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Transport company PEK: reviews, shipping and tracking of cargo

Almost every commercial company on the list of counterparties you will find the name "Transport company" PEC ". Reviews about this firm are different, conflicting with each other. To find out about their content is useful before ordering the "First Expeditionary Company" services for the carriage of goods or correspondence.

About us

TC "PEK" is one of the largest players on the Russian market of cargo transportation. The enterprise was registered on the border of millennia, in 2001. Now the branch of the transport-forwarding company is available practically in every city of the country. Automobile travelers daily meet on their way branded wagons "PEK". They are already several thousand on the balance sheet of the company.

"The First Expeditionary Company" offers both services of a carrier and courier service. Despite the fact that the main direction of work, which brings the greatest profit, is the transportation of goods by orders of organizations, the company's management is increasingly developing and improving the service of private individuals.

"PEK" will accept for transportation any furniture, household appliances and even correspondence. Moreover, as reported in the advertisement, transportation will cost 3-4 times cheaper than when applying for courier service. Due to what?

The matter is that cargoes from several customers (firms and individuals) "PEK" combines in one car so that the wagon passes the shortest and convenient route. For the customer it does not matter which way his things go. It is more important to receive cargo at the destination to a specific date intact and intact. This is the basis for the system of work of the First Expeditionary Company.

Location of offices and terminals

The city, where the head office and the control center of TC "PEK" are located, is Moscow. In the capital, there are also 6 distribution centers, where the storage of goods, their acceptance and delivery is carried out.

The most large-scale operations with cargoes are made by the main ("East") terminal of TC "PEK", Moscow. His address: Vyazovsky pr-d, 4, p. 19. In this distribution center, both storage and delivery of goods are carried out. Packaging of things in special containers is also made there. It is worth noting, however, that some terminals only deal with acceptance (or, alternatively, issuance) of goods.

Practically in all cities, which are regional centers, there are offices for customer service. So widely from the geographical point of view, the First Expeditionary Company spread its activities. The reviews confirm that it is convenient for the partners of the company. Solving the problem, for example, with the Moscow office of the company, you can always refer to employees who are in their hometown.

Branches of TC "PEC" are available in Samara, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Vladimir, Kaliningrad, Astrakhan, Kurgan. Offices are also opened in smaller settlements such as Balakovo, Togliatti, Almetyevsk, Biysk.

Customer feedback does not favor the location of the company's terminals. After all, many private and legal entities often have to receive the goods themselves. Not all customers want to spend extra money to pay for the delivery of goods to the house, office or warehouse.

Terminals "PEC" are located, as a rule, outside the city, in not the most convenient places. They are difficult to find. Customers who receive or transfer the subject of transportation once (not on a regular basis) are compelled to inquire of the road from other drivers.

The areas of the bases of TC "PEK" are very large. Already being on the territory leased by the company, clients wander for a long time, they are looking for which warehouse to contact them.

Cooperation with online stores

Currently TC "PEC" (Moscow) is actively developing cooperation with online stores. In fact, the company now performs, among other things, the functions of courier service. Such services are provided, in the main, by the affiliated company of TC "PEK" - Easy Way. In its staff there are 7000 professional couriers.

Transportation services are provided by the company using 1000 own trucks. More than 150 points of issue of goods have already been opened. Couriers delivering packages to customers have the authority to accept payments for purchases, including through mobile acquiring devices.

Tracking cargo

In the company TC "PEC" (Moscow), a unified system of control over the movement of goods.

Customers have the ability to independently track routes that pass their packages. There are three ways for this.

  • Online monitoring system on the corporate website of TC "PEC". Tracking of cargo is carried out as follows: in the appeared window it is necessary to enter the invoice number. The system will indicate:
  1. The location of the object of dispatch;
  2. The address of the terminal where it will be delivered;
  3. Approximate time of arrival of the package.
  • SMS-informing. The client can connect to such an alert system at will at the time of placing an order.
  • Control of delivery status through the personal cabinet. This is the most convenient and effective way. As a rule, corporate clients of PEC use it. The customer receives the address of the personal cabinet upon signing the contract.

