Fridge "Don": customer reviews, specifications, new models

Refrigerators "Don" have established themselves as reliable and durable household appliances. The manufacturer uses high-quality details of imported production and complements them at the domestic plant.

The policy of production of these household refrigerators is aimed at regular updating of models, and this guarantees the quality of the goods. Today in the market you can see a large number of refrigerators "Don", by their characteristics not inferior to more expensive imported goods.

General characteristics of refrigerators "Don"

Refrigerators of this brand are not lost among the products of foreign manufacturers. They are noticeable and recognizable. The product range is quite wide and is represented by models from 90 to 220 cm high. Refrigerators "Don" single-chamber differ in compactness and convenience in use.

Two-chamber models have separate chambers, they are more capacious and allow quick freezing and cooling of products.

Refrigerators "Don" are available in 8 colors: white, ivory, graphite mirror, antique shagreen, jasmine, beech, mahogany, oak. For coloring, imported dyes based on powder from Greece, Italy are used.

The metal parts are covered with a polymer coating for marble and wood. The creation of the upper layer by the sublimation method makes it possible to use the Don refrigerator in various climatic conditions. This coating, in addition, creates additional protection from mechanical influences.

Internal chambers and accessories are covered with antibacterial composition.

Refrigerator Don is equipped with an Australian compressor ACC, which has high starting characteristics, an improved coefficient of specific cooling capacity. All models are resistant to a sudden voltage drop in the network.

The refrigerating chamber has a dropping evaporator, it creates a certain microclimate for storing products.

In the chamber there is a function of automatic thawing. The flowing water when the compressor is running evaporates from the vessel. Drip defrost allows you to turn off the refrigerator from the network for cleaning every 6 months.

Non-explosive and environmentally friendly freon makes the refrigerator safe.

Energy saving in refrigerators "Don" corresponds to class A.

Management of refrigerators of any models is electromechanical.

Russian technology is not inferior in quality to competing analogs. And an affordable price allows you to buy it without much strain on the family budget.

Fridge "Don": customer reviews

Energy consumption of the refrigerator "Don 291" directly depends on the operating conditions of the device. Buyers note that open doors and heat lead to increased power consumption. But it is encouraging that the energy efficiency of the Class A.

Type of thawing drip-manual. The "crying" evaporator creates an optimal microclimate in the refrigerator compartment. Disconnect the device should not be more than 2 times a year.

The refrigerator, judging by the reviews, is easy to use, its control is electromechanical.

Refrigerator DON R 297 S has a pretty attractive appearance, so it fits easily into the interior of the kitchen.

This model has a refrigerator and a freezer for freezing and storing various products. The first is located on top, the second is on the bottom. For each there is a separate door. Control of the refrigerator electromechanical.

In terms of energy consumption, the device belongs to class A. Consumers noticed that 359 kW are consumed per year.

The refrigerator has 1 compressor, on which the manufacturer gives a long service guarantee.

Height, small width and depth of the device make it as convenient as possible. It is easy to install anywhere.

In the refrigerator chamber a drip system is built in, it is not necessary to unfreeze it manually. Its volume is 225 liters.

Inside the camera glass shelves are built. The housewife is pleased that they are easily removed, they can be moved higher or lower. If necessary, you can remove the excess.

The refrigerator is equipped with a metal bottle stand. It is put as a shelf, on which you can put bottles.

Shelves on the door are made of plastic. They are easily removed. There is a stand for eggs.

Under the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, there are 2 capacious boxes.

The freezer is quite large. Its volume is 140 liters. There are 4 plastic boxes in the camera.

Excellent model, no complaints from users.

In the reviews, consumers also note that the freezer quickly freezes a fairly large number of products.

Of the minuses: the motor is a bit noisy. Despite this shortcoming, the rest of the refrigerator fully pays for the cost of its purchase.

Manufacture of refrigerators "Don"

The priority direction of the Gritsovsky plant "DON" is the production of refrigerators. Household appliances are assembled on modernized equipment. When assembling them, the latest technologies and environmental safety are taken into account.

