critical, nevertheless provides good opportunities for digital approximation in the process of macro photography. True, the claimed 0 cm manufacturer should not be counted. To put it mildly, this is an exaggeration. Also, the owners of the device warn against unnecessary hopes for the stabilizer, which only slightly increases the quality of the images.

User feedback on video quality

The company claims the camera's very attractive capabilities for video shooting, but the practice of operating dispels these promises. According to official data, the device can shoot video in HD mode, while also connecting the focus adjustment. The exposure is selected automatically during the shooting process. But as a result, video materials with pronounced "grain" and darkening are obtained in separate areas. There are pluses in shooting video through the camera Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. The testimonies indicate that the manufacturer managed to implement convenient control, which is the best way to show itself when it is necessary to take an operative survey. Also, many people note well-chosen creative filters and a useful option Dynamic IS, which stabilizes the "picture".

Opinions of experts on the camera

Specialists highly appreciate first of all a 40-fold zoom. This is the main thing that distinguishes this device among its competitors. Usually the inclusion of such technological "raisings" affects the cost, but this did not happen in the case of the inexpensive Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. The professional feedback is underscored by decent ergonomics, which compensates for the reduced settings, as well as the mediocre abilities of additional tools.

While retaining the price tag within the entry-level segment, the manufacturer abandoned a number of modern solutions, among which the lack of a touch screen. And this is not to mention a monophonic microphone and a modest matrix. Here, it is worth noting the lack of a panoramic mode that would perfectly complement the zoom of the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. The opinions of professionals indicate also the weak possibilities of communication support. In particular, there is no Wi-Fi module.


Typically, manufacturers tend to bet on one of the strengths of the camera, developing it to a certain limit. In this case, there is an uneven implementation of different camera parameters. The device can be interesting and its functionality, and shooting capabilities, and design advantages. For example, Canon PowerShot SX410 IS black, reviews of which note the conservatism of performance, is interesting to a considerable part of users for the external similarity with SLR cameras for professional photography. There are a lot of positive responses in terms of ergonomics. Suffice it to say that it is the convenience of the arrangement of controls that smoothes unpleasant impressions of video shooting.

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