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Violence in school. Types and causes

The types of violence

The psychological portrait of a modern schoolboy is a vivid reflection of his social shortcomings. And one of the important problems in the period of education for the child is the possible violence in school. What is it, and what are the root causes behind it? Let's try to figure it out. Violence in the school exists in two forms - emotional and physical. From the emotional violence of the victim there is a nervous tension, it humiliates him and his self-esteem. This kind of violence can include ridicule, ridicule, humiliation in other children, nickname, offensive nicknames, rude remarks, refusal to communicate with the victim (they do not play with the child, do not sit next to the desk). Physical violence in school is violence with the use of force. As a result of such violence, the child may experience injuries. This is beating, cuffing, taking away personal belongings and damaging them. Usually both these species go hand in hand.

Who is the victim?

Anyone can become a victim of such an attitude. But most often they are children who are different from others. They may have physical disabilities; Certain features of behavior (isolation, phlegmatic or, conversely, impulsivity); Unusual appearance (for example, red hair or excess body weight); Be socially unadapted (there is no protection against violence due to lack of experience of self-expression and communication); Fear of school (sometimes for fear enough stories about the bad and evil teacher or negative marks); Lack of experience of being in the team (this is typical of home children who did not attend kindergartens); Illnesses (children with stuttering, enuresis and others), low intellect and hard learning (low mental abilities affect his learning ability, which is why the child's poor performance becomes, and, accordingly, low self-esteem is formed).

Who is the rapist?

Numerous studies of psychologists around the world prove that these are children who were brought up in insufficient attention, unattached to their parents, children "unmarried" or from orphanages. They, becoming older, are more prone to violence than children who grow up in normal families.

Where do the rapist children come from?

Factors of relations within the family are important. They are the basis for the formation of the child's propensities to violence. Incomplete families are often one of the factors affecting the child. Girls raised by one parent show a tendency to violence more often than boys. Also families where mothers are hostile and negative towards the whole world, and to the school in particular. The manifestation of violence in a child is not condemned, it is considered a normal reaction to communication with "enemies". In addition, families where parents often quarrel and conflict in the presence of the child. In such cases, the child has a behavioral pattern. Children remember how parents treated each other and projected it on relationships with peers. In addition, children who are genetically predisposed to aggression often use violence in school. These are the main reasons. Dependence on a poor domestic company is also possible. So, we figured out what violence is in school. Who is the instigator, and who is the victim, and why this happens. Currently, innovations in education allow parents to closely monitor the life of the child in school. But do not forget about simple things: show more love and attention to your child. A problem like violence in school is easier to prevent than correct.

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