How to switch to MTS from Megafon: step-by-step instructions, features and recommendations

"Mobile slavery" in Russia was canceled five years ago, so now all those who are dissatisfied with the quality of service or existing tariffs, for example, the same "Megaphone", can switch to more acceptable conditions for another operator (in our case - MTS), and without Losing their old number.

In addition, the sense of switching to "Megaphone" with the preservation of the MTS number appears in the event that your whole family or colleagues chose this company because of some special privileges like bonuses and other things. In any case, the transition from one cellular provider to another is accompanied by a certain number of nuances, which need to be overcome step by step.

So, let's try to figure out whether it's possible to switch from Megafon to MTS, how long it will take, and what forces and nerves this procedure will require. Consider all the pitfalls and we will designate a set of instructions for the successful completion of the task.

In order to switch from Megafon to MTS, saving the number, you will need:

  1. A wish.
  2. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  3. About 100 rubles in cash.


Preliminary verification of passport data

The procedure differs from the standard scenario in that in most cases you do not have to see and hear your current operator. The advantages of this approach are quite obvious: you will be spared the persuasion to stay on some additional conditions there with new bonuses, from somewhere undertaking a loyalty program and other rinsing of brains. If the mobile service provider did not have all the months / years that you were with him to make your customer happy with the quality and level of services, then this is a bad (at least for you) operator.

But it can very much happen that the legs can not be avoided in Megafon. This happens in cases when the data of your passport, specified in the contract, differ from those actually presented in the cabin of the operator to which you wish to transfer. Keep this in mind before moving from Megafon to MTS.

In general, there can only be two reasons:

  1. The error of the current operator when entering your passport data at the time of registration of the contract.
  2. Change the data of your passport.

The first problem is easily solved without a visit to the salon: we find our old contract with "Megafon", check the data and continue the procedure of re-registration. In the event that your passport changed, then a personal visit to the MTS can not be avoided. Also keep in mind these nuances before moving from Megafon to MTS.

We go to the salon

We take the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and go to any nearby MTS salon. In general, the competition between the "big three" (MTS, Megafon and Beeline) is very high, so your desire to move to "us" will be perceived if not with delight, then with due cordiality for sure.

The first thing you will be asked to do is show your passport and fill in a relatively small questionnaire for transferring the subscriber number. Here you must specify the correct phone number of the past operator. Pay special attention to this moment, before moving with the number "Megaphone" on the MTS. Here you can decide on the preferred tariff from MTS.


Further it is necessary to sign the proposed contract on providing communication services with a new company and pay about 100 rubles for this service. Together with a copy of the signed contract, you will be given a brand new sim card, which, by the way, will start to please you with communication not at once. Also, keep this in mind before moving from Megafon to MTS, and do not be alarmed early.

Generally speaking, the entire procedure from the beginning of the conversation with the operator about the change of the cellular company and until the exit from the dealership with the contract and the SIM card on your hands takes no more than 20 minutes, unless, of course, you have an hour of rush there and no long queues. In fact, about any critical time costs of speech is not even there. As for the nerves, it is unlikely that the pretty and educated girls-cashiers will spoil your mood.


According to the current law on provision of communication services to the public, a former provider must within eight days reconnect your subscriber number to a new cellular provider. Keep this in mind before moving from Megafon to MTS.

After you sign the contract with the new operator, you should receive an SMS from the old one with words of gratitude for the time spent with them and using the services, and most importantly - the approximate date of the transfer of your subscriber number.

If everything went as it should, then following the first SMS will come next, which should inform you about the successful verification (preliminary) of your data for further transfer.

Important points

Before moving to MTS from Megafon, the consultant will strongly recommend that you do not "go into negative" for the entire transition period. If your balance becomes negative, the system can fix the debt to the previous operator and refuse to transfer the subscriber number.

About a day before the end of the procedure, another SMS will come about the need to change the SIM card of the old cellular operator to a new card from MTS.

Successful migration

At the date of the transfer, the SIM card from Megafon will cease to function. That is, telephone communication and transmission of any messages will not work on the old map, and the only thing that remains is the Internet.

Sometimes there are unpleasant moments when the old Simka has stopped working, and the new one has not connected yet, but, as a rule, this transitional period does not last more than five hours.

There are a lot of rumors on the Internet about problems with communication right after the number is transferred, but such moments affect either not all of them, or there are compelling reasons (the MTS tower is farther than Megafon, etc.). But in most cases everything goes well and without any excesses. Also, it would be superfluous to have this in mind, before moving from Megafon to MTS.


At once you can upset the owners of city numbers. The only thing that MTS can do in this case is to transfer only the federal version of your subscriber number, that is, ten characters. The short number will remain at the discretion of "Megaphone" and, whatever one may say, it is not transferable.

In addition, a transfer can not be made if your number is blocked for any reason (minus balance, inactivity, etc.). The procedure is also not possible if the subscriber is registered in another region.

In addition to these conditions, it is worth mentioning separately the ways of paying a new subscriber number after the transfer. In some cases, it is not possible to pay for communication through bank cards or all sorts of "Dixies", "Corn" and the like. The first time (about two weeks) to replenish the balance can only be in the MTS salon and nothing else. For some online personalities, this is a pretty critical problem, but for the rest, it's a little inconvenient.

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