Coconut oil: how to store at home

Natural home cosmetics for a year has been very popular among women and men. To date, there are many recipes for preparing preparations for skin and hair, but not everyone knows how to extend the term of their action. In modern times, more and more people use exotic means, so this article will tell you how to store coconut oil and how to use it correctly. By observing the elementary rules, you can forever forget about the problems with expensive ingredients and the means that are necessary to care for yourself, both women and men.

In fact, you can figure out how to store and apply coconut oil quickly, because nothing is complicated in this. Such oil is actively used to preserve beauty and maintain health. It is used not only for external, but also for internal use. But in order to get maximum effect, you need to know how to handle this product.

Composition and properties

Before you learn how to store coconut oil, you need to understand its composition and properties. The product is obtained from copra, i.e., dried flesh of nuts. The composition of the oil includes the following acids:

  • Lauric;
  • Kapron;
  • Myristic;
  • Oleic;
  • Capric acid;
  • Palmitic;
  • Stearic acid.

Everyone must know how to store coconut oil at home, because it can be useful in various situations and help solve even those problems that expensive pharmacy means can not handle.

The product is obtained by cold or hot pressing. At the first method practically all useful substances are saved, although it is worth noting that the yield of the product is not so great. The second method makes it possible to achieve full fat extraction, which significantly reduces the cost, and consequently, the efficiency.

Choice of oil

About how to store coconut oil, will be described in detail below, but before that you need to understand for yourself the basic rules for choosing a product.

First of all, it is worth knowing that the oil can be both refined and unrefined. How to store and use coconut oil of the first type, know almost everything, because it helps to cope with hair problems. The second option is more preferable as a skin care product.

Really quality refined oil is transparent and does not have a particularly pronounced flavor. If the product is not processed, it will differ in gold color and smell of fresh coconut. And in the case when the product has a poisonous yellow tint, the oil is recognized as unfit for use.

How to store coconut oil

The advantage of the product is that it is not too cranky. But, despite this, one should still observe certain rules, indicating how to store coconut oil in the home. Follow the recommendations detailed below and the product will perform its functions for a long time.

But it should be noted that even knowing how to store coconut oil correctly, you should not buy it in large quantities. After all, than a fresh product, the more benefits it will bring. Following from this, it will be much more profitable to purchase a new portion of oil when it is needed, and not to stock up immediately for several years ahead.

How does temperature affect shelf life?

Now it's time to learn how to store butter (coconut oil), and the first thing to understand is the fact that the product should always be in a dark and dry place with room temperature. Storage temperature directly depends on the consistency of the oil. So, at 24 degrees or more it will become liquid, and in colder conditions will become jelly-like or even harden.

Consider all these nuances in order for the oil to be more convenient to use. After all, with regular use it is best to keep it in liquid form. In addition, also do not forget that after obtaining a firm form, the oil will not be usable even for cosmetic purposes.

The temperature does not affect the storage time of the product, but it should not be kept in hot conditions, because in this case it will deteriorate much faster. The best option is a dark, cool and dry place.

It is recommended to store coconut oil at a constant temperature, so that it will stay in the normal state for a long time. Do not store the product in the bathroom, because there are fluctuations in temperature, which shortens the shelf life.

In the event that the oil is stored in the refrigerator, it should not be stored for too long outside when used. If the oil is used often enough, it will be most profitable to place it in a dark and cool place.

Direct sunlight greatly accelerates the process of spoilage of the product. Therefore, keep it only in a dark place.

In what kind of dishes and how to store coconut oil

Unfortunately, not all people understand even the elementary rules of storage. Keep coconut oil only in dry containers, which should be tightly closed with a lid. In addition, to separate a part of the oil for use from the total amount, you also need a clean spoon, knife, fork and so on.

If liquid gets into the product, mold on its surface can be expected to appear soon, after which the desire to use it for therapeutic purposes is no longer available.

In case the oil is bought in a large volume, it should be melted immediately, in order to obtain a uniform consistency. Then this mixture must be poured into several containers and stored at different temperatures.

Shelf life

Refined and unrefined oil is now produced by many factories, each of which guarantees its shelf life. As a rule, for the first variant the term of use is set to two years, for the second - up to four. Although it is worth noting that if you follow the rules of storage, you can even slightly increase this period.

Spoiled Oil

Obviously, if the product has already disappeared, then no storage recommendations will help to restore it. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the oil. If it appears to be discolored or there are traces of mold on its surface, it means that the product is completely unfit for use.

Many people think that you can simply remove the mold and after that the product will be fresh, but in fact it is not. Determine how deeply the mold penetrated into the oil, without special expertise will not succeed, so it's better not to take risks. Otherwise, instead of improving the effect, you can get yourself a bunch of other problems.

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