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Operetta Theater, Kiev: repertoire, photos and reviews

The operetta theater (Kiev) is a small life of a lonely soul. He gives us an unforgettable experience of subtle mystery, riot of colors and a bizarre imagination. Such necessary and desired emotions can be obtained in one of the best theaters in Ukraine, which has become a favorite place for family entertainment for Kyivans, city visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Kyiv National Academic Theater of Operetta

The theater is located on Vasilkovskaya street in the capital, in house number 53. The building of the theater is very large and beautiful. It impresses passers-by and tourists with its simplicity and mysterious appeal. The Theater of Operetta (Kiev) was founded in the distant 1934. Since 2003, the main artistic director of the theater is Bogdan Strutinsky.

The idea of creating

The building of the Operetta Theater in Kiev is the Trinity National House, which was built in 1901-1902 in the style of rationalism. The architect of the building was Gennady Antonovsky. For him, the building of this building was the most significant architectural work. The idea of creating a people's home arose in the circles of the Kiev Literacy Society. The house was supposed to be something like a club for a wide range of visitors. The literacy society did not have enough money to realize its project to the fullest, but the rich residents of the city responded with interest to the offer and invested their money in the construction.

About the architect

Gennady Antonovsky was chosen by the architect of this building on a competitive basis. His rival was Nikolai Zhukov. Antonovsky decided to make the drawings and proceed to construction work unselfishly. This circumstance made it possible to begin work in the shortest possible time. At the final stage of construction, Gennady Antonovsky lay down. He transferred the project management to his colleagues at work - PI Holland and VP Motsoka also on a disinterested basis.

Theater inside and out

The Operetta Theater (Kiev), whose photo can be seen below, is a two-story brick building. The shape of the building is very simple - rectangular. On the longitudinal side you can find the lobby, foyer, auditorium and the stage part. Initially, the hall for spectators was designed for 1006 people, but after the reconstruction it was able to accommodate only 799 spectators. In the hall you can see two tiers of balconies, which are supported by cast-iron columns and stalls.

The building was built in a rational style with the use of decorative and constructive possibilities of brickwork. The windows in the room are very large and elongated. In the profile the building resembles a sketch of modernist architecture. The central part of the main facade is decorated with stucco decor and busts of NV Gogol and TG Shevchenko.

Kyiv National Theater of Operetta

This is a modern musical theater of European level, which is popular, respected and loved not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The Kyiv operetta is one of the oldest musical and theatrical institutions in Ukraine. In addition, the theater is a laureate and winner of many international music and theater contests. He constantly opens up new talents, surprises his viewer and creates unique sensational projects that promote the Ukrainian theatrical tradition in advance.

The word "operetta" comes from the Italian word, the literal translation of which means "small opera". This is a special kind of musical theater, which combines dance, ballet, elements of variety art, as well as vocal and instrumental music. It is for this reason that the operetta is a storehouse of talent, chic and culture, which are manifested here in all their diversity. Jacques Offenbach is considered the creator of the operetta as a genre. J. Offenbach is a French cellist, composer and theatrical conductor. According to some opinions, this is one of the most gifted composers of the XIX century.


Director of the Kiev operetta is Bogdan Dmitrievich Strutinsky - Ukrainian theater director and Honored Artist. Bogdan Dmitrievich was born in 1970 in the village of Staryi Lisets (Ivano-Frankivsk). He studied at the Kaluga School of Culture, then moved to the Rivne Institute of Culture. From there he left a year later, having transferred to the theater institute. Bogdan Dmitrievich trained in Poland and Moscow, according to the year, respectively. In 2002, he became the director of the holiday "Independence Day" on Maidan in Kiev. A year later B. Strutinsky took up the post of artistic director and director of the Kiev operetta. His activity was marked by the Honorary Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada and the Order of III degree "For Merits".


The theater of operetta since 1934 was called the State Theater of Musical Comedy of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1996 it became the Kyiv State Theater of Operetta. In 2004, the theater was awarded the academic title, and in 2009 - the national one.

In 1907, N. Sadovsky founded the first stationary Ukrainian theater in the building of the People's House. In the theater people worked who are known to the country not only as cultural figures, but also as important political and public figures. Together with N. Sadovsky in the theater worked: M. Zankovetskaya, P. Saksaganskii, M. Kropiwnicki. It should be noted that the premiere of the talented composer N. Lysenko "Natalka-Poltavka" took place at the Kiev theater.

Unofficially, the theater has two birthdays - January 13, 1934 and December 14, 1935. In 1934, the official opening of a stationary theater under the leadership of V. Benediktov took place. In 1935 the premiere of "The Bat" J. Strauss was shown.

1950-60 years were characterized by an influx of talented young people, who began to raise the theater to a new level. The time of the 1970-90's. Was marked by the activity of bright personalities, known throughout the country (V. Begma, V. Shulakov, S. Smeyan, D. Shevtsov, B. Sarvarko and many others).

