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Alexander Samokhin is an actress of theater and cinema

November 1, 1983 in Rostov-on-Don, a married couple of young actors Alexander and Anna was born a daughter - Alexander Samokhin. Her biography, like her parents, was closely connected with creativity. Since childhood, the acting abilities of little Sasha have been manifested. Then she began to act in films. Her debut was the film Don Cesar de Bazan in 1989, where Alexandra's mother, Anna Samokhina, starred in the title role with Mikhail Boyarsky. A little Sasha got an episodic role. A year later, Alexander Samokhin starred in the film "The Wolf Pack".

Alexandra's parents and her upbringing

Anna and Alexander met when they studied at the theater school. Dad our heroine was the most enviable guy in the school, and Anna, on the contrary, considered herself ugly. After the sister brought her sandals with heels and a green velvet skirt, many began to take care of her, including Alexander. When Anna was fifteen years old, and he was twenty-four, the lovers began to meet. A year later, when Anna was 16 years old, their parents decided that they had already formed their own family, and left the lovers alone. In 1982, the young actors began to work in the Rostov Youth Theater, and a year later became the happy parents of a small Sasha. There lived a young family in a hostel. After fifteen years of married life, the couple broke up peacefully.

Anna never interfered in Alexandra's personal life. In problems with boys, my mother could only give advice, and the final decision was always made by Sasha. Mom always taught Alexander to tell the truth, whatever it was, and never lie. For the fact that Sasha spoke untruth, she was heavily criticized. My mother also did not like it when she was wearing her things in high school. But despite this, she had a very trusting relationship with Anna. Alexandra could not hesitate to tell her everything and ask for advice. Anna devoted a lot of time to her career and little to her daughter. Despite this, our heroine does not hold on to her evil and speaks very warmly of her mother.

Anna and Alexander are very similar to each other. They can even be easily confused.

On February 8, 2010 (at age 47) Anna Samokhina died of a serious illness. Native and close were close and to the last day supported her. Alexander Samokhin in the last year very close to his mother. The common misfortune of them aroused.

Sasha's father - Alexander - is still in the movies and plays in the theater. She actively maintains relations with her daughter, loves her granddaughter and tries to take part in her upbringing.

Studying at the Theatrical Institute

It was the special attitude to the theater that prompted our heroine to enter the St. Petersburg Theater Institute, the course of Vladimir Viktorovich Petrov. Alexandra's mother - Anna - reacted negatively to the decision of her daughter to enter this school. Because of this, they even had a serious conflict. Graduated from the Sasha Theater Institute in 2004. During his studies, Alexander Samokhin managed to film in several films. In the theater "Comedians" she played in the performances "Florentine tragedy", "Lover Maupassant" and other productions.

Filmography of the actress

To the light there were a few films in which Alexander Samokhin played. The filmography of the actress has about 20 tapes. In 2001, she starred in the movie "Black Crow" (Nyuta). She also played in the tapes: "Line of Fate" (in 2003), "Mongoose", "Three colors of love" (Maria - the main role). You can get acquainted with her work by watching films: "Touched" (Elena Bannikova), "Foundry, 4" (Tatyana's role, 2008), "Wanted". The list continues with the tape: in 2010 - "Little Tragedies", in 2011 - "The North Wind", in 2012 - "The Last Victim", in 2013 - "The Pope in Law" (Valeria), "7 main Desires "and other films.

The family of Alexandra Samokhina

Alexandra Samokhina's husband is a military man by profession. His name is Vitaliy. They were married on January 29, 2011. Alexandra and Vitaly together bring up their daughter - Eva, who was born on June 29, 2011. During childbirth, Sasha's husband almost always was near and supported his wife. On the same day, Alexandra's father came to congratulate her daughter and see her granddaughter. At first the girl wanted to be called Anna, after her grandmother, but changed her mind. The birth of her daughter helped Alexander deal with his stress, which was caused by the recent death of his mother. Raising her little daughter, Alexandra prefers this particular occupation. In the background, acting left. Male Samokhina supports our heroine in this decision.

Alexandra now

Now Alexander Samokhin, whose biography started so well in the creative plan, does not do much acting in films and devotes more time to the family. He plays in several entertaining performances. Actor's career Alexander Samokhin does not plan to build, although he continues to go for tests. Our heroine loves her daughter very much and calls her "a sunny child." Sasha wants to create a television program for young people. Actively advocates for a healthy lifestyle. He likes to read and collects porcelain dolls.

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