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Petrosocos "Patriot": brief description and purpose

Every season brings a person joy. Whether it's falling yellow leaves covering the earth in autumn, or steep mountain winter slopes, from which the desperate skier is racing at full speed, or the fresh smell of spring, so tickling and nostrils tickling joyfully, or the summer warm and clear days people enjoy. However, each of the seasons carries a seal of worries. So, the owners of household plots and cottages certainly know that at the onset of cold weather, trees, bushes and plantings must be put in order. A similar procedure is repeated in the pre-spring period.

Petrol for the beautiful area

It is to ensure that the garden and the territory adjacent to the house are ready for "hibernation" or the arrival of heat, many use the equipment intended for such purposes. Perhaps the most popular of these is the petrol pump. "Patriot" - a company specializing in the production of all kinds of equipment for the garden. It also produces electric or fuel trim tabs. Both of these techniques have excellent recommendations not only for the organization's specialists, but also for users.

Petrocosus "Patriot" is an equipment that can easily and quickly turn even overgrown area into a well-groomed and pretty meadow. Fuel-powered technology copes with high loads even far from civilization: the lack of electricity will not become a problem when working with a trimmer.

a brief description of

Consider the characteristics that endowed the petrol pump "Patriot". Of course, the main part of the tool is the engine. Different models have different motors installed. For example, Petrosocos Patriot-3355 has a two-stroke engine with a volume of 33 cubic centimeters, which is powered by 1.8 iron horse.

And the 3155T trimmer model already has a motor slightly different from the above described option. Four-stroke "heart" motokosy has a volume of 31 cubic centimeters and starts working under the influence of 1.8 liters. from. The main difference between this option and the first one is the less noise during operation. Both models have a collapsible bar (which is very convenient for storage and transportation).

It should be noted that the trimmer variants differ from each other also in weight (from 6 to 8 kg), the diameter of the line used (2-3 mm), the volume of the fuel tank (0.5-1.2 liters), the cutting width and other parameters . For this technique, gasoline A-92 is predominantly used. The best work of the trimmer is provided by mixing fuel and oil for two- or four-stroke engines.


Petrol "Patriot" is used in areas with landscapes of varying degrees of complexity. She equally well cuts off tall grass and equals a low lawn. To combat dry branches, overgrown bushes and thickets of weeds, a nozzle with blades comes to the rescue. Possessing a system against vibration, this trimmer allows you to work long and at ease without feeling tired. Virtually all models are equipped with a protective casing that provides safety for the feet. The presence of an adjustable handle will allow you to comfortably hold the scythe person with any height. The trimmer is equipped with a special shoulder strap.

Light and compact, easy to operate and maintain - this is the Patriot petrol pump. Customer feedback on this product does not contain negative points. With this technique, both man and woman can handle equally well. Excellent quality, reasonable price and good equipment - what else is needed to bring the garden plot in perfect condition?

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