Wireless vacuum cleaners "Dyson": customer reviews

The firm "Dyson" produces vacuum cleaners on batteries with various containers. On average, the weight of the model does not exceed 3.5 kg. The main drawback of devices is considered to be the noisy operation of motors. All models are equipped with special microprocessors. With their help, the user can select the modes for operation. In order to learn more about vacuum cleaners, you should review the reviews of specific devices.

Reviews of "Dyson DC62"

The vacuum cleaner "Dyson DC62" reviews receives first of all for compactness. Also, the advantages include the strength of the pipe and the large capacity of the battery. The engine in this modification is of a digital type. For the home, this model fits perfectly.

With crumbs and wool she cope quickly. However, it is important to consider that the battery is charging about 5.5 hours. The microprocessor is used with a frequency of 3 thousand pulses per second. For upholstered furniture, a separate nozzle is included. Worth a wireless vacuum cleaner "Dyson DC62" in the store about 17,300 rubles.

Parameters DC22

DC22 - is a convenient and beautiful wireless vacuum cleaner "Dyson". Customer reviews indicate high power. The design is excellent, and in the apartment the device looks great. The tube is used a small thickness, but it allows you to remove dust in hard-to-reach places. It is also important to note that the model is suitable for cleaning carpets. The battery in the kit goes nickel-manganese type. Container for dust is provided for 0.3 liters. For soft furniture, the nozzle is supplied with a short bristle. For allergy sufferers, this model is suitable. The vacuum cleaner is sold at a price of 19 thousand rubles.

Consumer opinion of the "Dyson V6"

Wireless vacuum cleaner "Dyson V6" reviews are good not only for the compactness, but also the capacity of the camera. The batteries are weak, but they are charged quickly. The engine is standardly used in the digital type. The microprocessor is used with a frequency of 3 thousand pulses per second. For mattresses in the set there is a separate nozzle.

There are also wool brushes. In total, the model has five modes to choose from. Another vacuum cleaner receives feedback for the strength of the pipe, which is made of aluminum. If necessary, the nozzles can be changed quickly. For charging batteries there is a compact docking station. Nozzle with long bristles in the kit is provided. Worth a wireless vacuum cleaner "Dyson V6" in our time about 22,400 rubles.

Model description DC45

The DC45 is a versatile and powerful "Dyson" vacuum cleaner (wireless). Customer feedback indicates the presence of many baits. They allow you to cope with crumbs in the kitchen, and also to clean the car. If necessary, the tube can be disconnected. It weighs a little, so it's quite comfortable to use the model. If we talk about the shortcomings, the owners complain about the noisy operation of the motor. At maximum power, it produces about 75 dB.

It is also important to note that in the offline mode the model is capable of working no more than two hours. For hard surfaces in the kit there is a combined nozzle. The dust container is set to 0.34 liters. The filter in this case is used in the "Cyclone" series. The vacuum cleaner is offered for sale at a price of 24 600 rubles.

Reviews of "Dyson DC23"

These wireless vacuum cleaners Dyson reviews get the most diverse. Some buyers praise them for the large capacity of the batteries. In standalone mode, the model is able to work for about three hours. The tube in the kit is quite long, but it weighs a little. For the apartment, this vacuum cleaner fits well. In total, there are four nozzles in the kit.

For soft furniture a special brush is used. The dust container is small in size. The docking station works from a network with a voltage of 220 V. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner can be fixed and stored on the wall. In total, the model has two filters. She manages to clean the kitchen perfectly. According to the owners, the model weighs a bit, and enjoy it comfortably. Worth a vacuum cleaner in the area of 16 500 rubles.

Parameters DC75

DC75 - a powerful and multi-mode wireless vacuum cleaners "Dyson". Customers' reviews speak of their uniqueness. Design by the manufacturer is excellent. It is also important to note that the model is equipped with high-quality lithium-manganese batteries. The standard kit includes not only a docking station, but also a detailed instruction with the rules for using the model. According to the owners, the vacuum cleaner copes well with the crumbs in the kitchen.

Nozzles are used with bristles of various sizes. If necessary, you can detach the tube and remove dust in hard-to-reach places. The power of the motor is enough to cope with animal hair. The time to fully charge the battery is 4.5 hours. This model sounds quite strong, and this is a serious problem. It is also important to consider the high price of the goods. You can buy a vacuum cleaner in the store for 23 500 rubles.

