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The hat allows not only to warm up in windy and frosty weather. This garment element allows you to create a complete image. Today, hand made products are very popular. And it is not surprising, because such products are especially warm - they store the energy of the needlewoman.

That's why many girls are interested, but how to tie a woman's hat with knitting needles? How correctly to make calculations? It seems that everything is very difficult. But this is not so.

The basis of knitting hats with your own hands

There are several conditions, after which, the beginning needlewoman will be sure that she will be able to knit a woman's hat with knitting needles. With the description in our article having become acquainted, you can easily acquire a fashionable new thing. But remember that the following steps must be completed:

  1. According to individual preferences, one should choose yarn and tools for it. For knitting hats for the winter, it is better to choose yarn with 100% wool composition. They will be warm, comfortable and comfortable. Select the thread and tools should be so that the thickness of the thread was 2 times less than the thickness of the spokes. Most often on the yarn is indicated the number of spokes that should be used.
  2. From a wide variety choose the suitable pattern. Beginner knitters can use simple patterns that consist only of back and front loops. Attractive looking and simple female hats, made with facial or garter stitch.
  3. We knit the sample 10 x 10. We measure it with a ruler, write down the parameters. Now the sample should be washed and dried on a horizontal surface on a towel. After that, it should also be measured and compared with the previous parameters. In this way, we find out whether yarn is stretched after washing or not.
  4. We perform calculations. It is necessary to know how many loops and rows of 10 cm. These data will help correctly calculate the necessary number of loops and rows for the future product. In advance, measure the circumference of the head.

Knitting a fashionable hat

This season, especially popular are hats made of mohair. They are very similar to the models that were popular in the 60's. And most importantly - they are warm and fluffy. In addition, these hats are ideal for the winter season.

The pattern that is used is quite simple. Is it possible to knit a woman's hat with a description of the scheme shown on the photo? Of course, yes, and it's very simple. A pattern is called a rubber band. It is characterized by increased elasticity, so it must be knit more densely than an ordinary elastic band. For many needlewomen, the name of this pattern is also known as the "English gum", which has several varieties. Its peculiarity is that it looks the same on both sides (with purl and facial) and is voluminous.

Many beginner needlewomen are worried that they will not succeed. But experienced masters know that you just need to pick up knitting needles and start knitting. So, knit with a woman's hat with the description that we proposed above, it will be quite easy.


Particular attention should be paid to yarn. After all, the quality of the headdress from the mohair directly depends on the thread. It should be quality first. It is better to choose a kid-mohair. Such a thread is not pricked, it is ideal for children. The description uses yarn with a content of 60% acrylic and 40% mohair, 100 grams 500 m. Knitting caps occurs in two-folded knitting needles number 5. It is better to knit a product with circular knitting needles or hosiery. In such a cap there will be no seams.

Model Description

Consider, for example, how to knit a woman's hat. With a description of the scheme, you can quickly remember the sequence of loops in this pattern. Modern models of mohair hats are called takori. This model has a wide lapel, which ensures the volume of the product. The pattern also makes the cap voluminous and elastic. It will be warm even in the strongest wind, which can not get through a lot of mohair fluff.

How to tie a woman's hat with knitting needles for beginners? First of all, it is necessary to prepare a description of the pattern, the scheme:

  • On the spokes we type 65 loops, which were calculated from the previously bound sample. This must necessarily be an odd number of loops to close the knitting in a circle.
  • Using the scheme, we unfasten the canvas with a height of 35-40 cm. At this stage, we must perform the reduction.

There are three ways to reduce the hinges of the hats:

  1. Turn to knitting facial smoothness or gum 1 x 1. The total number of loops should be divided into 3 parts. Mark these places with a marker or rubber. In each face row we sew 2 loops together at the same distance. Thus, the loops decrease smoothly, and the diminished loops take the form of a neat vertical braid. So you need to tie 32-34 rows of cloth.
  2. Self-adjusting. In this case, you should decrease 4 loops in each 3rd row. To do this, the main number of loops should be divided into 4 parts, in each of which to perform a uniform reduction. It is necessary to follow the slope of the hinges to get a pretty vertical braid. Thus we tie 34-36 rows.
  3. This method is similar to the second one. Also divide the main number of loops into 4 parts, but these wedges should be located in such a way that their top is connected to the crown. The loops should be reduced either at the beginning of the wedge or at the end. Each 3 rows in each 4th row are blended together. It is necessary to follow the slope of the hinges to get a pretty vertical braid. If the adjustments are made at the beginning of the interval - the hinges are cut with the slope to the right. If at the end - with a slope to the left.

When there are 8-12 loops left on the spokes, they can be pulled together. The working thread must be taken out on the wrong side, secured and hidden.


This article will help many who do not know how to tie a fashionable beautiful women's winter hat with knitting needles. With the description of the pattern to perform such a product will be easy and simple. The main desire. Believe me, you will succeed.

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