Number 8800: connect a free line for receiving calls

Owners of large and small organizations are increasingly thinking about how to increase customer loyalty and increase the number of applications from potential partners. One of the ways to achieve these goals can be the use of the service "Number 8800". Almost every major mobile phone operator can connect a free line for those calling to the people's organization. What can be beneficial for this service for the company, what are the conditions for its use? About this and how to connect the number 8800, we will discuss this article.

general information

Some people think that by connecting a number that allows receiving calls that will not be charged by subscribers, they will simultaneously receive a number of channels in the load. However, this is not so. It is about the fact that the number 8800 will be purchased. You can connect additional channels separately, for a certain cost. Thus, an organization can purchase a number (or several numbers if necessary), set up routing and receive calls to its usual phone. What does the client get? Non-tariffable calls to this number. This will allow him not to think about the length of the conversation, but focus on the main thing, discussing the product or service he is interested in with a company specialist.

Features of the service

Among the features of the option in question, I would like to mention a few points that will help potential users get to know the service "Number 8800", which you can connect, even without being the client of the selected mobile operator.

There is no binding to the place or specific number, which will receive calls received at 8800. You can configure the routing not only to the numbers of your region, but also to those registered outside of it and even in another country.

All potential or current customers of the organization calling to the fixed number even from a fixed telephone will not pay for the call, no matter how long it is.

Additional Features

There is an opportunity to organize a voice menu. When calling to number 8800, the person calling you will get into the IVR and can easily navigate between the menu items, selecting those sections that he needs. For example, a similar system is used in contact centers of cellular operators, when a caller is asked to press a certain key for information and connection with a specialist.

It is possible to receive statistics on received calls.

There is an addition to the site of the organization of the call function in one click. Visiting the company's website, the customer will see a button with a notification of the possibility of a call. When you press it, the call will go to number 8800. At the same time, the client does not need to have a mobile with him.

If you connect the number 8800 ("Beeline" and other operators), you can get the opportunity to integrate with systems of interaction with customers (CRM). It is convenient for registration of corresponding events in a single database, accessible to employees of the organization.

Is it possible to connect the number 8800 without a subscription fee?

Such operators of communication, as "Beeline" and MTS, offer a similar service for a certain subscription fee. Its size can vary depending on the activated additional services that increase the amount of minutes that are provided to the client each accounting period. For example, at MTS for a monthly fee of 770 rubles you can get 550 minutes. After exhausting the available minutes, each incoming call arriving at 8800 will be charged.

It is possible to connect the number 8800 ("Megaphone") without a subscription fee. At the same time, it is necessary to purchase a number (its cost can be about 2000 rubles) and deposit 2000 rubles as a guaranteed contribution, which will provide 570 minutes of non-tariffable incoming communication. All calls that will be accepted after using the free package will be paid according to the tariff plan. Terms of use and cost of communication services should be specified in each case on the portal of the mobile operator or on the official web resource.

How to connect the number 8800 for free?

Connect your organization number 8800, which will increase the interest and loyalty of customers, you can not. Even if in some article on the operator's website you will see other information, then keep in mind that you will have to fork out at least a guaranteed deposit or make a one-time payment for the purchase of the number.

In addition, depending on the needs and desire of the organization that establishes this number, it may be necessary to activate additional options, for example, "Auto attendant" (available in several variations on the "Beeline") to save the messages left by the client, etc. In addition, for company owners May be interesting proposals, for example, from "Megaphone" to replace the standard tone with a certain melody or greeting for customers, a virtual PBX for the organization of the customer service, a call from the site (without using anija mobile) and t. d.


Connection of number 8800 is expedient for the average and large enterprises specializing on service of clients (kol-centers, hotels, taxi, reference services). The service is provided only for organizations, its connection is made only through company specialists. Fill in the application form on the website by selecting "Number 8800" from the list of options, and wait for the call from the company manager or visit the office to generate documentation and clarify the issues of interest.

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