How to make a mask for Freddie fans for the animated series

Fans of the game will be interested in how to make a mask of Freddie. This creepy protagonist likes many teenagers, and the product will be an excellent gift for them. In 2015, the film "Five Nights with Freddie" also appeared. Before you make a Freddie mask, you should get acquainted with the game or the movie.

The plot of the game

Five Nights at Freddy's is a game created in the genre of indie horror. Let's briefly talk about this direction. The word horror is translated as "horror". "Indy" has nothing to do with India, but it means freedom. These can be music indie bands or video games that do not have financial support from the producer and, accordingly, musicians or developers do not obey anyone.

The protagonist is Mike Schmidt, and he is a night guard at the pizzeria of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. His predecessor sends SMS messages to him that at night the animatronics used in the pizzeria have freedom of movement. The fact is that they can not be turned off permanently. In the afternoon they are forbidden to walk around the pizzeria because of the case when the animatronics bitten off a part of the head. The action takes place within 5 days.

A former guard warns a colleague that if a robot sees a person, it will perceive it as an endoskeleton - a mechanical support that serves as the basis for the costumes of animals. That is, they think that this is a robot that has not been completed, and they are trying to pull on him the suit of Freddie Fasber. This leads to the fact that a person dies.


The point is that the guard survived from 12 am to 6 am. If this period is translated into real-time play, then it's 8 minutes and 38 seconds. The protagonist can not leave the room - he is only able to close the doors and thereby defend himself from the animatronics. Mike watches the robots with a camera.

The main characters of the game

In "Five Nights with Freddie" there are four animatronics: Freddie's Bear, Chick's Chicken, Bonnie's Hare, Fox Fox.

So who is Freddie? This bear is brown. He is a soloist of a musical group. In his left paw, he holds a microphone. The character begins to move from the third night.

How to make a Freddie mask from paper

Do you want to scare your friends or please a fan of the game? Then tell you how to make a mask Freddie. Here is a sweep that you need to print and paste. Before cutting, it is recommended to reinforce the parts with cardboard.

Under this scheme, you can glue not only the face, but Freddie's body completely.

How to make a Freddie mask from cardboard

First, you need to make a base for the mask in the form of a half-volume oval or ellipse. To begin with, cut the strips 2 cm wide and 42 cm long. Measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure. Cut one stripe according to this volume and glue it into a circle. Fix the remaining strips in a semicircle to the base, which corresponds to the volume of the head. It is convenient to make a stapler.

Similarly, make the shield oblong in shape. He will cover his face. It needs to be cut into strips from the bottom. They should reach the place where you plan to start expanding the face. Cover the mask with paper, old newspapers or magazines.

Eyes of Freddie

Cut the plastic ball into a suitable size in two parts. Cover it with white paper. In the scabbard, cut through the holes for the eyes and again cover the mask.

Lower jaw

Turn over a small saucer and put cardboard around it, combining it into a ring. Fill the circle with newspaper stripes from one end to the other. Form the gums from the newspaper.

Freddie's hat is made using a cylinder-like base. For example, a small flower pot. Cover it with white paper to paint later.

To form the jaw, take two bushings from the toilet paper. Attach them to the shield under the holes for the eyes and paste. Cover the lower jaw for strength again.

Attach the fields to the hat. Glue once again the upper jaw. Form the gums. Try on the lower jaw.

Teeth make of matchboxes, wrapping them with paper. Make slots in the jaw and insert them. We now turn to the formation of eyebrows. They can be made from tubes that are individually twisted from paper. Do them and cut them into two pieces. Glue eyebrows.

Paint the hat black. The mask itself is painted brown inside and out. The nose is made in black, and the teeth are white. We attach eyeballs from behind and draw pupils. Draw Freddie's ears on the cardboard and glue them. So we figured out how to make a Freddie mask.

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