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Is it possible to interrupt pregnancy on your own?

Unfortunately, pregnancy in many cases is unplanned and unwanted. Most often this happens with girls at a young age who, yielding to the influence of young people, try to start an adult life, forgetting the consequences. But often pregnancy is a problem for quite adult women. In these cases, the correct decision will be a visit to the gynecologist, who, depending on the term, will make an abortion. However, due to lack of money, time or fear, many women try to interrupt pregnancy on their own, resorting to the help of acquaintances or advice from the Internet. Only far from everyone knows about the consequences of such manipulations.


Asking about how to interrupt pregnancy, most often a woman hears in response to advice to jump. In fact, this method appeared many years ago, when women climbed onto a high cabinet and jumped off to the floor. Someone managed to cause a miscarriage in this way, but the chances are negligible. But to lead to fracture, stretching or severe damage jumps from height can very easily.

Alcohol consumption

Interrupt the pregnancy of a woman trying and with the help of alcohol. Some simply use it in large quantities, others mock their bodies and make douches from vodka. The result is the poisoning and pathology of fetal development. Of course, alcohol dilutes the blood and is quite capable of causing uterine bleeding, but resorting to such a method is extremely dangerous and not at all effective.

Hot baths

Accepting hot baths with the addition of mustard is a sure way to interrupt pregnancy at home. The efficiency exceeds 70%. But hot water during pregnancy can cause severe bleeding, which can only be stopped in the hospital. If this is not done, the woman will die from a severe loss of blood. If the fetus survives, then it is born with serious pathologies.

Decoctions of tansy

Tansy is a very poisonous herb that leads to the killing of the fetus. But its poison affects not only the future child, but also the entire body. The consequences of such termination of pregnancy can be very deplorable. A woman either gets severe poisoning, or the whole organism becomes infected (due to the decomposition of a dead fetus).


It is believed that interruption of pregnancy can be with acetylsalicylic acid. Someone even dilutes it in milk. But aspirin is a strong drug that is not contraindicated without medical indications (especially in high doses). It has a strong negative effect on the body and can cause disturbances in the work of many organs.

Consequences of independent abortion

Any abortion leaves a mark on the work of the reproductive organs. There is a violation of the cycle, hormonal failure and other unpleasant things that often lead to infertility. And this concerns a professional abortion conducted by a gynecologist. And those who try to interrupt pregnancy on their own, suffer even more. About 30% of cases end in a lethal outcome, the rest of the ladies, who tried to interrupt their pregnancy on their own, are deprived of the opportunity to become pregnant for life. Therefore, before interrupting pregnancy, you need to think carefully, consult with parents or husband, and then go to the gynecologist who will remove the fertile egg in the safest possible way.

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