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A compote of cherries for the winter. Variants of its preparation with cherry and frozen berries

Drink from cherry and compote of cherries for the winter to do in July or August. There is a large number of options for harvesting these berries. Let us dwell in more detail on the best recipes.

A compote of cherries for the winter

Traditional recipe. In a clean and dry three-liter jar you need to pour in four hundred grams of well-washed cherries. Pour it with boiling water to the shoulders. Add hot water to the jar very carefully, trying not to crack it. Therefore, it is recommended to do this in a thin trickle, pouring boiling water into the central part of the can. Next, leave the compote infused for twelve hours. For the specified time, berries can absorb as much water as they need. Be sure to wait for them to sink to the bottom. Only after that, the liquid from the can can be poured into a saucepan, brought to a boil, add three hundred grams of sugar and mix thoroughly. The resulting boiling syrup pour the berries. Bank roll up, turn it upside down, tightly wrap the blanket and leave for a few days in this state. A cherry compote for the winter can be stored as much as necessary. But it is recommended to put it in a cool place.

Compote of cherry for the winter is prepared somewhat differently. It is very important to preserve not only the aroma and taste of berries, but also useful substances and microelements. Therefore, it is recommended to preserve it without additional sterilization. Let's get going.

Two cups of cherries put in a three-liter clean and sterilized jar. Next, add to her half a small spoonful of citric acid and a glass of sugar. Fill the contents of the can with steep boiling water, roll up the lid and turn it upside down. Close with a warm blanket, leave until completely cooled. The cherry drink will be well stored at room temperature. For the same recipe, you can prepare and compote of cherries for the winter.

In addition to this method of harvesting cherries and cherries, there is a more universal and proven. It's about freezing. From such a semi-finished product you can make jelly in the winter, you can add cherry or cherry in the pie filling. But the most common way is to prepare from frozen fruit compote.

In more detail, we first look at how to properly freeze berries. It is recommended to do this immediately after harvest, always with bones. Since in this case practically all vitamins, microelements, taste qualities are preserved in berries.

First, prepare the fruit for freezing. Carefully we'll sort them out and remove the stems. To choose it is necessary exclusively ripe berries, which are not damaged, it is necessary to rinse them in cold water, dry. Further we start to lay out them on packages which accurately need to be put in a freezer. The temperature should be no higher than minus one hundred and fifty degrees.

The second way to freeze, which is also correct, is the following. Arrange the berries prepared on the tray in the manner indicated above so that the layer is smooth and thin. Place in the freezer. After the berries freeze, spread them over the sachets. From such a semi-finished product you can make excellent drinks in the winter.

Let us dwell in more detail on how to prepare a compote from a frozen cherry.

Pour a half liter of water into a saucepan and add a third of a glass of sugar. Syrup to bring to a boil, reduce heat and squeeze into it the juice of half a lemon. Pour out a glass of cherry without defrosting it. Again, bring to a boil, remove from heat, close the lid and leave to cool and infuse. The drink prepared in this way will have a pleasant and rich taste.

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