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How to buy on "Aliexpress"? Step-by-step instruction with detailed description

Shopping in Chinese online supermarkets is gaining increasing popularity among domestic users. More and more residents of the CIS countries, Europeans and Americans are buying various goods right in the Middle Kingdom. This includes, as a rule, electronics, accessories for gadgets, clothing and footwear. This market has become so big that there are even special guides on the network like buying goods for "Aliexpress". In addition, other similar stores are popular - TaoBao,, Miniinthebox and others. However, in this article we will talk about how to order from "Aliexpress" and why it is worth doing? Let's start, perhaps, with the last question.

Advantageous purchases

So, first of all, it should be noted that making purchases in online stores like "AliExpress" is very beneficial. Some goods here are really cheaper at times compared to the shops of the country in which you are. To explain this simply - the Chinese are the producers of most of the products offered here, so they can set the price without the extra charge. In addition, the labor force in China, as we know, is cheap, and the industry is highly developed. Due to the combination of these factors, we can assert that it is cheaper to buy a thing in China. And let geography do not bother you!

Despite the fact that the sellers from the Middle Kingdom are thousands of kilometers away from you, with the help of Air Mail they can deliver a thing for free (and actually for a penny). Thus, the cost will not change much, even though you will receive the goods in about 3-5 weeks after the order. Perhaps, this waiting period can be called the only drawback, in the event that you will get a really high-quality product. And to buy just such, you need to know how to buy on "Aliexpress".

Admission of different currencies

Another plus of the Chinese online store can be called multi-currency. Of course, throughout the world, sellers and stores have long been working with the Paypal payment system, while Webmoney is rarely taken there. "Alyexpress" operates on a different principle: here you will receive your Yandex.Money, Webmoney and even Qiwi thanks to the Robokassa payment acceptance system. Thus, you can pay as you like. This is another argument for buying from the Chinese.

Clear interface

Finally, the last plus is a clear interface, developed in several languages. The site is designed so that the user, firstly, intuitively understands where he needs to press to perform this or that action; Secondly, there is a system of translation into the language you have chosen. Using it, it will be easier to navigate the portal, although, of course, most of the names of the goods should be translated from English independently, otherwise you can simply not understand what is at stake (since the word-for-word translation works, which Chinese salesmen do not account for, compiling ads) . Further read about how to buy on "Aliexpress." Detailed instructions are given, with its help you can make necessary purchases easily and simply.

Register an account

To make purchases on "Aliexpress", you need an account from which you can manage purchases: track, leave complaints, recommendations for the goods, argue with sellers. If you are on the site for the first time and do not yet know how to buy on "Aliexpress" (step-by-step instructions are, you can be sure, will soon fix), you need an account. To make it simple - either do it the moment you place an order, or take care of creating an account in advance, before making a choice. In fact, the registration procedure is standard - you need to fill in the fields with information about yourself, specify the address (place of residence), contact information. Without this, you can not start working with the store.

Adding goods to the basket

After you have your account, you need to go to the site. Then the product you want to purchase, you need to add to the basket. By this principle, you need to act in the event that you are interested in information on how to buy in group purchases on "Aliexpress" (that is, pay for several products at the same time). While part of the product is in the basket, you can search for another one. This is convenient if you want to buy a few things.

If you only have one item in your shopping list, you probably do not need to add it to the shopping cart. Simply click the Buy Now button. On the same page (in fact, this is the address where there is some goods) you will need to choose also the quantity of things, as well as the delivery method and the color in which the product will be provided. Sometimes in the "color" category, the seller also changes the product bundle, so be careful when making this choice - the order value may vary.

Making an order

After that, we proceed to the registration of the order. In fact, we chose the product and its equipment on the product page. Now all that is required of us is to indicate the method of delivery, payment and the address on which the parcel should come with the thing. We continue to get acquainted with how to buy on "Aliexpress." A detailed description will help you with this.

So, about the address where you need to send the parcel, you should not have problems. There, by standard procedure, you need to specify the country, city, zip code, house, apartment and, of course, your contacts. Further we pass to payment of the goods.

We make payment

When you see a page to pay for the goods, you will need to choose how to make the payment. "Aliexpress" is connected to the "Robocassa" system, and it cooperates with all leading payment systems of the domestic market. Therefore, such methods as Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, are quite appropriate here.

It remains only to recalculate the final amount from dollars to rubles in the event that you will use electronic rubles. To avoid this, if you do not know how to buy on "Aliexpress" (the step-by-step instruction involves converting from dollars into rubles, which will entail the withdrawal of an additional commission), you can pay American currency in the Webmoney or Perfect Money payment system, for example.

Checking our order

After the payment has passed, you will see a message confirming it. In fact, it means that your order will be processed by the seller within a certain time (usually 2-3 days). During this time, the supplier must send the goods by mail. Even if you are looking to buy linen on "Aliexpress" (however, like any other product), you can not avoid this procedure - the seller sees your data. Although you should not care, because this person you do not know and will never see. On the very same parcel there will be information about you, but nothing about what's inside. On this occasion, you should not worry.

To know where your purchase is and when it is tentatively delivered, you can use the tracking code system. It works simply: each parcel is assigned a number, according to which it is tracked through various levels of control (for example, customs at the entrance to your country). So, getting information about the passage of goods, you will know and when it will be delivered (this forecast, however, is not always accurate). Most of the goods, as already mentioned, come in 3-5 weeks.

Repeat purchases

Most buyers return to "Aliexpress." This is because after reading something like "How to buy on" Alyexpress ": a step-by-step instruction," people understand that ordering goods from China is very simple. It is enough to do this operation once, risk a small amount of money and, in the end, get your long-awaited parcel. Later, a person begins to master shopping in this supermarket on the Internet, and he wants to buy all new products. So the giants of commerce like "Aliexpress" live and develop and grow more and more.

I hope, now you know how to buy on "Aliexpress." The step-by-step instruction presented in this article will simplify this procedure. Still need to understand that describing the process is not the same as going through it with your own hand. Therefore, we recommend that you create an account on this site, understand how it is arranged (the benefit is the Russian version). In addition, when you are ready, we advise you to try with some cheap goods. The amount is small, but that's enough for an experiment that checks the efficiency of "Aliexpress". After the ordered goods come after a while, you yourself will notice a certain desire to buy cheap and quality things from China.

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