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When is pregnancy possible after a stiff pregnancy?

It is common to call a pregnant woman a pregnancy, in which the fetus suddenly stops developing, and then dies. Most often, pregnancy ceases to develop in the early periods (up to 12 weeks), however, there are cases when the pregnancy was interrupted for this reason in the second or even in the third trimester. Fortunately, this condition is diagnosed much more rarely in later terms.

Of course, such a tragic scenario is a difficult test for the family, but despair and fall into depression is not worth it. The majority of women successfully wear out subsequent pregnancies, giving birth to quite healthy toddlers. However, it is not appropriate to take this warning seriously, and it is necessary to prepare well for the future pregnancy to be completed successfully after the dead pregnancy.

First of all, it is necessary to understand why the unsuccessfully ended pregnancy stopped developing. Without this, planning a pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy is not a rational decision, because first you need to eliminate the cause that caused the death of the fetus.

For this, microscopy of the cellular material obtained after scraping after a miscarriage is performed . This analysis helps to identify the presence of genetic disorders in the fetus, which often provokes the termination of pregnancy.

Likewise, the spouses, before thinking about planning a pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy, must undergo a thorough examination for hidden infections. The presence of diseases such as herpes or cytomegalovirus infection can be the cause of miscarriage.

Be sure to do ultrasound, to diagnose pathologies in the pelvic organs and do an analysis of the hormonal background. It is especially important to find out what is the content in the blood of hormones that are produced in the thyroid gland and sex hormones. In addition, a woman can be assigned additional examinations on an individual basis to reveal the presence of pathologies in the body.

Doctors recommend planning a subsequent pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy, waiting for at least six months. Even better, if the break will be a year. Such a large gap is necessary for a complete recovery of the body after such a shock as a spontaneous interruption of gestation. In addition, this time should be used to eliminate possible malfunctions in the body and how to prepare for conceiving.

What is the preparation for pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy? First, the expectant mother should be engaged in strengthening her immune state. To do this, you need to eat fully, walk more, pay attention to physical activity. It is necessary to abandon harmful addictions - smoking, drinking beer and stronger alcohol. By the way, for a successful result, this rule would be nice to follow the future father.

When planning a pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy, you should start drinking vitamins in advance, in which folic acid is present, as well as vitamins E and A.

Not a minor factor is the psychological attitude. Confidence in success and lack of fear will contribute to successful bearing and safe delivery. It must be remembered that many women were forced to face such a test as a frozen pregnancy, but later they could become mothers of wonderful children.

However, if spontaneous termination of pregnancy is observed repeatedly, a woman can be diagnosed with a "habitual miscarriage". In this case, a serious genetic study of future parents will be required, in order to identify a pathology that provokes an interruption in the early stages.

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