Telephones "Dekt": review of models and reviews about them

Despite the fact that now smartphones have gained immense popularity, because of their good external design and excellent functionality, radiotelephones still do not lose their former demand. They are suitable for housewives and those who just like to sit in a chair, talking with a good friend, sipping tea.

This article describes all the popular phones "Dekt", which recently became often purchased.

Gigaset S810

This phone model is considered budgetary and very good in its price category. It has an impressive design, made in a classic style. It will also be useful for young parents, because the phone is equipped with a built-in "Radio Baby Monitor" function. The address book can hold up to 500 numbers. In addition to all the advantages of this technique, there is such an option as an accelerated set of any nine contacts. They can be entered into the phone's memory, and then by pressing one key, call the number. Moreover, the device is able to send messages and connect with other equipment using the bluetooth module. The device can wake a person in the morning, thanks to the option "alarm clock". Few phones "Dec" have a similar function.

The main advantages: a capacious contact book, there is a possibility to download its melodies to the device memory, up to 6 different handsets can be connected to the base of technology.

Out of the minuses consumers only highlight editing contacts through Outlook, other methods are not provided.

Average cost: 1200 rubles.

Reviews of Gigaset S810

This model - a radio, which rightly bears the title of "best". "Dekt" is a phone that received a lot of positive feedback. High rank Gigaset S810 appropriated by consumers. Consider its merits.

The keys are comfortable, the handset is in the hand perfectly. The display is pleasant, the fonts and text size are optimal. In the standby mode, you can turn off the radio communication between the base and the phone itself. The menu is understandable on an intuitive level. Charging is via a mini USB port. Besides melodies, you can upload photos and pictures to your phone. There are only three megabytes of memory, but they are enough for convenient use of the device. The screen is much better than many other phones in this price category.

What do consumers consider to be minuses? First, the impossibility of another way to edit contacts, both through Outlook. Secondly, the absence of subscriber groups.

Philips M881

This model received a lot of attention because of its interesting appearance, but its cost is much greater than the above. However, the price is completely justified. The Philips M881 is capable of accommodating up to 250 numbers in the phone book. She will enjoy the opportunity to create a conference call. The speakers are loud enough, so much so that some consumers consider this a disadvantage. Battery medium power, you can talk for 18 hours in a row, then you have to connect to the charger. In general, under the interesting design "hides" a very nice filling. Especially considering that the batteries of "Dekt" -phones do not always please their power.

Pros of the device: capacious battery, convenient tube shape (curved), pleasant exterior design.

Cons: few melodies, can not be fixed in a vertical position.

Average price: 6 thousand rubles.

Philips M881 Reviews

Consider the merits that consumers talk about in their reviews. Buttons are pressed easily. The weight is impressive, but it is comfortable in the hand. Appearance is noticed by all consumers, this is the first thing that attracts the attention of each person. The menu is understandable, there are no difficulties with its development. The phone can be placed on the base without difficulty, in any position (with a deviation to the right or left), it "sees" it. Some note that the design, made in darker shades, is more of a masculine type. The speakerphone quality is excellent. It is even compared with the "iPhone", however Philips phones in this competition win. The build quality is excellent, the plastic feels nice. In the kit the manufacturer gives even a napkin for the care of the phone.

Unfortunately, with such an abundance of advantages, the device also has negative aspects. You can not attach it in a vertical position, the tube will constantly fall. When an answering machine is triggered, the telephone does not broadcast the caller's speech, which can be attributed to significant shortcomings. To get really only a black version of the device, since other color solutions were not assumed by the manufacturer. Due to the fact that the battery of its own design, you will have to spend extra money to replace it. Universal options are not provided. Like many "Dect" phones, this does not have a good cable length.

Panasonic KX-TG7852

This model "Dect" -phone has a stunning design. By capacity in the number book, this device clearly lags behind the above described - no more than 70 pieces. The last 50 calls are saved in the "Log" menu. Attracts consumers relatively low cost and two tubes of different shades that come with the kit. Both have a display with good (as far as possible for similar devices) color rendition. What else can please describe the device? There is an option that allows three numbers to be added to the "Speed Dial", there is also an intercom function. The consumer can choose any of twenty melodies in order to put it on the call.

What are the main advantages of the phone?

  • Thanks to the different colors of the tubes, they do not have to be constantly confused with each other.
  • The display is equipped with a good level of brightness and color.
  • There is a function that allows you to synchronize phone contacts from one handset to another.
  • This model can boast of its loudness, like the rest of the Panasonic phones "Dekt" -type.
  • The battery without charge operates up to 11 hours in continuous talk mode.

Of the minuses, it should be noted the lack of an answering machine and the inability to fix the base on the wall.

Average price: 3500 rubles.

Reviews about Panasonic KX-TG7852

The phone has a lot of positive sides, which consumers notice. Assembling of excellent quality, the device conveniently lies in the hand. Reputation of the brand makes itself known, because the device really surpassed all expectations. Display color. Buttons are pressed quite easily. It should be noted that not all Panasonic phones can boast such buttons. The menu is convenient, it is not difficult to understand it. Melodies are pleasant by ear. You can save about 20 in the phone's memory. Charging takes a long time, especially if you use the device several times a day without talking too long. AON works much faster than some other models from the same manufacturer.

Of the drawbacks - plastic poor quality. On a smooth surface, the phone is quite unstable, it can be easily pushed. Buttons are too convex. Font is not suitable for people who have vision problems. For special reasons, which it is difficult to find out, the volume decreases during a call. Whether it's a problem in the software, or in the keys, it's easy to press the ear.


The model is popular and convenient, and it is also inexpensive. The design is minimalistic, but it adds consumer interest to this device. The display is monochrome. They are all budget models, this device can easily be called one of the best. Among the available characteristics it is necessary to allocate an alarm clock, a loud conference call, and also the possibility to connect five handsets to the base. New melodies can not be added to the memory, there are not enough built-in ones.

Of the main advantages - low cost, bright, but sufficiently clear display, the menu is intuitive, the buttons are easily pressed, they are pleasant to the touch, the signal is very good.

From the negative sides - a small number of melodies and the absence of ANI. However, the poor functionality that these phones "Dekt" is equipped with, is justified by the cost.

The average price is 2500 rubles.

BBK Reviews BKD-821 RU

What do consumers say about this device? Of course, all benefits include a pleasant exterior design, convenience and a small price. The base is rubberized, which gives comfort.

To the minuses consumers consider melodies. They really sound awful. Sometimes there is a model with a battery charge. After a lot of time that the phone spends on charging, it may not turn on. The call itself is not particularly loud.

In general, the phones "Dec", the models of which are described above, are much better, but they are more expensive. Only an affordable price adds to this device an attraction.

Communication radius

In this paragraph, let us consider one of the important questions. They are asked by many consumers. How can I increase the distance to the "Dept" phone? The answer is simple: to purchase additional repeaters. However, in many respects they lose the cable. The fact is that sometimes it will be cheaper to build than for each second room to buy repeaters (important for large private houses).

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