The peculiarity of the cargo tracking system in TC "PEC" is that the client can determine exactly where his package is located at each moment of time. The program will record all intermediate points and terminals through which the subject of dispatch passes.

Some customers are amused by the geography of moving their packages. Sometimes the goods pass 6 or more cities before they fall into the hands of the recipients.

Cost of services

How expensive is the delivery of the transport company "PEC"? The cost depends on the following factors:

  • Weight of cargo,
  • Its dimensions,
  • Length of the route,
  • Type of transportation (land or air),
  • packaging,
  • Availability of additional services.

If, for example, the participation of an air carrier is required, the delivery will be much more expensive.

The cost of services can be calculated approximately and accurately. Delivery of TC "PEC" is chosen by experienced clients. They know how much different prices for services in different companies.

For customers who care about finance, it matters that on the site of TC "PEK" there is an online calculator. If you specify the exact transportation parameters in the program, the system will give the total cost of cargo transportation. It can be compared boldly with the offers of other forwarding and courier services.

Individuals' comments on the experience of cooperation with "PEC" contain information that the transportation of a small item will cost about 300 rubles. The cost of transportation of household appliances or furniture is 15 thousand rubles. And more.

Of the additional services the most demanded is a special rigid packaging - wooden pallets. Of course, many items can be folded into ordinary cardboard boxes. But in the way such packaging can be severely damaged. The purchase of wooden pallets guarantees that with the contents of the parcel, nothing bad will happen.

It is also possible to insure the cargo in transit from damage and loss.

On the peculiarities of workflow

The company pays much attention to the correctness of the paperwork. On the one hand, it is very convenient for clients that the necessary samples and forms are presented in the invoices on the website of TC "PEC". The power of attorney for sending and receiving cargo, inventory, cover letters, acts - all of this can be quickly downloaded from the directory and filled with data.

On the other hand, the employees of the "First Expedition Company" are too pedantic in controlling the correctness of filling in the forms. This often irritates customers.

In particular, there are situations when the employees of the "PEC" themselves mistakenly send the goods to the wrong city. In order to redirect it to the correct address, the representatives of the freight forwarder ask the client to write an application. If a document is drawn up with any defect (from their point of view), it is not accepted. This is an occasion for serious negativity on the part of customers.

There are also situations when the employees of PEC, on the other hand, are too careless about the implementation of mandatory procedures. Some recipients of parcels (mostly private individuals) are worried, for example, that couriers do not always ask for a passport. After all, this means that packets can be transferred to any other people who will be represented by their names.

On the safety of goods

How reliable is the transport company PEK as a carrier? Reviews on this topic are different. The content of many is alarming. The customers of the firm vying with each other tell the stories that the fragile and fragile items contained in the parcels were broken and broken. Among them:

  • dishes,
  • equipment,
  • Mirrors,
  • Glass furniture items.

Customers who received goods that were actually not usable, wrote complaints to the management of TC "PEK" (Moscow). Most often in response to such appeals, a brief letter came to explain that the organization is not responsible for the safety of the goods if the customer has not paid for the additional packaging - wooden pallets. In such situations, you can probably see the rightness of forwarders. Ensuring the safety and integrity of fragile items in transit is indeed very difficult if they are transported in ordinary cardboard boxes.

However, on the Internet you can also find reviews of customers who ordered expensive wooden pallets. Some of them also put on the boxes special labels, indicating that the contents of the parcel should be handled carefully. Loaders at the same time, as the reviews say, did not take care of such packages at all. Practically in front of customers, employees of the TC "PEK" company threw wooden pallets in a common heap, stepped on them with their feet, sometimes accidentally moved in carts.

Some experienced customers of "PEK" recommend cardboard boxes to be wrapped on top with a transparent film in several layers. As they say, the cargo in this case is much more secure. In addition, unpacking packages is easier and more enjoyable, since the box itself remains clean.

