Why and how to use the level?

Levels and plumbs are traditionally used to determine the degree of uniformity and magnitude of the deviation of the constructed structural elements. At the heart of the work of both devices is the principle of gravitational gravitation, inducing a rope with a sink to be located strictly vertically, and an air bubble pointing to the middle of the scale to show a strictly horizontal position. However, such a familiar and seemingly reliable instrument still gives some error. So, the bubble level, even the best, according to the passport data, has a maximum deviation of 5 mm for every 10 m, but in reality the situation is somewhat worse.

In addition, in some cases, it is not enough just to map out certain lines along which a building or structure will be erected. Builders need an instrument that makes it possible to visualize the position of planes in space.

Working with the laser level is much easier. This device creates visible lines, displayed on the walls, and if necessary, then on the floor or ceiling, which is quite easy to make markings. Some samples are equipped with several optical prisms, which makes it possible to see the corresponding number of vertical, horizontal or inclined levels simultaneously.

Before using the level, you should read the instruction manual for its operation in detail. By the way they display the marks, they are divided into linear, point and combined. The rotary module included in the design makes it possible to rotate the "head" around the axis, and thus it is possible to represent the whole plane and the places of its intersection with other surfaces.

The tasks solved with the help of beam marking are various, they indicate the lines of communication, the location of partitions, water and sewage pipes, allow to check the verticality or horizontality of the already assembled structural elements, especially in the process of multi-storey construction. Originally they were conceived for indoor work.

The question arises as to how to use the level on the street or an open construction site, in bright daylight, which makes it difficult to visually fix the mark of the laser beam. To solve this problem, special radiation receivers are used that are part of the device design. Before they were invented, outdoor use of this equipment was limited to a point variant, the light lines were poorly visible.

The builders sometimes have a question about how to use the laser level as a plumb line. This is also possible, because the capabilities of the device are specified by the number of beams, and many models are equipped with this function. As a rule, there are no more than four vertical beams, which makes it possible to build two planes, since one of them requires two beams. However, there are also models in the design of which there is a special prism, which gives a linear image due to the refraction of the signal from one source. In any case, the possibility of the device is wider, the more rays it has, although, of course, its price depends directly on this parameter.

There are also features in how to use the level, depending on the type of its enclosure. They are flat and round. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Round levels have a turning base, and are often equipped with a function for measuring angles, but flat can be placed close to the wall.

The self-leveling function and other useful options make working with plane builders very simple, no special skills are required to operate this technique, any builder will quickly figure out how to use the level.

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