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What is an aquarium for a turtle?

To start a turtle as a pet is worth only to those people who have an interest in these animals. But, when acquiring an animal, it is necessary to study information about its form, requirements for content and feeding. An aquarium for a turtle and equipment for it should be prepared in advance. It is also necessary to take care of the location of the enclosure, its arrangement and have free time to look after the animal and watch it. What kind of aquarium for a turtle is needed to make it an active, healthy and contented life?

For such a pet it is necessary to try to create living conditions that are most appropriate to the natural environment of its habitat. Freshwater and aquatic turtles are often kept as ordinary pets in freshwater aquariums or in special paludariums. An aquarium for a turtle, which will serve as a home, must be selected depending on the size of the pet, its habits and lifestyle. Vivariums are very effective, in which several animals can live.

Turtles aquatic should be contained only in aquariums or water aquariums. Life in a small container or on the floor is unacceptable, as this will lead to the death of the animal. Much more spectacular will look like a turtle in a beautiful terrarium than in a box under the sofa. The entire volume of the aquaterrarium, which is not less than 100 ml, is divided into parts: 2/3 should be occupied by water and 1/3 is taken to the land. Of special devices necessarily purchased a water heater, filter, incandescent lamp, which can replace the ceramic or infrared heater. To simulate the sunlight is sometimes put an ultraviolet lamp. The temperature should be kept within 26-30 o C. In such conditions, the turtle will be well absorbed by calcium, the shell will be even and firm.

The future owner will have to acquire not only an aquarium for the turtle, but also to think over the convenient arrangement of the islands of the suspended structure. These animals need a small heated island, a dry land area. They breathe atmospheric air, so they need rest, without such a place the animal can drown. It is above the island that the incandescent lamp should be located. The beach for turtles, on which they dry up and bask, can be bought at pet stores or made by yourself using stone, plastic, glass or wood.

Your pet will like it very much, if you make underwater shelters for it. Soil is not required for it, it is often laid out more for aesthetic reasons.

An aquarium for a turtle can contain other inhabitants, most often fish and snails serving as an additional food. Effectively it will look like seaweed.

In a spacious aquarium, freshwater turtles are also needed. Do not buy a small aquaterrarium in which its inhabitants can not dive under water. For small red-bellied turtles there will be enough volume of 100 liters. As the animal grows, considering that a land with air space is added to this volume, a larger aquarium will be needed.

In one terrarium it is inadmissible to contain several turtles, different in size. You should also know that not all of their species are able to get along well with each other.

A special aesthetic pleasure will be delivered by a paludarium - an open aquarium. This design combines an aquarium, a terrarium and a greenhouse. In the paludarium, an ecosystem of habitat for marsh, aquatic or near-water animals and plants that require high humidity is artificially created. This is an amazing harmonious mix of plant and animal life in a humid tropical environment. But maintaining such a biotope is not so easy.

However, such an aquarium for a turtle will bring a lot of pleasant minutes while watching the behavior of your pet. To warm her body, she climbs the trunks and driftwood, stretches his paws and head to the light. And then immediately rushes into the water - in its safe haven, if it is frightened off. After a few minutes, she stretches her head again to the surface, checking to see if she can get ashore and warm herself or the danger is not over.

The behavior of the turtle is interesting and entertaining, but it will differ from the behavior of the familiar pets. She does not react to human care, does not distinguish neither sorrow nor joy in the society of man. Although many owners of turtles claim that they with their pets perfectly "feel" each other and they are well together.

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