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Where it is hot in the winter, or Where to go in the cold season

It is not always possible to get a vacation in a fertile summer time: too many people who want to rest at this time, and the work of the company can not be stopped. Therefore, a person who has received the opportunity to restore his strength in the cold time, the question arises, where it is hot in the winter and where to go at this time? Before making a final choice, you need to decide which type of vacation will be most preferable.

Countries where it's hot in winter

Let's start, perhaps, from Egypt. If you are interested in where it is hot in the winter, high level of service and democratic prices, we recommend this country. In summer the temperature here is just off scale, often reaching a mark of +35 ... + 40 ° C. Therefore, it is best to go there in winter. At this time, the temperature is kept at +27 о С, and the sea warms up to +24 о С. The hotels have 4-6 meals a day, with a constant supply of drinks. The Red Sea is perfect for diving. Despite the fact that the hospitality of the Egyptians sometimes differs intrusiveness, the beauty of the ancient pyramids and the amazing underwater species are really worth it to see it all. The next place where it is hot in the winter, you can safely call Thailand. The average winter here is + 31 ° C, and the sea water is warmed up to +26 ° C. Rest here will cost more, but at the same time there are more luxurious beaches, a lot of youth clubs and a real expanse for divers! We add that not so long ago, Thailand has simplified the conditions of entry for Russian tourists, and now a visa for his visit is not required. It would be inexcusable if, listing the countries where it is hot in winter, we forgot to mention the Arab Emirates. At a time when frosts are raging, on the street here is +27 ˚С, and water is +24 ˚С. In addition to incredible beaches, the Emirates has a wonderful shopping. The cleanest cities, fantastic architecture and surprising in its coloring nomadic settlements constantly attract many tourists to this country. Rest here is not cheap, but it's worth it. We should also mention such a warm place as Israel. At the resorts of Ein Bokek and Eilat in winter, air is heated to + 31 ° C, and water - up to +23 ° C. However, choosing a ticket to the homeland of Christianity, do not forget that there are several climatic zones in this country, and if you really need warmth and comfort, choose the southern part of the country. Well, if you want exotic things - go to Cuba. To fly there, of course, longer, but then you will have a real paradise! The air warms up to +24 ° C, and the sea to +26 ° C. In addition to diving, tourists are offered tours of tropical forests and incendiary dances in the Latin American style.

Where it's hot in winter in Europe

If you want to visit this part of the world, we recommend that you pay attention to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands (Spain), as well as to southern Italy. Naturally, here on 30-degree heat it is not necessary to count, but the temperature at the level of +23 ˚С is quite suitable for having a great time. In addition, the Canary Islands are also good for the fact that acclimatization takes place here without any unexpected surprises, so you can forget about the unpleasant state of health that may appear in some Asian and African countries . A lot of historical and cultural attractions will help to make a great variety of vacations, so the probability of getting bored is almost zero.

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