Water treatments with Dolce Milk: a shower or a candy store?

Cosmetic means of this brand you will not find anywhere else, except for the chain of stores "Letual", directly for which they were developed. Large banks with bright contents and a label that mimics the coloration of a black and white cow, immediately catch your eye. The inscription "Dolce Milk" in large letters reveals the secret of magic jars: sweet milk. What kind of colored milk is in the cosmetics department? About everything in order.

Love from the first breath

A relatively young brand of products for showering and body care very quickly won the attention of the customers Letuual. This is not surprising - bright colors hold your gaze, and if you just open the lid, and an incredible aroma immediately causes a slight dizziness. Sweet saturated smells of fruits and desserts in combination with a milk flavor make you fall in love with this make-up from the first breath.

The line of Dolce Milk is rather narrow. This is basically a variety of shower gels (conventional and gel-scrubs), as well as popular today liquid soap, body lotion, hand cream. That is, the brand makes an emphasis on water procedures and moisturizing, and its business card is "delicious" flavors and affordable price. The average price for one Dolce Milk product "Letual" is about 150-250 rubles.

Shower gel

Let's take a closer look at the most popular means. The first on the list is shower gel. All "tastes" have a very pleasant, rich flavor. There are, for example, gels with the smell of a banana, similar to a milky banana cocktail, milk chocolate (like creamy toffee), strawberry, grape, exotic and others.

It is worth noting the peculiarity of the gel - it does not foam very much, so if you are a fan of a lot of foam, then you can not do without a bast and sufficient amount. The smell, though bright, but not very resistant - on the skin will not hold, except that the first few minutes after the shower. However, this is even a plus, if you use deodorants or toilet water.

Gel Scrub

Very good reviews can be heard about the gel-scrub, which gently and gently exfoliates the skin, without causing irritation and redness, even on delicate areas of the body. Peeling with such a scrub can be done at least every day, without worrying about the condition of the skin. The smells of gel-scrubs Dolce Milk - the same variety as in conventional gels, and no less saturated.

Liquid soap

Liquid soap practically does not differ from any other quality product, except that it is only characteristic of the whole brand "tasty" flavors and bright colors. By the way, in the summer collection Dolce Milk, which you can already buy in any store "Letual", glycerine and castor oil are added to the composition of milk. They create additional moisturizing and care.

Summer with the smell of mango

A few words about the Dolce Milk series for the summer: it uses a combination of milk proteins and the aroma of ripe mango. Smells will breathe in you the energy of the sun and the tropics, which is filled with every jar of means for the shower. Mango extract is rich in vitamins, which stimulate the formation of fibers of elastin and collagen, which means that the skin will become more elastic and smooth. And milk proteins promote nutrition and hydration.

Naturally, such bright means for a body with rich aromas contain a lot of chemicals. Certainly, cosmetics underwent a number of tests, including allergy, so it will not bring harm. But if you prefer natural compounds, then alternate the use of Dolce Milk products with any organic means. So you and will please yourself, and your skin.

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