War time

In the war years, the Kiev National Theater of Operetta was evacuated to Kazakhstan. Despite the oppressive mood and the general atmosphere of tension, the cooperation of professionals from Kazakhstan and Ukraine contributed to the strengthening of creative ties. Two opera theatrical seasons have passed in Kazakhstan. In the fall of 1944 the theater was returned to its homeland.

Theater Management

During the years 1964-2003, the theater was directed by talented artists of Ukraine: A. Barseghyan, S. Smeyan, V. Begma, B. Sharvarko and V. Shulakov. The Kiev Theater of Operetta from 1980 to 2010 was under the artistic guidance of the choreographer Alexander Segal - People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. The main choirmaster from 1970 to 1973 was Evgeny Savchuk - People's Artist and Hero of Ukraine. From 1989 to 2014, the post of choirmaster moved to VN Vorovulev - Honored Art Worker of Ukraine. People's Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Strutinsky took over as director of the theater only in 2003. The main artist of the theater is Andrei Romanchenko.

Bogdan Strutinsky got the difficult task of turning over the "old pages" of the history of the theater and writing new ones. In a very short period of time, he subjected the cardinal changes to the habitual way of life. He significantly updated the composition and successfully combined classical and modern productions in the repertoire. Despite the slowness and stagnation of theatrical life, B. Strutinsky was not afraid to make bold decisions, invite talented young people to try and create good conditions for her creative self-development. Successful closing of the season showed the results of the works of the new director of the theater - positive changes were practically in all spheres.


The Operetta Theater (Kyiv) can delight its viewers thanks to the excellent management and executive teams that work in a harmonious and amicable manner. Honored artists of Ukraine and outstanding artists work in the theater. Among the People's Artists of Ukraine can be identified: Litvinenko S. I, Rozhkova V. F., Segala A., Timoshko T., Trofimchuk A., Shevtsova D.A. etc. Honored Art Workers: VN Vovrulev, Yaroshenko IV, Strutinsky BD Honored artists: Pidgoretsky AN, Zaporozhtseva LD, Zeldich LV Honored cultural workers: Gulo VD, Turcan VL, Kogut O. AT.

Quite a few in the theater and newcomers who have every chance to become the new stars of the Kiev operetta.


The repertoire of the Operetta Theater (Kiev) is very diverse. The theater often shows modern productions, which are close to us in spirit and problematics. Classical traditions are also observed for lovers of gold classics and tourists who wish to plunge into the world of Ukrainian theatrical art.

To date, anyone can visit the following performances: "Countess Maritza", "Suite for foreigners", "In jazz only girls, or SUGAR", "Koshkin houses", "Kiss me, Ket!", "For two hares, "Dinner with Italians", "Tango of Life", "Sounds of Music", etc. The repertoire of the operetta (Kiev) is constantly updated, delighting and surprising the audience. The Kiev National Academic Operetta Theater is the most dynamic and rapidly changing in terms of changing the repertoire.

The best premieres of the year in the operetta include the concert "Music from the movies. Take 1 ". This concert has united fans of cinema and music. The creators have chosen the legendary music from the movie, which makes us smile with our eyes and soul. It is interesting that she was selected from completely different films - from classics to fiction. The performance of the theater's artists to the sounds of the symphony orchestra, the chic design and the subtle director's idea made this premiere a real holiday.

Also worth mentioning the premiere of the ballet "Mozart Underground". This premiere was a bold and original decision. The authors decided to convey the divine music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with the help of the dance language. The main idea of the presentation is, of course, the love that pushes us to wonderful deeds, lights our hearts and gives us warmth. The plot line is such that a young, but a poor man falls in love with a rich girl. The ballet was designed not to transform Mozart's music to a modern day, but to convey the idea that some things do not have age and time.

Also in the theater was the IV International Music Festival "O-Fest", in which artists, conductors and musicians from different countries of the world (Georgia, Lithuania, China, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.) took part. The participants demonstrated their talents in two directions - opera And operetta. The festival lasted 4 days, and it became a real holiday for the entire cultural capital. The best operettas of the Kiev theater are almost always available for viewing within one week. All of the above views were not just spectacular, but a sign for the institution, reinforcing its role in the theatrical world.


First we note that the theater is open to all comers all week. Working hours: from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00. Operetta (Kiev) is recognized as one of the most beloved cultural places to visit not only Kyivans, but also guests of the city and townspeople of the approximate territories. Everyone can see hundreds of enthusiastic reviews of people who first visited the Kiev operetta.

In their reviews, most viewers emphasize a few important points: the chic and festive decoration of the hall, the elegant costumes of artists, divine music, pleasant staff and, of course, the talented and beautiful artists of the theater who know how to grab all attention and not let go until the last second . The Kiev operetta was secretly recognized as the most favorite place for cultural rest.

Summarizing some of the results of the article, I want to note that the Kiev operetta is a cultural institution of the highest level, which every person must visit in order to get deeper into theatrical life.

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