Breadmaker "Kenwood" will please the owner

Bread can be bought at the store, but it is better to bake it at home. The best assistant in this business is the Kenwood bread maker.

English company Kenwood has been engaged in the production of household appliances for the kitchen since 1947. The designers of this company had enough time to create and perfect the bread baking machines.

The main models: BM256, BM350, BM366. Each of these furnaces is good in its own way.

In order to decide which Kenwood bakery is more suitable for you, let's consider the possibilities of these basic models. The BM256 is made of brushed stainless steel. This case looks good and is easy to clean.

But appearance - this is not all that stands out baker "Kenwood". Reviews of the 256th model say that she knows how to cook pastry dough, pasta dough, French bread, whole-grain bread, cakes and jams.

The BM256 has 12 standard programs. Thanks to the accelerated program, this Kenwood bread maker can cope with the preparation of bread in just one hour. Partly this contributes to the power consumption - 480 watts. After the baking is completed, the oven beeps and heats the bread for an hour.

BM256 can wake you up in the morning with the smell of fresh bread. For this purpose the oven is programmed from the evening. By the way, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the oven can bake bread in a 500, 750 or kilogram loaf.

The described model "Kenwood" - the bread maker, which will suit the majority of housewives.

If you want to get an oven with more features than the BM256, pay attention to the BM350.

This bread maker has two more standard programs, it is more powerful than the 250th model by 165 watts. Another advantage of her is a dispenser for adding ingredients. Dispenser - a container in which you can immediately put dried fruits, nuts or raisins.

The bread maker "Kenwood" itself will add these ingredients at the right time. In the model BM256 there is no dispenser, you have to put additives by hand, opening the lid after the beep.

The only advantage of the 256th model in front of the 350 is the metal case.

Kenwood still produces a bakery with convection. Convection is when the air forcibly circulates inside the stove. Bread during convection is cooked faster, it is better baked, comes out more magnificent, with a thin and crispy crust. Baker with convection - "Kenwood VM366". The described models BM256 and VM350, it also exceeds the availability of the IVF program. This program allows you to bake yeast bread in just 85 minutes. A new heating element is built in the 366th model . The "Kenwood VM366" has an ergonomic metal casing and increased power. The 366 loses to the models described above only by the number of standard baking programs (11).

To buy a bread maker "Kenwood" is better in a specialized store. In the online store you can find the stove is much cheaper. If you choose the second option, it's better not to order the delivery, but to pick up the goods yourself. In this case, you will have the opportunity to check the work of the bread maker and ask for a warranty card with a stamp.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can be sure that the bread maker will always please you with quality bread and will last long.

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