The refrigerator factory "Don" is equipped with German, Italian, Korean and Turkish equipment. For the manufacture of refrigerators, raw materials and their components are produced by BASF, REHAU, ACC and BAYER.

New models

New models of refrigerators "Don" are designed to simplify the life of consumers. They have departments for vegetables and fruits, forms for eggs, ice and other components that are necessary in modern life.

Refrigerator "Don R-70 M"

This refrigerator is single-chambered and detached.

The useful volume of the camera is 67 liters.

The defrosting system is manual.

2 shelves are metal.

The device is electromechanical.

For a year, consumes 109 kW.

The energy consumption class of the refrigerator A +.

The weight of the unit is 17.4 kg.

The height of the device is 63 cm.

The width is 44.5 cm.

The depth is 51 cm.

Buyers' comments "Don" refrigerator causes a variety, but all models in terms of quality correspond to their price.

It is just a find for those who live rarely at home. It is compact and at the same time quite roomy. Also, this model will be enjoyed by those who live alone or have a kitchen of a small area.

Technical characteristics of the model "Don 291"

The two-chamber refrigerator "Don 291" is stand-alone, it has refrigeration and freezing compartments.

The freezer compartment is equipped with a bottom. Defrost it manually.

In the refrigerating chamber, the defrosting is automatic, thanks to the dropping system of thawing.

The height of the device is 180 centimeters.

The depth is 61 centimeters.

The width is 57.4 centimeters.

In the device 1 compressor.

The volume of the freezer is 101 liters.

The volume of refrigeration - 215 liters.

The freezing capacity of the device is 5 kg / day.

The energy consumption class of the model is A.

The power consumption of the device per day is about 1.21 kW.

The temperature of the refrigerator compartment is regulated and is 0-10 ° C. In the freezer it is maintained at -18 ° C.

The refrigerant is R600a.

The device is electromechanical. The refrigerator is equipped with a control unit located inside the device.

There are 3 shelves in the refrigerator. They can be removed or rearranged by adjusting the height.

For vegetables 2 transparent boxes, and in the freezer compartment 3.

Doors are outfitted on the other side.

The model is made in 8 colors.

Specifications of "Don 297"

Refrigerator "Don 297" is a two-compartment, detached, has 2 doors.

Device type: refrigerator and freezer.

In the device 1 compressor.

The freezer is located below, it has 4 drawers. Its volume is 140 liters.

The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 225 liters.

The device is electromechanical.

The energy consumption class of the device is A.

The daily energy consumption is 1.23 kW.

Electricity consumption per year is 449 kW.

The height of the device is 200 centimeters.

The width is 57.4 centimeters.

The depth is 61 centimeters.

The temperature of the freezer is maintained at 18 ° C.

The temperature in the refrigerating chamber is from 0 to 10 ° C.

The freezing capacity is 7 kg / day.

The refrigerant is isobutane R600a.

The freezer has a manual defrost. The refrigeration unit is equipped with a drop system.

The model is made in all 8 colors.

Customers' comments about the refrigerator "Don" of this model are almost all positive. Before buying the device, having read the description and reviews, you can immediately understand that it is high-quality and reliable.

Technical specifications Don R 299

This is a two-compartment refrigerator with 4 drawers in the freezer compartment.

The volume of the freezer is 140 liters.

The volume of refrigeration is 259 liters.

The height of the device is 215 centimeters.

The depth is 61 centimeters.

The height is 57.4 centimeters.

The temperature in the freezer is about -18 ° C.

In a refrigerator, the temperature can be regulated and is 0-10 ° C.

Electricity consumption per day - 1,23 kW.

Energy efficiency class - A.

The freezing capacity of the model is 7 kg / day.

The color palette includes all 8 colors.

For apartments and private homes, the best solution is the refrigerator Don. The manufacturer of this equipment gives a guarantee for free product maintenance for 3 years. If the unit breaks down, repairs can be made at home.

Customers' comments about the refrigerator "Don" make it clear that it deserves attention and is suitable for use in everyday life. Any models are made of high-quality and reliable materials.


The entire line of new models of "Don" is created in accordance with the requirements of the latest requirements for safety and economy. At a reasonable price you can get a fairly high-quality refrigerator for your home.

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