Tell you how to make a house for Barbie. We will make an excellent toy for the child with our own hands

Every little girl dreams of a beautiful toy house for dolls . Now the stores offer a wide range of all kinds of cottages for Barbie, made of plastic, wood and even bricks. But not always the parents have the opportunity to acquire such a miracle, and to please your child with an excellent toy you want. In this article we will share with you an accessible and understandable master class on the manufacture of such a dwelling. We suggest you learn how to make a house for Barbie with your own hands. We will execute a product from a piece of MDF and we will make it in the smallest details similar to the present apartment house. He will not yield to anything "purchased" in anything. So, let's be for a while architects!

Tell you how to make a house for Barbie with your own hands: the stage of creating parts and assembling the structure

In order to make a roomy and durable dwelling for dolls, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Piece of MDF or thick plywood;
  • A jigsaw;
  • Nails;
  • a hammer;
  • primer;
  • Paint for facades;
  • A knife;
  • Scotch tape (normal and double-sided);
  • PVA glue;
  • Sticking pencil;
  • Trimming fabrics (for decorating rooms);
  • Pieces of wallpaper, linoleum;
  • plasticine;
  • Various decorative elements and accessories;
  • polymer clay.

The first stage of work on the execution of the "doll house for Barbie" is to make all the necessary fragments that will serve as walls, roof and floor. On the prepared piece of MDF or thick plywood all the parts are marked as shown in this figure (1 inch equals 2.54 cm). After that they are neatly cut out. Then the fragments obtained are assembled into a single structure. The plan for assembling the house is as follows. The back, front and side walls (A, E, D, respectively) are attached to the upper part of the base (part B). Nails and a hammer are used for fastening. Tip: if ugly slots appear at the joints of the panels, you can seal them with a primer. The windows in the walls are cut using a jigsaw. After attaching all the fragments, the house will acquire realistic outlines, it will have a roof, and a floor, and walls.

Stage of decorating the product

After the frame of the house is ready, you should proceed to priming and painting the facades and roof. Do not forget to paint all the details from the outside, as well as the ceilings from the inside. After painting, you can leave the house for Barbie for a while at rest. After the paint has dried, you should proceed with the design of the "living quarters". How to make a house for Barbie with their own hands like a real home? We take the remains of wallpaper, fabric, self-adhesive and other prepared materials and decorate them with the walls of the house. Bedrooms, kitchen, hall can be decorated in different colors, making the house more vivid and attractive. The floor can be decorated with pieces of carpet, linoleum or even laminate. All the finishing materials that you have, you can use! The main thing - do not forget to carefully glue them, so that the house had a neat appearance and the dolls were "comfortable" in it.

Let's talk about furniture in the doll house

After all the "repair" work, you can start looking for doll furniture and accessories. Have You have two options - to purchase plumbing fixtures, cabinets and sofas in toy stores, or make them yourself. Be sure to put in the kitchen set, in the room - upholstered furniture, and in the bedrooms - beds. How to make a house for Barbie more comfortable? Decorate it the way you like. A special atmosphere will be given to beautiful bedspreads, blankets, curtains and other fabric items, chosen for the color scheme of the rooms. Now you know how to make a house for Barbie. With his own hands to make a gift for the child is quite real. The main thing is to stock up on all the necessary materials and give enough time to work. Your child will definitely like such a chic house for Barbie, in the decoration of which with care all the smallest details are thought through. By the way, you can connect to work and your child! Thus, you will arrange a joint useful pastime and teach the child to work with different materials. Good luck in your work!

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