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Salad "Hedgehog" - options and recipes

Are not you surprised that a dish with a certain name sometimes has several cooking options? Sometimes it's only in nuances, but on the way out, in fact, different dishes. Probably, this is because each housewife adds something of her own, based on her own taste preferences. For example, the salad "Hedgehog" on the Internet is present in a variety of variations. True, the differences are not fundamental, but they are. It is worth, perhaps, try at least a couple of checked recipes to decide which you prefer. And there, maybe, and come up with your own.

Salad "Hedgehog", option first

We take a chicken leg, four eggs, a jar of canned pineapples, walnuts grams a hundred, a couple of cloves of garlic, a hundred and fifty grams of hard cheese, a can of olives, mayonnaise. Chicken leg cook, eggs, too. Cheese three on grated, pineapples cut into cubes (if they are already cut for you, just drain the liquid). Boiled eggs "undress", three on a grater, the whole leg is plucked from the bones. Walnuts are finer, better blender, mixed with mayonnaise, we also add crushed garlic to it. This refueling, and now salad "Hedgehog" can and collect.

We put the meat on the dish, if possible, giving it the shape of a hedgehog, greasing with dressing, putting pineapples next layer, again lubricating, then grinding cheese and - you already understand? - Refueling. The last ones are eggs, by the way, or even remove the yolks, or first rub them, and the squirrels on top, anoint with the dressing. Now the decoration: olives (without pits, of course!) Finely chopped, trying to get straws, not ringlets or cubes. We make of them thorns, a nose, eyes. By the way, this dish is also known as a salad "Hedgehog in the fog". In general, the main thing is to show imagination, decorating a dish and telling about it, and what you made of it is a tenth question.

Salad "Hedgehog", a variant of the second, for lovers of sharp

You need a Korean carrot, grams three hundred or four hundred, chicken breast (we can take already well-known chicken thigh), fresh or pickled mushrooms - two hundred grams, fresh onion, hard cheese, mayonnaise, olives, four eggs. So, the chicken is brewed, the eggs are already gurgling nearby, we are still chewing cheese. With pickled mushrooms drain the liquid, cut (fresh first cut, then fry until done). Onions, too, chop small, then fry. Cooked chicken plucked with bones, three eggs three, one leave for decoration. Let's gather salad: chicken mayonnaise-onion-mushrooms-mayonnaise-cheese-eggs. The order of assembling a salad can choose your own, it is not a principle. Now put the carrot on top, leaving a free "muzzle", do all of the same olives, spit the eye, cut the egg half-and-half along, one half in half again, but already across, put this part in the brew (get a dark color). Half of the egg - the foot of the fungus, a quarter of a hat, put the mushroom on the hedgehog. Salad ready!

As it is already clear, the salad "Hedgehog" is primarily interesting by the design and filing. And inside, "under the needles," can be almost any ingredient. This you can well come up with yourself. And there, maybe, and yourself lay out new salads, the recipes of which have been created, on the Net, to share creative experience with friends.

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