Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi: hotels, reviews

Saadiyat Island means "happiness" in translation. This piece of land is considered by many to be artificial, although in fact it has a natural origin. This is a project looking to the future. Here is the ideal resort - parks, places for leisure, museums and concert halls, as well as luxury hotels. The company for tourism development and investment is building it at a huge pace, and the opening of the island of happiness is planned for the next, 2018. It would seem that you can advise travelers who want to see it? Come here later? But know that even now as residents of the Emirates, so the guests of the country are happy to visit it. Read on, and you'll find out why.

Description and how to get there

Saadiyat Island is a few kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. It takes about twenty minutes to get to the international airport of this city. To get here from the center of Abu Dhabi, you can take a taxi or take a regular bus numbered four hundred and one. He will take you to the stop "Saadiyat Public Beach".

The area of the island is twenty-seven square kilometers. Despite the fact that not all of its landmark places are open to tourists, it has already won the fame of a world-class resort. Virtually all the buildings of this resort were designed by architects-laureates of the Pulitzer Prize. The island's tourist center - Manarat al-Saadiyat - already receives guests with might and main. Every year it is visited by several million people.

National Museum

The island of Saadiyat (UAE) is divided into seven regions, the names of which sometimes cause an allusion with the kinotrilogy "Hunger Games", but in their luxury resemble the capital of this dystopia, the Capitol. One of the main highlights of Saadiyat is Calcerall District. This is the main museum area of the island. There are already some amazing sights. One of them is the Sheikh Zayd National Museum. This is the first president of the country, who made one of the richest countries in the world from the Emirates.

Its architecture is unique. The museum looks like five lattice towers, reminiscent of wings that are cooled by desert winds. They remind us that the founder of the UAE loved falconry. There is also a special hall with feathered predators.

Premises for world masterpieces

There are also branches of the largest museums in the world - the Louvre and the Guggenheim (New York). The latter is devoted to contemporary art and by the size of twelve times the area of the original. This is the first serious museum of its kind in the Arab world. He will have his own collections, and from other countries the exhibits will be sent here for exhibitions.

The Louvre branch is another amazing project, which is famous for the island of Saadiyat. In its building there is a huge glass dome and a multitude of canals, which gives the impression that you are contemplating works of art on the high seas. The branch rented the Louvre paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Van Gogh, as well as other exhibits from Versailles and the Center Georges Pompidou. The museum should open this year.


The island of Saadiyat (Abu Dhabi) is also famous for the fact that it is possible to have fun and usefully. Saadiyat Laguns is a district for families. There is entertainment for every taste. In the huge amphitheater under the open sky there will always be shows and concerts. In the same area there is also the Equestrian Center. There they teach horseback riding and demonstrate first-class horses. As the district surrounds the central lagoon of the island, there are many places where one can remain alone with wildlife.

Very elegant and intended for a rich public institution in the Promenade area is called "Monte Carlo Beach". This club resembles an establishment on the Cote d'Azur of the Mediterranean, but has its own style and charm. Between the areas of Saadiyat will run water taxi as the most environmentally friendly and safe mode of transport.

Ecological tourism and beach holidays

One of the most popular areas of tourists is Beach. On the island of Saadiyat often come travelers who want to look at the beach rest of the future and even feel it on themselves. A huge coast with a length of nine kilometers will provide you with everything your soul desires. Here there are not only sun loungers and sun beds, but also bathrooms, lockers, towels. And you will also see a golf club that is located directly on the beach, diving and surfing schools, spa and fitness centers, saunas and massage rooms, chic pools with stunning views and a jacuzzi - just do not count.

If you do not like fuss and noise, at your service there are two more areas - Retreat and Promenade. They are designed following the example of Daytona Beach in the United States. There you can go in for sports, walk along paths, breathe the sea air and at the same time have all modern infrastructure. The beaches of the island are open from eight in the morning until 20:00, and the entrance costs twenty-five dirhams.

Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi - hotels and residential area

Residents of this "piece of happiness" will settle in the district of Marina. There will be about one hundred and fifty thousand people, and all of them will feel the delights of the elite style that awaits the owners of real estate in Saadiyat. Here they will open fashionable shopping centers and hypermarkets, as well as a marina for yachts and private boats. In the same area, the Maritime Museum is being built. The University of New York has reserved a campus for its students here.

Despite the fact that the grand opening of the island has not taken place, there are already two five-star hotels. This is the "St. Regis Island Resort" and "Hyatt Abu Dhabi Park." Both of them offer a chic vacation. The first one is a six-minute walk from the beach. The rooms are decorated in a Mediterranean style, on the beds - luxurious down pillows, in the bathroom - cosmetic accessories from the company "Remedy". The hotel has five swimming pools, seven restaurants. You will be served gourmet cuisine - Arabic, Asian, delicacies from seafood.

Guests can visit all twelve treatment rooms of the spa. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel offers the highest class service. Rooms - with panoramic windows, bathrooms - with a rain shower. Residential buildings of the hotel are surrounded by landscape "hanging" gardens. They are located right on the beach.

Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi: reviews

"Happiness in reality" - so say about their visit to this resort travelers. This is the main and most ambitious tourist project of Abu Dhabi. Here you can not only enjoy all the benefits of civilization, but at the same time feel like a fantastic novel and if you want to be alone with wildlife.

The hotels have everything for a comfortable stay - beautiful views, chic beaches, amazing food. At the seaside, everything is very conveniently organized. Especially tourists like comfortable "seashells" on the beach, where you can sit and tan, and hide from the wind. You can watch the reserved places, especially when the bisse turtles sail there in the winter to lay their eggs. Here you will see real Arab hospitality, which will offer you the island of Saadiyat. Photos of its stunning nature and unearthly architecture already appeared in the reports of tourists who visited this resort of the future.

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