How to call an ambulance from Megafon?

Fast pace of life, ordinary days and weekends ... No man knows that he can wait for the next minute or even a second. Therefore it is very important to be prepared for everything that is unpleasant and unexpected. So, every citizen must necessarily know the numbers of emergency services.

Yes, of course, their numbers are memorized even in primary school classes. However, there teachers dictate a set of numbers available for a call from a landline phone. But now, in the world of innovative technologies, where both old and young have cell phones, it would be right to teach "mobile" emergency numbers.

Further in the article, we will talk about how to call an ambulance from Megafon. A universal emergency number will also be presented here.

How to call an ambulance from your mobile phone?

"Megafon" realized this opportunity by number 030. In other words, if you suddenly feel bad for you or a close, passer-by, etc., and the mobile phone operator is "Megaphone", then you should call the specified number. If the operator is different, then the call is valid for the following numbers:

  • MTS - 030;
  • "Beeline" - 003;
  • "Tele2" - 030.

Emergency calls

There is also another method that allows calling an ambulance from Megafon - this is the number of a single duty dispatch service. To call here you need to dial from your mobile phone the following combination of numbers - 112. When calling this number will help to solve any problem associated with an emergency. 112 will allow to call and first aid, and police, and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. And the number is available not only within Russia, but also beyond its borders, namely in Europe.

An important feature of calling a single emergency service - dialing 112 on your phone, a citizen will get to the nearest office. In other words, if the call is made in Moscow, it will be addressed to the Moscow service; In Ryazan - Ryazan, and so on.

It is worth noting that the combination of numbers, depending on the carrier, does not change; It is uniform for all and is accessible to a call even at a negative balance. Moreover, it is possible to get into the single on-duty dispatcher service even if there is no SIM card inserted in the phone, it is enough to have a mobile phone.

Communicating when called

Most often, a call to an ambulance is carried out in a state of shock. Therefore, the numerous questions that come from the other side of the tube seem pointless and can cause aggression. But it is important to know that an ambulance man asks this all for a reason, it is important for him to properly assess the situation and send to the patient exactly the specialist who can help the situation as much as possible.

So, most likely, when you call an ambulance, you will have to answer the following questions:

  • What happened? The answer should be brief: an accident, a person without consciousness, etc.
  • Who needs help? Here you must specify the gender, the age of the victim.
  • Address? It is necessary to specify the place of the incident as accurately as possible.
  • Who you are? You should introduce yourself: name / surname, by whom the victim comes (relative, acquaintance, passer-by).
  • The phone number of the person who decided to call an ambulance from Megafon. It may be needed to refine some data.

While waiting

After it was possible to call an ambulance from Megafon, one should expect the appearance of specialists. This can take 20-30 minutes, and sometimes more. If you have so much time to wait simply there is no possibility, you can start moving towards the ambulance. But this is not possible in all cases. For example, in case of an accident, it is often forbidden to extract the injured persons independently from the machine, this can aggravate the situation.

Now we know how to call an ambulance from the mobile. "Megafon" provides this opportunity at the number 030.

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