Consumer opinion of the "Dyson V8"

This vacuum cleaner reviews are good for having a large container. The tube is used 650 mm long. Thus, it can be obtained not in all hard-to-reach places. Narrow nozzles in the standard kit are available. It is also important to note that the batteries are charged quite quickly. In the offline mode, this vacuum cleaner can operate for about two hours with an average load. The filter in it is used by the "Cyclone" series.

The microprocessor in this case is designed for four modes. As the buyers say, cleaning the container does not take much time. If desired, the tube can be disconnected. For mattresses there is a special nozzle. Also the manufacturer provides combined brushes. They will help with cleaning the car or upholstered furniture. It is worth a vacuum cleaner of this brand about 19,400 rubles.

Model Description V9

This is a versatile and compact vacuum cleaner. Customer feedback suggests that the model is equipped with good batteries. The docking station is included in the standard kit in small sizes. If desired, the device can be stored on a wall. The tube is used in this case a removable type.

The nozzle is provided for mattresses. In total, the vacuum cleaner allows you to choose between four operating modes. The microprocessor is installed high-frequency type. For the house or villa model suits well. The noise level in this case is equal to the whole 68 dB. Also to the shortcomings is the high price of the goods. There is a model for today about 23 thousand rubles.

Reviews of "Dyson V15"

These wireless vacuum cleaners "Dyson" reviews from owners receive a different kind. Many people appreciate the model in the first place for a comfortable pen. The container is removed quite simply. However, disadvantages are also important to consider when buying time. First of all, it should be noted that the battery is charged as much as 3.5 hours. Suction power 210 W. The noise level reaches a maximum of 75 dB. All this interferes with the comfortable cleaning of the apartment.

If we talk about design features, then the tube is used with a diameter of 2.6 cm. The engine is used in a digital type and is equipped with a high-frequency processor. This vacuum cleaner weighs only 3.5 kg. The filters in it are installed in the "Cyclone" series. According to the owners, they are very rarely contaminated. For the cleaning of stairs separate nozzles are provided. The container is used for 0.32 liters. There is a brush for upholstered furniture. The docking station of the device is able to operate from a network of 220 V. The vacuum cleaner is sold at a price of 21 700 rubles.

Parameters "Dyson V13"

This is a high-tech and practical vacuum cleaner. Customer feedback makes one believe in its uniqueness. In this case, the choice of six modes of operation. The microprocessor is installed at a frequency of 2500 pulses per second. The container is voluminous, and it is often not necessary to change it. In this case, brushes are used with different bristles. The docking station is of compact size and does not take up much space.

The tube is removable, and it is made entirely of aluminum, so it weighs a bit. The battery in the presented model uses a lithium-manganese type of 22 V. With crumbs and animal hair, the model handles perfectly. In total, the device has three filters of the "Cyclone" series. On average, the battery does not take more than 2.5 hours for the user. An additional nozzle for cleaning the ladder by the manufacturer is provided. The vacuum cleaner is sold at a price of 25 thousand rubles.

Consumer opinion of the "Dyson V22"

These wireless vacuum cleaners "Dyson" reviews are given primarily for a convenient pen. A lithium-manganese battery is included in the kit. The engine in this case is installed with a high-frequency microprocessor. According to buyers, the model copes well with the crumbs in the kitchen. It weighs only 3.6 kg. The tube is removable.

In total, the device has two filters. Thus, the main chamber is rarely contaminated. A dust container is provided for 0.32 liters. Suction power 240 W. There is no nozzle for mattresses. It is also important to note that the model does not cope well with animal hair. The noise level at the maximum load does not exceed 65 dB. Worth a vacuum cleaner around 18 700 rubles.

Description of the model "Dyson V37"

These wireless vacuum cleaners "Dyson" reviews get good first of all from allergies. With the cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets, the device is doing admirably. The engine is used with a microprocessor, which allows you to choose different operating modes. Weighs the model with a connected tube only 4.2 kg. For easy cleaning, a special nozzle is used. Also included are combined brushes. The filter in this case is applied to the "Cyclone" series. For cleaning stairs, an electric brush is used.

The container is cleaned very quickly. It is also important to note that the model has a strong attachment for connection to the docking station. The tube itself is 630 mm long. Made of aluminum, it is rarely deformed. The dock works from the network, and the battery of this vacuum cleaner is fully charged in about 2.3 hours. Sold model for 19 400 rubles.

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