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Son of Cristiano Ronaldo. Who brings up the boy?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous personalities in the world of football. Attention is drawn not only to his sporting successes, but also his personal life. Bright appearance and impeccable style have made it very popular all over the world. Fans are discussing the competition of Ronaldo with the "Barcelona" player Lionel Messi no less than the life of the player outside of football. People are interested in advertising campaigns, photo sessions and various gossips about him. Perhaps, one of the most discussed news about Cristiano Ronaldo was the information that the footballer had a son.

Who is the son of Cristiano Ronaldo?

When the Portuguese football player made an official statement about the birth of his son, the whole world wondered who the boy's mother was. The player refused to speak on this topic. But it was even more interesting than the name of Cristiano Ronaldo's son. Footballer gave the child his name. The boy's name is Cristiano Jr..

The first version of the appearance of the child was that he was born an American, who later gave her son to his father for a certain amount of money. But this information was refuted. Today, the official version is that the player used the services of a surrogate mother. Cristiano prefers not to speak on this topic.

A film about Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2015, a biographical film about the Portuguese footballer, where he is talking about his life outside football, was released. He allowed the audience to see their home, cars, lifestyle. In the film, much attention is paid to the relationship between the father and son. It can be seen that Cristiano Ronaldo's son likes to spend time with his father and is very attached to him.

But the boy is not spoiled at all. Ronaldo himself says that it is important for him to raise his son well and give him an education. But he does not want to spoil the child . Although there are plenty of opportunities for this star player. Cristiano says that his dream was to become a father very early. And it turned out - the baby was born when he was 25 years old. Footballer claims that the appearance of his son changed him very much.

Ronaldo's relationship with his son

The player has a very close relationship with his son. He himself says that the boy always supports him, he often next to his father. Ronaldo takes his son to training, at the ceremony. They rest together.

The boy can be seen with his grandmother at home games of the club "Real Madrid", where his father plays. The player instills in their child the love of football. But son Cristiano Ronaldo wants to be not an attacker, like Dad, but a goalkeeper. And this is a little surprising player. Footballer said that he had a difficult relationship with his father. He does not want to repeat this mistake. Ronaldo tries to do everything to make his relationship with the child cardinally different.

Who brings up Cristiano Jr.?

When it became known that Cristiano Ronaldo had a son, he was in a relationship with the model Irina Sheik. But the upbringing of the child was not done by her, although she sometimes spent time with the boy. Son Cristiano Ronaldo lives in Madrid with his father, as well as with his grandmother. It is the mother of the football player who cares about the boy. The child is not deprived of women's attention and care.

Sometimes he asks where his mother is. Once he was told that she was dead. But Ronaldo was against telling his son such information. Therefore, he was told that his mother was traveling. Now he rarely remembers it. But Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to hide from his son the name of his mother, but will tell the truth only when the boy grows up. He hopes that Cristiano Jr. will understand him.

Of course, the question of who is the mother of the child Ronaldo, interests very many. But it is necessary to respect the personal life of the athlete, who carefully protects his family from the attention of the press. The most important thing is that the boy is happy. He is surrounded by love and care from his loved ones. Son Cristiano Ronaldo is a modest and charming boy. The greatest happiness in his life is the time spent with his father. And Cristiano tries to be a role model for the boy. He leads a correct way of life, has no bad habits and accustoms to this son. They are similar in appearance and even dress in the same style. The birth of his son was a real happiness for Cristiano Ronaldo.

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