Gel-lacquer "Lianel": reviews, photos. Which gel-lacquer is better - "Cody" or "Lianel"

Whether it is necessary to tell that the most important attributes of a female image are considered well-groomed handles and a neat manicure. But everyday vanity sometimes deprives us of the opportunity to simply walk on the nails with a colorless varnish, what can we say about the planned visits to beauty salons. Fortunately, progress does not trample on the spot and in the world there were real female assistants in the face of gel-varnishes, which even during cleaning and long contact with water retain their original appearance.

What it is

Gel-lacquer is an odorless, quick-drying, unshaped hybrid of gel and varnish. Its composition has no harmful components, but at the same time it creates a protective barrier that does not allow delamination and breaking of nails.

Gel-lacquer "Lianel", reviews about which will be considered later, as well as other similar means for prolonged contact with liquid or household "loads" (for example, cleaning) does not cleave and retains its original appearance.

The uniqueness of the product is that the procedure will take about 40 minutes, and the next trip to the manicure room will take place only after 2-3 weeks.

Products from Lianail: gel-lacquer, photo of manicure with its use

"Lianail" is a European brand specializing in the production of equipment and materials for manicure. 16 000 Russian masters of the nail service made a choice in favor of European quality and were not mistaken, because the products "Lianel" allows you to create a manicure with an unusual design.

Designers of the brand carefully follow the fashion trends and therefore every season in the palette of shades there are new items.

Where can I buy

You can buy products from Lianail in a specialized store or online.

The first method is good because it is possible to test the product, thereby detecting its defects (if any) and seeing a shade of gel varnish. Everything you need can be asked from sales consultants.

Buying gel-varnish through an online store does not provide testing, but there can also be pleasant moments in the form of discounts or small gifts in gratitude for the purchase of products.

Before ordering the goods on the site, make sure that this is the official representative of the brand "Lianel". Also, it is worthwhile to study the buyer's feedback and clarify with the seller whether it is possible to exchange the goods in case of a defect.

Making a choice

Great interest in people raises the question of which gel-lacquer is better than "Cody" or "Lianel"? It's difficult to answer it, but, realizing the difference and similarities between them, everyone can make the right choice for themselves.


The shades palette: "Cody" consists of 156 colors, "Lianel" is only 100.

Cost: gel-lacquer "Lianail" of 12 ml can be purchased for 499 rubles, the cost of the same bottle in "Kodi" - 530 rubles.

Cost-effectiveness: the "Cody" product has a slightly denser texture, so when applying, you can limit to one layer, and "Lianel" with two, maximum three.


- long service life;

- the composition of quality, so the health of the nails is not affected;

- A comfortable brush;

- difficulties in removing the coating.

"Cat's Eye" - magnetic gel-varnish

Manufacturers of equipment and materials for manicure often seek to surprise novelties. A real sensation for the nail industry was the recent appearance of a magnetic gel varnish.

The proud inscription "Production of Germany", interesting and at times such tasty names as "Strawberry cake", immediately attract the attention of buyers. But a special love was won by the magnetic gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye" ("Lianel"), which is confirmed by the comfort, originality and ease of use.

Thanks to the magnet included in the gel-lacquer pack, you can create interesting drawings. Even if a single-color varnish is applied to the nails, one touch of the magnet will create a beautiful volumetric pattern on their surface.

"Cat's Eye" from "Lianel" is a set of nacreous shades, which due to the democratic value is popular not only among professionals, but also among customers who are accustomed to carrying out the procedure of manicure at home.

Technology of using magnetic gel varnish:

1. Nail base coating → drying.

2. Application of the first layer → drying in the UV lamp.

3. Dye your nails with a second layer → bring the magnet (as close as possible) for 5-10 seconds.

4. Hold the nails in the lamp.

5. Apply top and again to UV until completely dry.

Important! To prevent chipping, each layer of gel-varnish should be applied as thinly as possible.

From the point of view of masters

What do professionals think about gel-lacquer "Lianel"? The responses of the masters agreed that the products of this brand receive a solid 4 for their work. Many appreciated the convenience of the brush, the firmness and pigmentation of the product. Also, the masters paid attention to the stable quality and texture. This means that no matter how gel-lacquer "Linear" is used, it will be applied and held like others, only the shade will differ.

Drawing a conclusion from all the reviews of the masters, we can say that the products of the cosmetic brand are based on German quality and are offered at an affordable price. But despite their positive opinions, the assessment has not received the highest rating. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the question of what exactly did not suit them.

Several professional reviews indicated that the gel-lacquer "Lianel" is poorly removed from the surface of the nail and it has to be cut. A stormy discussion of this problem led to the fact that many agreed that it was all about the use of the base and the top from another producer.

Some expressed the opinion that not all shades are equally good. For example, "Strawberry cake" when applied strips, the texture is liquid, and the smell is not quite pleasant. And again the discussion began. The result was a professional verdict: a gel-lacquer with such a "tasty" name is better to use for a gradient than as a design design.

So, newcomers wizards recommend:

1. No more than two shades for a sample.

2. Use the base and the top, when removing them there are no problems. Excellent recommendations were received by Gelish and Kodi.

Why it is worth buying a gel-lacquer "Lianel"

Feedback from buyers and masters regarding this product was different, but the overall impression of the brand is positive. So, why is it worth buying this brand?

First, the gel-lacquer is easy to use and has a convenient brush for application.

Secondly, high drying speed. The drying of each layer takes no more than two minutes.

Thirdly, the service life. It does not chip and does not crack, and you can only remove it if you use special tools.

Fourth, not a single shade does not fade during a visit to the solarium or sunbathing.

Fifth, the absence of harmful ingredients allows you to maintain and strengthen the structure of the nail plate

And finally, sixthly, gel-lacquer "Lianeyl" is non-toxic and safe to use.

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