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Miusskoye cemetery - one of the oldest necropolises of the capital

What are the most famous and ancient necropolises in Moscow? Everyone will recall such big names as Vagankovskoye, Vvedenskoe, Kalitnikovsky or Danilovskoye. Often undeservedly forgotten is the Miusskoye cemetery, located in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. But this graveyard is no less ancient. How to get to this necropolis and do these burial places in our days?

History of the Miusskiy cemetery

This churchyard was founded during the plague epidemic in the capital, in 1771. The name of the Miusskoye cemetery was given in honor of the place of Miussa, located nearby. The necropolis was buried mainly residents of the surrounding areas. In 1823, an Orthodox church was built in the cemetery in honor of Vera, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia. However, the wooden building was burned down during the Moscow fires. Then, in 1838, a stone temple was rebuilt on the same spot. Sanctified in the Icon of the Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow. Today, the churchyard occupies about 6 hectares in the historical center of Moscow. An interesting fact is that the Miusskoye cemetery was often wanted to be demolished or moved. But always the circumstances developed in such a way that this decision had to be abandoned.

An ancient necropolis today

Today the Miusskoye cemetery is closed to mass graves and well-equipped. The situation is typical for old pogosts - the territory for creating new graves is not enough, and it is impossible to expand the total area, since it is located in the center of the city and is surrounded by residential buildings. The administration of the cemetery keeps order - the tracks are asphalted, they are cleaned at any time of the year. At the entrance to the churchyard, his detailed plan with the numbering of plots hangs. Also on the territory of the churchyard there are ritual offices, where you can order monuments, fences and other elements for renovation of the burial grounds. There is a rental office where you can take all the tools and appliances necessary for caring for graves.

Do they bury it today?

Today there are only two types of burial: family and related. In the second case, a new grave is created in place of the previous one (after a certain time). For each of the options it is possible to dispose of a coffin with a body or an urn with ashes to the ground. To organize a funeral, it is necessary to apply to the administration of the cemetery and provide evidence of the relationship of the deceased with persons buried in the necropolis earlier and a death certificate. The administration of the churchyard offers a full range of ritual services. Here you can order services for body transportation, funeral arrangements and help in collecting documents. To learn the details and take advantage of this offer, you can call the 24-hour dispatch service by phone.

The Miusskoye cemetery is run by the State Unitary Enterprise "Ritual", this organization can be contacted on all issues that have arisen. The church, located on the territory of the churchyard, works even today, services are held here on major holidays, it is possible to order the burial service of the deceased.

Miusskoye cemetery: how to get there, operating mode

Exact address of the necropolis: Suschevsky Val Street, 19. The nearest metro station is "Savelovskaya", you can take the bus No. 669 from it. If you decide to go by private car, you should use the navigator or a detailed map of the city.

Burials are held year-round from 9.00 to 17.00. Miusskoye cemetery in Moscow is open for visits in the summer season until 19.00, and in winter it closes 2 hours earlier. Many famous people are buried in the necropolis territory, if you can not find the grave you are interested in, ask for help from the cemetery staff. Usually, employees are happy to conduct excursions and strongly support the interest of visitors.

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