Quickly and simply sew a matryoshka costume for a girl

Simple, fast and inexpensive - a suit of nested dolls for a girl also belongs to the category of such costumes. There are several options for its manufacture. We will start the material with the most accessible.

Method one

We reserve the following materials:

  • Summer bright sarafan (for its sewing, light fabric should be used);
  • Multicolored ribbons;
  • Bright shawl;
  • Thin sweatshirt with wide sleeves;
  • Thread and needle.

An important point: the listed things should not look too luscious. It is necessary to select them so that they fit together. Prepared ribbons need to be sewn to a sundress, and a matryoshka costume for a girl is ready.

Method of the second

This method involves not just the collection of a product from several parts, but its sewing.

The following materials for the work, if we make a matryoshka costume for a girl with our own hands, it is better to prepare in advance:

  • A white blouse. Preferably, it was with flared sleeves. If you do not find a suitable one, then as an alternative, you can take an ordinary white T-shirt. Then it is sewn on the sleeves of flashlights.
  • Colorful scarf (can be replaced with a kerchief).
  • Soft wire.
  • Cloth for sarafan (suitable as a monophonic, and in a saturated large figure).
  • Threads with a needle.
  • You can not do without bright beads.
  • If a single-colored fabric is chosen, then the dress can be decorated with ribbons or bright appliqués.

Next, we will consider step by step how to sew a matryoshka costume for a girl.

  1. For the beginning we are defined with the length of the sarafan, it should be equal to the length from the underarms to the floor. We leave the fabric for sewing a strapless and flaunting.
  2. From the underside of the fabric, at the waist, you need to sew a fabric strip. It's called a bake.
  3. We connect the fabric from the sides, giving it the shape of a sarafan. After making the assembly in the upper part, we attach a coquette and straps to the product.
  4. Having made a gate, we spend the sundress on the bottom. We put into it a prepared piece of soft wire. Its length should be equal to the volume of the baby's breast.
  5. In the place where you previously sewn a bake, you also need to stretch a piece of wire. At the same time, its length should be twice as long as the length of the piece that is stretched in the lower part of the sarafan.
  6. The wire can be replaced by a tatto - a rigid grid. And make a lower skirt or sew to the bottom of the product as an overlay. This is done for the purpose that the bottom of the sundress is lush.
  7. Next, you need to make a kerchief. Folding it in half, stitching a double line at the folding point. Then we pass the wire between the threads. After tying the knot, the ends of the wire are refilled into it. In this case, the handkerchief will be stronger on the child's head.

We adorn a sundress

The matryoshka costume for the girl is almost ready. Remained the smallest - decorate it. If a single-colored material is taken for sewing, then the peas, applique, sequins or bugles sewn onto it will look good. Here is a simple and quick way to decorate a sundress with peas. To cut them you will need crepe-satin and glutinous web. After the circles are superimposed on the fabric (the bottom is glued, the top is fabric) and heated by the iron.

New Year's suit matryoshka doll for the girl turned out to be glory. The baby will look charming in it.

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