Highchair Babyton: a combination of price and quality for every taste

Each mother carefully approaches the choice of a chair for feeding her baby. A whole list of requirements and mandatory parameters is created, which must be satisfied to the maximum, and at the same reasonable price. Highchair Babyton, judging by the numerous positive feedback, copes with the tasks set, and at the same time does not exert an exorbitant burden on the parents' budget. Consider the models of the highchairs of the aforementioned brand in more detail, and we will analyze the key characteristics and advantages for those who faced a difficult choice of this indispensable children's furniture.


Highchair Babyton offers moms the maximum practical possibilities in caring for the baby when feeding. The chair is recommended from six months to three years. There are three adjustable backrest positions and five levels of height adjustment for baby safety. From 6 months you can use the chair for the first complementary meal. It is recommended to do this at the lowest position of the back, that is, almost half reclining. The chair is folded and can be removed in a corner or under the wall, when there is no need to use. Wheels with brakes and stoppers allow you to move the product throughout the apartment, and fix its location in the desired location. A small basket under the seat is attached to the chair. It can be used for toys and other children's accessories, which are necessary during the feeding of the baby.

Ease of care

Highchair Babyton is simple and practical in the care. The cover is made of polyester, a synthetic material that is easily washed by hands and in a typewriter. The surface is water repellent, and therefore easily wiped off between feedings, and does not absorb the spilled liquid. The cover is fixed with buttons, quickly removed and also fixed back. In addition, there is a soft liner-stand for the youngest. It is also easy to take care of.

The manufacturer recommends washing the stool with a sponge with mild detergent, without using abrasives and bleaches.

Removable worktop is another undeniable plus. After eating, she simply washes under running water. The worktop can be attached from the back of the chair to the legs, so that it does not take up much space. In addition to it comes an insertable matte surface made of plastic.

Separately, it is worth noting the highchair Babyton LHB 008, reviews of which are the most common in the runet. In this model there is a step with a closed recess, which additionally "collects" all the crumbs, and spilled liquids during the feeding of the baby, preventing them from getting to the floor.


For babies, seat belts are recommended, which are needed at the first time, while the child still allows himself to fix them. After a year and a half it is quite difficult to put them on a baby, if the latter does not have this desire. Besides, even without them he is already sitting well in the chair. On the belts there are soft pads that protect the shoulders - from rubbing, and light straps in the chest area - from contamination

The chair has 5 height positions for safety when feeding the baby and for convenience of arrangement during family meals. You can adapt the height under the dining table, the playground, sofa, bed or other playground with entertaining elements.

The protrusion between the child's legs prevents the slide, and it can easily be unscrewed and removed.

Brakes on wheels or stoppers securely fix the chair in a certain position relative to other pieces of furniture. Also, the child does not have the ability to move it and accidentally fall off with it. Not all models are equipped with wheels, some have just a fairly wide and stable base. Highchair Babyton (instruction further accentuates attention) is not intended for independent play of the child and entertainment without the supervision of the parents.

Design and dimensions

Highchair Babyton (photos with different models illustrate this) has a bright design and a cheerful coloring. The maximum load weight is 18 kg, and 8 kg - the weight of the chair with all accessories.


Highchair Babyton has only a few minor drawbacks, which are mentioned in their reviews of the mother, namely: the unregulated step, quite heavy, but this is offset by its stability, and the minimum width of the seat.

If you are choosing a highchair for feeding with all the necessary functions, then this is an ideal option with proven feedbacks of experience of several years.

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