Stove for the bath with your own hands: design features

Bath is the soul of the Russian people. In our time it has changed a little in its design, but the meaning of its functioning remains the same. If you decide to build it yourself, then made a stove for the bath with your own hands will be just the way. It should be noted that it is not very difficult to do it, it is just necessary to understand the technology of folding.

As a material for construction, take a brick. The fact is that the oven from it will turn out to be strong enough, especially since it keeps the heat well and can serve for quite a long time. In addition, to prepare the foundation, we need a roofing material (about 2 pieces).

Next, the stove for the bath, created by its own hands, involves the construction of a foundation. To do this, you need a solution, level, hammer and trowels. An abrasive wheel can be used to treat bricks. Naturally, you need to prepare the containers in which you will drop the garbage. The foundation must be flat and low. For the waterproofing of the foundation we use roofing material. Place it between the base and the first row of packing. Now check the foundation level. If there are any errors in the construction, then they must be removed with a solution and an intermediate brick layer.

The stove for a bath, built by oneself, must be safe, so a protective wall must be built between the wall and the structure. Its height should not exceed 5 rows of bricks. To cement the elements, a cement slurry is used.

The made stove for the bath with its own hands provides for the construction of a chimney. In order for it to function correctly and without problems, the distance between the beams of the floor should be 90 cm. Only after all the levels are exposed, the laying of the first row of the kiln begins.

Bricks for construction must be of high quality, since it depends on them how well and for how long the stove will function. The standard size of the element is usually 250x120x65. To make the brick oven in the bath look nice and neat, the height of the seams between the rows should be no more than 5 mm. Therefore, the sand must be fine and pre-sieved.

Before you make a stove in the bath, you must also choose the appropriate clay for the solution. It is advisable to take into account that the first row can be laid out dry. Raw materials should be taken from a depth of half a meter. And before using it for a few days it is required to soak with clean water. When kneading a solution, do not overdo it. It is better to do it in small portions so that it does not have time to freeze.

All the necessary appliances for the furnace should be installed from the first row. First put the door of the furnace. Usually a cast iron element is used for this. To fasten the door, it is necessary to take steel strips, which are very simply installed in the slots of the masonry.

In principle, the sauna stove should not be very large, but it all depends on the size of the steam room and the number of people who can simultaneously be in it. Very responsibly refer to the chimney. Good luck!

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