Theft of valuables from parcels

Some negative reviews are devoted to the theft of the contents of packages. Clients of TC "PEC" faced situations when boxes with things were clearly opened and some of their contents disappeared. When the object of the parcel is, for example, a large number of pieces of clothing, it can be quite laborious to describe each item in the documents. In the contract of carriage in such cases, simply the total number of seats is indicated. Customers subsequently can not confirm anything that some things have disappeared from the boxes.

It also happened that during transportation of a large number of places one of them disappeared. At the same time, at the destination, the contents of the other boxes were re-divided so that the total number of seats remained unchanged.

Often in such situations did not help even the formulation of the insurance policy. Customers who applied for refunds were refused.

не слишком надежный способ доставить вещи до места назначения в целости и сохранности. Judging by the opinions expressed in the network, sending FC "PEK" is not a very reliable way to deliver things to their destination intact. Although, as you know, the authors of the reviews are not always objective.

On the speediness of solving issues

How quickly does the transport company "PEC" solve problems of customers? The feedback says that it is very difficult to solve any production issue through the hotline.

The client does not have the opportunity to communicate with the same employee each time, which could solve any issue. There are specialists dealing only with the delivery of goods. Apart from them, there is an accounting department that bills invoices. Telephone operators can not give an exhaustive answer to any question. Customers also note a long waiting time for an answer via e-mail.

Corporate style of communication with customers

However, on the Internet there are a lot of positive feedback from the clients of TC "PEC" on the topic of how they communicated with the company's employees. Telephone calls are answered by polite female operators, who always try to get to the heart of the matter and find a solution. Their style of communication is a bit like "computer".

But many customers like, for example, that at the end of the conversation the employees are necessarily interested in what they can still help. Such clarifying questions are usually asked to interlocutors in accordance with the corporate standard.

However, other employees of the company, as the reviews say, do not hesitate to use harsh language. In a conflict situation, they can be rude. Therefore, some customers have the impression that "phone girls" seem not to know at all about what is happening in TC "PEC".

Employee feedback on the process of hiring

As an employer, of course, many are interested in such a large organization as the transport company "PEC". Reviews of the company's employees, however, are not too encouraging potential applicants. Firstly, the forums say that the salary is often delayed for several days. Secondly, it is known that incomes of employees of "PEC" are not too great. So, for example, the average wage of drivers is only 24-25 thousand rubles. The same income for warehouse workers. Office staff get less. "Phone girls" get only 15-18 thousand rubles. per month. At least a third of the earnings are transferred to employees "in envelopes".

The schedule is very stressful. There are many tasks. The working day is often stretched to 10-12 hours. Recycling is not paid.

The guide is not very respectful to subordinates. To all the discontent on the part of an ordinary employee, he is offered to simply write a letter of resignation at his own request.

Interviewing in the device for service is also not very pleasant. Interviewers ask a lot of questions, degrading the dignity of the candidate. There is a lot of personal information.

Representatives of the personnel service can openly tell the applicant that they suspect him of a propensity to steal and, on the basis of this, they refuse to hire him. Each candidate also goes through an unpleasant but obligatory check on the lie detector.

Driver reviews

In TC "PEC" the busiest schedule of work, perhaps, for drivers. The feedback from the staff says that employees of this category spend all the time on the road. Many people do not have enough free hours to sleep. At specialized forums joke, that even to wash clothes it is necessary in a cabin of the car.

From this point of view, not the best employer is PEK, a transport company. The responses of drivers are often praised by the company's staff, but they emphasize that it is better not to stay in the ranks of employees of this organization for a long time.


Now you know a lot about how one of the largest Russian carriers works. Despite the fact that a large number of negative opinions on the Internet can be found about this enterprise, a transport company "PEK" has been developing for a very long time and successfully.

Reviews about the quality of services firms meet different, but much more significant indicators of business sustainability are 15 years of experience in the market and the construction of its own warehouse base in Moscow. Many business partners consider the quality of TC "PEC" services to be high.

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